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No Hope for Madeleine?

No Hope for Madeleine?  -  1

'The Tapas Story does not stand up to Scrutiny'


Never give up hope for this child is what we hear from some quarters, however unrealistic the chances of her now being found alive are.

Leave no stone un-turned we hear her parents say.  They
ask us to remember that she is a 'findable' little girl.

This is what we expect of the parents of a missing child that they continue to hope that one day their child will be found alive and well.  It is what everyone hopes for even when the odds and evidence to the contrary can be stacked against this.

What we DON’T expect of the parents of a missing child  or of key witnessesin the Madeleine case the friends and acquaintances of the parents- is for them to refuse to fully co-operate with police authorities!

We have seen from their police witness statements that their stories leave huge question marks as to their honesty.

Perhaps this is reason for them to have refused to return to Portugal when requested to do so by the Portuguese authorities, to take part in a reconstruction of events of the night the child was reported as missing - the inconsistencies in their stories would be highlighted?  

Then again, IF they are innocent of any wrongdoing regarding the missing child what did they fear, if fear is what was their problem?

Kate McCann always preaches about the missing piece of the puzzle in the case of her missing daughter.  That any one of us could be the keeper, though unknowingly. That the alleged abductor could be our brother, our father, an uncle.

this group of witnesses, the McCann couple and their friends had co-operated FULLY with police as they should have done, perhaps that elusive piece would have been found?

It is much more likely that they, all of, one of, some of them, are the keepers of the key to unravel the case. More likely that they know something, something which could solve this case, something which a reconstruction of events may just have triggered, more so than the public, to whom they appeal.   After all, as they keep telling us - 'they were there, we were not.'

For all the McCann couple know, the alleged abductor could be one of the acquaintances who holidayed with them, or vice versa.   This group were not best friends, far from it!

This Reconstruction could have identified Kate McCanns puzzle piece - So why the reluctance by every one of them to help find it?

Whatever is the truth of matters, whether they, their friends, a stranger were involved in the removal of the child from apartment 5A - the fact remains, they did not fully co-operate with police, and their stories of checking the children as the police have said, are not truthful, that has to have alarm bells ringing in the ears of police officers around the world, not just in Portugal, those interested in this case, the public, who have followed it closely, and of course not least the Metropolitan Police who are at this time conducting an investigative review, therefore must be questioning the serious discrepancies in the stories told.  They could not have missed them.

More importantly questioning WHY, the REASON for them.

The police in Portugal required and requested of the holiday group, now back in the UK at the time, that they return to Portugal so that a criminal style re-enactment of the events of the night Madeleine vanished could take place.

A diligence anyone with an ounce of common sense could see would be helpful to the investigation.   Helpful in perhaps discovering Madeleine’s whereabouts or discovering what became of the child!

For the re-enactment to happen, ALL of the group members would have to return to Portugal.

Gerry and Kate McCann as arguidos at this time (persons of interest to the inquiry) would have no choice legally they were bound to return.

Returning to Portugal however was the last thing the McCann couple wanted, and a way out of this for them, was for the others in the group to refuse to attend.  By doing so, not having all in attendance,  it would scupper the re-enactment, saving the McCanns from making the unwanted trip, a trip they wanted to avoid at all costs.

If in the same position, a child had gone missing, the child of someone I knew a friend, an acquaintance, or simply a child unknown to me, if I was requested by police to help by taking part in a reconstruction of events, I would not hesitate in co-operating.

Equally if the missing child was my child, and the persons with whom I had holidayed refused to assist police to help find my child, I would not hesitate to tell them in no uncertain terms what I thought of them.  I would not hesitate to announce to the world what they had done to my child.  They would no longer be welcome in my home, no longer welcome to communicate with me, no longer be my friends.

This group of people refused to help the police, refused to help missing Madeleine, and astonishingly the McCann couple did nothing!  No, that is not true – the McCann couple did in televised interview say that they agreed with the decision of the group to refuse!

Letters, emails passed back and forth between Portuguese police, the Leicestershire police and the group of friends.  The group making demands of the police, in fact laying down the law in their terms and conditions for returning to Portugal.  If these were not met, they would not return to help Madeleine.

Utterly astounding, but true!

They are witnesses in a case of serious crime where a 3 year old child vanished without trace, and they refused to assist police, refused to co-operate?   Nine persons in the group, six members in the medical profession, the missing child the daughter of one of the couples, the Doctors McCann and they would not help.

Interestingly also, Jez Wilkins, the chap McCann befriended on holiday - he too was NOT willing to return to assist police in the investigation.

Astounding also that the McCann couple have said, that is Kate, prays for the alleged abductor.

“I always pray for the family. Most of the prayers are centred on Madeleine. But I pray for the people who have taken her and the people who know what has happened to her.”

She would like to think she is able to forgive the alleged abductor as she just wants to know why he has taken Madeleine.

How extraordinary!   The mother of the missing child praying for the alleged abductor, and the people who know what has happened to her!

These people, who might they be?

Could be there is only one person involved.

Let’s face it this alleged abductor if we believe our Kate, he watched the family for however many nights on the trot, planned the abduction, got in and out of the apartment unseen while the child’s father stood outside the door, opened windows and shutters from the inside just for the sake of it, left no trace of being in the apartment (unless we count the open window/shutter, the only prints on them being Kate McCanns) was meticulous in his execution of this heinous crime, then the silly sod after all that planning and scheming, walks around town for 45 minutes carrying the child, not concealing her in any way and is seen by several people, members of an Irish family who have a holiday home in the town.

Seriously, what kind of criminal was this guy, one with extremely low IQ, one that doesn’t exist?

Interestingly, this family, witnesses in this case, believe the person they saw was Gerry McCann!

Might have been him.   Might not have been him.

Gerry McCann said it wasn’t him.  This family say it was!

But then Gerry McCann has said rather a lot regarding the case of his missing child, chopping and changing his story several times – goodness one doesn’t quite know what to believe.

He told police he entered the apartment by the front door using his key to unlock it.  Then he changed his mind, DAYS LATER, said he entered and exited by an unlocked patio door.


He said the front door was locked.   Then he said it wasn’t.  Then he said it might have been!

Said his wife too went in through the locked front door using her key.  Then he changed this story too.  Seems she went in through an unlocked patio door.

He said his friend David Payne on one evening checked on his children and reported back all was well.   The guy Payne DID NOT check the McCann children!

He said the window shutter was jemmied – and it was NOT!

Naughty, naughty Gerry McCann!

So when McCann states as in the case of the ‘sighting of the man carrying the child’ that it was not him – and perhaps this is true, but based on McCanns track record and the reading on my trusty truth-ometer, I’m not inclined to take his word for this or anything much else. 

If one was to put money on it - and no one likes to back a loser – I know where my money would go..!

Just for talk sake IF this was Gerry McCann who this family saw, and they are pretty sure it was McCann carrying a little girl of Madeleine's description, could it be that Kate McCann is praying for her husband?

She says she prays also for those who know what happened to Madeleine.

Could she be praying for the other members of the group?

It is perfectly possible.

If we are to believe the most ridiculous of tales we have been told by the group, the lies, and they have lied there is no question of that – simply read those witness statements, why then would it not be possible for a member/members of the group to know what happened to this child?

Logically, if anyone does know what happened that night, it is this group of people.  They are the ones who said they were bobbing in and out of the McCann apartment, creeping around listening at shuttered windows – something NONE of them had done before the night Madeleine vanished hmm!

By their statements, they have placed themselves right bang at the heart of a serious crime!  And there is no getting away from that – not now!

Could it be it was their intention by increasing the numbers of checks, stating to police they checked the McCann children in particular, more often, to give the impression they were not so neglectful of all of these young children, but in doing so they have landed themselves in hot water?   It has become clear from their statements, these children were not checked at all on the various nights as claimed by members of this group, as claimed by McCann himself.

But then so many other items, just don't add up - could this be the domino effect?  One lie leading to another until they were out of their depth..?

But again, still there remains so much they have yet to answer, to explain..

As to this, what seems to be an imaginary intruder, why in heavens name would he attempt to get in the apartment at a time when all of these people were busying around, and why would he open the window and shutter?  If we are to believe Kate McCanns tale of this dastardly fellow who had watched her family all week, then common sense dictates, that he would not open a shutter as it would attract attention. He would know if he had been watching them that the group would be (according to what they told the police) creeping about listening at the shutters, so he MOST DEFINITELY would NOT open them either from inside or out.  He would not risk drawing attention to himself, he would be caught red handed.

With Tanner, O’Brien and Oldfield, all with their
‘ears to the shutters’ that week, so they stated to police – it would take one downright dope of an abductor to then open that shutter!  Bold and barmy! 

Not quite the professional paedophile ring the McCanns would have us believe, who stalked, monitored their every move for days and nights on end, planning to abduct young Madeleine.   

This open shutter which Kate McCann claims to have seen really does 'throw' their story - it just doesn't, as a piece of her puzzle, fit, not anywhere.   Much as she and Gerry McCann aided by their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell have tried to squeeze it in where it doesn't fit, twisting the piece, trying to force it - the piece is NOT part of the puzzle!

That open shutter has a story ALL of its OWN brought to life it would seem by Kate McCann.

The jemmied shutter story was such a silly, silly one for them to have invented.    Could have resulted in them being charged with murder, almost killed old Clarence, he spluttered and choked so hard trying to get the words out, when he had to tell the public - THERE WAS NO JEMMIED SHUTTER!  THERE WAS NO 'BREAK-IN' AT THE MCCANNS HOLIDAY APARTMENT!

The back pedaling old pinkie has had to do since meeting up with the McCanns..!  But in life you reap what you sow!   Mitchell saw an opportunity to become centre-stage, be in the limelight, and he grasped it with both hands...and that comes at a high price when the stories he is paid to spin involve a missing child.

This group of people make you want to cry, that they would tell such tall tales when there is a child missing, not with her family as she should be.  How they sleep at night?   Perhaps they don’t!

I do think when the group put together the story they would tell police, that they did not think it through properly as on every level it does not stand up to scrutiny.  More holes than a Swiss cheese.

And when we know a little girl tragically lost her life on that night, the life she once knew – it is unforgivable that they would do so.

When a spin doctor, jumps on the bandwagon and for profit? One thing to spin tales for celebrities, politicians, still distasteful when one cannot be honest, but a little girl vanished without trace - someone spinning tales is the last thing a police investigation needed.  Certainly the last thing Madeleine needed Clarence Mitchell spinning stories.

Perhaps without him in the picture this child may have been found as the focus would have been on her, and not her parents, which seems to have been his remit - to paint them whiter than white, to protect them, perform a bit of damage limitation, they had their careers to think of!

For Madeleine’s mother to pray for the alleged abductor, for the people who “know” what happened to her?  For her parents to agree with the group of acquaintances who holidayed with them that they were correct in refusing to help the police, in so doing refusing to help their missing child, to condone their decision to refuse to take part in a reconstruction of events as requested by police is simply staggering!

For the mother of this child to condemn, mock and demean the police who searched for the child, the officer also who was at one time in charge of the investigation, for her to mock elderly witnesses to use the most foul language when doing so, to speak unkindly of those who offered her help on the night Madeleine vanished, for her to wish harm on police officers, to wish harm on an innocent man also who she continually and quite appallingly all but accused of being involved in her daughter’s disappearance there can be no understanding. One officer, she announced did not deserve her respect, repeatedly she called him a Fucking Tosser.    His crime? In the course of his duty as an officer of the law, he dared question Madame McCann, and we all know she does not take kindly to being questioned!

Had Kate McCann not behaved in such an appalling way, speaking ill of others who had shown her kindness, had she not spoken ill of them in her book 'Madeleine' one might just have been able to believe with a huge stretch of the imagination that
she prays for the man she believes has abused her daughter in the most awful of ways.

But she has shown her true colours in the most nasty of ways and so publicly in 'Madeleine' her 'praying for the alleged abductor, just another "performance?" 

This is the woman who refused to answer 40+ questions put to her by police.  This is the woman who when asked if she understood that by doing so she was hindering the investigation to discover what happened to her missing 4 year old daughter - this mother, didn't give a hoot, if her bolshie attitude dashed all hope of her daughter being found.  She clearly demonstrated, that she simply did not care!

Since the McCann couple came to the attention of the public due to their failure to care for and protect their three vulnerable children, their failure to provide a safe environment, and knowingly placing them in the the most dangerous of situations, one child vanishing without trace, they have not on any occasion said or done anything whatsoever that could gain my respect, far from it.

Self protection, and self promotion is paramount to these people, a priority. 

When they could have been searching, they waltzed off around Europe, leaving their twin children back in Portugal, spending their days in the creche.   They hopped off to Rome to see the Pope.  Unless Madeleine was hidden under the Pontiff's robes - not a snowballs chance in hell of finding her in Vatican City!

It was but a publicity stunt - arranged by none other than Clarence Mitchell.  A stunt in rather poor taste but one that allowed Kate to pull one of her woeful faces for the watching world, no doubt practiced over and over until perfected, and for Gerry to once again put in another great
"performance" as Kate describes his appearances for the press. 

Perhaps if the Portuguese Police had shouted -
'Lights, Camera, Action' - Kate McCann would have been more co-operative, more willing to help her missing daughter...

Kate McCann is the mother who would not co-operate with police, but who, together with their first PR agent, sneaked out information from the Portuguese Police Office so as to make the News Deadlines back in the UK.

Obvious where her priorities lay!

The people, who have helped, offered assistance, carried out their duty as officers of the law, done everything in their power to find this child – Kate McCann has shown nothing but contempt and hatred.

For the man who she tells us snatched her daughter, who she believes is a paedophile – and if so will have harmed her daughter in ways we cannot possibly begin to imagine, but in ways Kate McCann imagines, and detailed in her book Madeleine, she prays for, and hopes to forgive!

After what Kate McCann described, if this woman can forgive the monster who would do that to a child, she should receive a sainthood, or better make that a straight jacket and a padded cell - because no mother out there of sound mind would forgive someone who did that to their 4 year old daughter.

The daughter who she believes is alive and
unharmed – living with this paedophile!

Makes not a jot of sense that she would forgive the perpetrator of such heinous crimes against her daughter, as she described and imagines has happened, but on the other hand, that she should hate with a passion those who have helped her, her family.

Not sure paedophiles snatch children to then leave them unharmed.  And, is the crime of abduction in itself not the child suffering the most serious of harm?

What are the McCanns thinking about when they make these cold and cruel statements – ‘no proof of Madeleine having suffered harm.’

Gerry McCann May 2012 GMTV

"I think particularly the cases when they're younger children, it's often not horrendous circumstances," Gerry McCann added. "A lot of the kids are taken as babies or toddlers; [they] have just been brought up as normal children and obviously with the older children, it's been a bit more unpleasant, but they are capable and adaptable and cope well."

What would it take for the McCann couple to admit that what they did was so very wrong, so very irresponsible, and cruel beyond understanding?

Short answer – they never will!

When these people make statements such as:

“If something happened to Madeleine while we were out how would this be our fault?”

When they say there is no proof that the child has come to any harm – one listens in disbelief at their words.  This is the child they want us to believe was snatched by a paedophile ring, organised criminals who stalked them, but we are to believe also that they took a walk around town for 45 minutes with the child - so professional and organised were they - and we are to believe also, that they are a nice bunch of predators who didn’t harm Madeleine!

When we hear them say they left the door unlocked (apparently so that Madeleine could get out and go look for them according to Kate's best friend Fiona Payne.)  Hear them say that their child told them she and her brother cried for their parents when they were at the pub with their pals, and this twosome, act as if this was NORMAL behaviour for loving caring parents.  When they continue by saying they just went out again and left the children knowing of their distress the previous evening, and when we watch and listen to them get all defensive, angry when it is pointed out to them that it was not responsible, but a cruel and reckless, criminal act.  They hop on their high horses!  Arrogant and indignant that anyone should dare question them.

Now I might have missed something here, but are they not the parents of the child who vanished without trace, who have
not fully co-operated with police, who have given so many different versions of their account of that night, to police, in televised interviews, in Kate McCanns diary, and in her book ‘Kate’…oops 'Madeleine.'  Are they not the parents who left three, under four year old children alone in an un/locked apartment on
FIVE consecutive nights?

Are they not the parents when told by their daughter she and her brother were crying in their absence, they just walked out on the kids again?

Are they not the parents who asked, if Madeleine came to harm in their absence, was hurt injured in some way – Why would that be their fault?

In other words, we are to hold this imaginary abductor responsible and not dare question their tale, not dare question the part they played!

That really is the crux of this – this is what they want us to believe – abduction!  They want us to believe that NOTHING was their fault.  That NOTHING can be attributed to them by way of blame – that it was not THEIR FAULT, that  they are not responsible in any way for what became of the little girl, and to use their words not responsible ‘for the situation Madeleine finds herself.’

More concerning is that if there was an abduction and the abductor was responsible for opening the shutter,
it NEVER then took place when McCanns said it did.  It would have to have been AFTER Matt Oldfield was supposedly in the apartment, as at that time Oldfield has confirmed the shutter was down.

That shutter was not open when Gerry McCann stood outside the apartment and it was not open when Tanner supposedly saw a man carrying a child.

Rather perturbing McCanns will NOT accept that an abduction if this happened HAD to be AFTER 9:30pm?

I wonder WHY?

Why is it so important to them that the child was removed from 5A at around 9:15?

It cannot surely be based on what Tanner claims to have seen as her 'man' morphed more than once and her story changed if not more than Gerry McCanns, at least as many times as.

And, of her police witness statements re seeing a man carrying a child, Gerry McCann was not confident at all in her sighting, else he would not have had this to say:

1. SHE, Tanner,
"Saw a man PROBABLY carrying a child."

2. SHE, Tanner, "Saw a man POSSIBLY carrying a child."

Oh dear - A far cry you will agree from Jane Tanner seeing a child, barefooted wearing pyjamas which she could describe to a 'T' right down to the little pattern on the trousers and, the colour of the top which she COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE SEEN!

If only the the tapas group were blessed with good memory as well as such amazing eye sight.  Both Tanner and Oldfield having quite extraordinary eyesight, he was able to see the bodies of the little McCann twins move as they breathed in the darkness of their room.

The 'Tapas Tale' is a real stinky story!

A three year old child, left to look after two, two year olds night after night, a child prone to waking and wandering around looking for her parents to tell them usually that one of the younger ones was crying, she vanishes in their absence, and her parents STILL AFTER SIX YEARS are peddling this same story which does not and will not, ever add up.  

And when we hear Kate McCann tell us that Madeleine will be giving this alleged abductor her
‘tuppence worth’   Now then doesn’t that just make it all okay Mrs McCann!

A staggeringly sickening and repulsive comment to make about a child being held by a paedophile!

There are not words to begin to know what is going on in Kate McCanns head when she is able to come out with such a distasteful and vile comment regarding her little daughter, possibly in the hands of a paedophile.

Does this silly silly ridiculous woman truly believe that a terrified 3 year old child her child, would be able to do anything, anything at all to defend herself, verbally or otherwise against a paedophile?  Does she really believe this child had the capacity to understand anything that was happening to her?

This child would only have wanted her mummy and daddy to come get her take her home.

Just as on those FIVE nights when these children woke, upset and crying – they only wanted their mummy and daddy, but neither of them came.

Just as, if Madeleine is with the paedophile now – she waits to be rescued.

But mummy and daddy’s pals passed on an opportunity, crucial to the investigation, to help find this little girl.

Leaves the world wondering –WHY? 

Listening to the McCanns one struggles to believe that they are actually talking about their little daughter, their first born child, so dismissive are they of the role they have played in her disappearance.  And whether they acknowledge this or not – they played a role.   The extent of which?

If one did not know better, the listener could be forgiven for believing the McCanns when speaking of the unlocked patio door for Madeleine to get out of the apartment, were talking about the cat flap for their pet pussycat to get, in and out, of an evening, and not about an unlocked door to a holiday apartment where they left their three young and vulnerable children!

The witness statements by the others in the group in relation as to why they refused to co-operate with Portuguese police this investigation in respect of the reconstruction, I guarantee will have those who have not already read them, reading and re-reading such will be the disbelief at the words, the excuses the group gave the police for their non- attendance!

Parents who truly believed their child was in the hands of a paedophile would have headed out to Portugal immediately, just the fact that their daughter was missing, enough to positively respond to the police request for their assistance, to co-operate.  They would have made damn sure their pals were on the same plane!

Not an excuse in the world acceptable for not doing so, for not co-operating, for not helping Madeleine.

McCanns cannot have it both ways – ‘Feel sorry for us, –Give us your money for our Fund, Keep looking for our daughter, phone police if you have information’– But hell, don’t expect us or our pals to fully assist the police!

They ask the public to be vigilant, never to forget their child the child in the hands of the paedophile who they believe is unharmed, the child who they would not lay their life on the line for, but whose life they were so reckless with.

It would appear they were content to be reckless with the lives of their children, that they still are content to be reckless with Madeleine's life, the child they believe is alive and unharmed. But when it comes to their own necks, they play hard and fast, extradition lawyers in place almost before the starting pistol was fired!

The ‘refusals’ by this group of people, all parents themselves, are sickening.

Surely if this was their child they would want their friends to assist police?

Why did
no one want to help Madeleine?

The group didn’t want to.  The McCanns went along with this.  Not a one, boarded a plane for Portugal to help Madeleine.

April 2013

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