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No Hope for Madeleine? 2

No Hope for Madeleine?  2


So WHY did the McCanns and their acquaintances and friends NOT want to help police discover by way of a reconstruction what may have become of the child, her whereabouts?

We know they made demands of the Portuguese police, one being that they wanted the arguido status (persons of interest to the investigation) which hung over the McCann couple to be lifted before they would consider helping Madeleine, the police by taking part in a reconstruction.

If this findable little girl was to have any hope of being found, that hope did not lie with her parents or their pals as they had no intention of heading to Portugal. 


By Crime correspondent Martin Brunt

Will they, won't they go to back to Praia da Luz for the reconstruction?

A call from Portugal tells me the McCanns' lawyer has said the couple are now prepared to take part in a re-enactment of the night Madeleine disappeared.


But the McCanns' spokesman, Clarence, says they are still considering the "request" from the Portuguese police and their legal man in Lisbon has been misquoted.

They still want their arguido status lifted, but would go back if ordered to.

Anything to help the investigation, he says.

But if they have a choice, they don't see the point in a reconstruction that would not be televised as an appeal for information.

He says the detectives turned down that idea months ago.

And, says a friend, no one has bothered to consider the emotional impact on Kate who would find it difficult to watch a young girl playing her missing daughter.

It's unlikely to happen unless everyone agrees to return, including the Tapas 7, some of whom have reservations after twice being quizzed over the events of that night.

Apparently, a third date for the reconstruction has been scheduled, but what's the point if the protagonists are not there?

It was to have been before the year's anniversary, then this week, now the May 30.

Written by Martin, May 15, 2008


So we had a ‘will they, won’t they situation in the case of missing Madeleine.   Would her parents and their band of buddies do the right thing and help the child?

Seems not!

Clarence Mitchell the McCann spokesperson said they were “considering” the request.

What was there to consider – their daughter was missing, according to them with a paedophile – and they were “considering” a request to help the child?

But of course why would they help their own daughter, they had more pressing issues to consider– the removal of their arguido status!  The status, which allowed Kate McCann to refuse to answer questions regarding the disappearance of her daughter.


Seems this status she liked when it suited her needs.

Of course it was her right legally to refuse to answer when questioned by police - but WHY would the mother of the missing child REFUSE to help police, and knowingly HINDER the investigation?

But hey, all hope for Madeleine was not lost, her mummy and daddy would help the investigation to find her IF they were ORDERED TO!

Not out of a sense of urgency to rescue the little one, have her back home, out of the hands of the paedophiles they believed held her captive, who tortured her, not out of the love of their child, would they help, they would help if ORDERED TO!

“Anything to help the investigation” stated their £70,000 per year spokesperson!

The truth of matters though, he continued to tell us –


A reconstruction which would most certainly have helped police, and most likely 
CONFIRMED what most PROBABLY happened to their missing daughter and they REFUSED!

A reconstruction does not have to be 'televised' be an 'appeal' for it to be fruitful, helpful to an investigation, and they KNEW THIS!

And, as ever in this case, a McCann friend, nameless of course, had something to say – ‘it would be difficult for
Kate to watch a child playing her daughter!’

Funny that as the McCanns got a child to play Madeleine in their own wee documentary, a child who is reported to have been extremely upset at playing the part. Not that the young child would know the "part" she was playing, just simply, she did not enjoy being carted around on a cold night in her pyjamas!

However difficult Kate McCann might have felt it to watch, it would not come close to how difficult things were for her daughter with her captor.

I do not know of any mother who would put her own feelings before that of her missing child.

Martin Brunt asks ‘what is the point if the protagonists are not there?’

One can only ask again WHY, would these people, the child’s parents also, not go there?  Why would they NOT HELP HER? 

when they speak of HOPE of finding her alive and well, and unharmed would they REFUSE HER that HOPE?

April 2013

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