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Day 1 – Libel Trial – Portugal


Minus the husband, the diamond tiara, the red carpet - but with delusions of grandeur, and a very 'un-plummy' voice - Kate McCann outside the Court at the Palace of Justice in Lisbon delivered her ‘My husband and I’ speech to waiting reporters.


 “I’m here today for Madeleine, and obviously I strongly hope for justice.


I’m here to stop the damage that has been caused and is still being caused both directly and indirectly to the search for our daughter.   And to stop the dam…the suffering that has been caused to our family, and will carry on being caused to our family if the theories of Goncalo Amaral in his book and in his documentary go unchallenged.  And that’s why I’m here.


Thank you.  No questions!”



Ah but there are questions, and lots of – which the McCanns and their holiday companions have yet to answer.


Questions, which one wonders if Redwood from the Metropolitan Police has bothered to ask?


Kate ‘no questions’ McCann – is in Portugal she tells us ‘for Madeleine’


So it’s not for money then - how sweet!


What a lovely mummy, anyone listening who did not know of this woman might think.  But they’d be so wrong!


‘For Madeleine’ would she not be best to stand up in Court and speak up, answer questions?


For Madeleine, would she not have been best to answer those 40 + questions put to her by police, which she refused? 


‘For Madeleine’ - Not answering when questioned by police is beyond comprehension from the mother of a missing child!


For Madeleine’ - “No Questions” Kate McCanns comment to reporters is just not good enough!


Their daughter has been missing six years, for four of those they have been claiming at every opportunity how Dr Goncalo Amaral has made them suffer, harmed their family harmed their private search by writing a book about the case of their missing daughter.


At long last they were to have their day in Court with Dr Goncalo Amaral the man Kate McCann wishes would suffer misery and fear.


For Madeleine - Gerry McCann doesn’t bother his derriere going to Portugal?


For Madeleine Kate McCann turns up with her dodgy looking entourage who will give evidence (loud laughter) as to how she and Gerry have suffered:- 


The Wife of an Anglican priest who McCanns did not meet until after their daughter disappeared.


A female, who had something to do with the making of their documentary – which was not a truthful account of the event of the night the child vanished, and again a person not known to them before Madeleine’s disappearance.

A private dick dodgier than anyone could imagine, who took part in the documentary, a person who also was not known to the McCanns at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance.

A lawyer who they did not know either until Madeleine disappeared without trace.

A psychologist who they met twice and who evaluated the McCann twins – over the phone – how many times in the past six years?

Kate McCanns mother.

Gerry McCanns sister.


Flanked each day by what can only be described as a bedraggled and sorry looking bunch, Kate McCann marched into the Court in Lisbon! 

The private dick looking as though he wanted to be anywhere in the world other than be with Kate McCann as though dragged there by scruff of his neck.


Kate McCann looked haggard – but when people are not honest in their dealings when they set out to deceive that is part of the price they pay.


She trained for a marathon too which would not have helped!


Dr Goncalo on the other hand stood tall, slimmer, he cut a fine figure!  As always quietly dignified.


But where were the companions of the McCanns the people who know them who holidayed with them who they still keep in contact with?   The persons who knew/know Madeleine, who holidayed with the missing child.  Who were there on that night, who must surely be better equipped to give evidence on behalf of the McCanns as to their levels of distress?


Why were none of these persons in Portugal to give evidence for the McCanns?


They must care little for Madeleine when once again they could not bring themselves to return to Portugal.


Instead the McCanns scrape the bottom of the barrel for their beautiful missing child, and march out a bunch of deadbeats strangers to Madeleine, and if truth be told if they were honest, the McCanns would not have been in their company often over the past 6 years, hardly witnesses to the McCann distress.

The Judge will know this.


But where was Gerry, Kate's Prince Charming?


At home looking after the twins (loud laughter) Wonder if he left them home alone, door unlocked for a big bad abductor to get in and went for a beer?


Gerry McCann we are being asked to believe stayed at home on what must be the most important day in the lives of the McCann family, the family who claim to have suffered pain, anguish, humiliation caused by Dr Goncalo Amaral yet he did not go to Portugal to the trial on what must be the most important day of Madeleine’s life, since she vanished –


Due to a death in the family – Nope!

Due to Amelie or Sean becoming ill – Nope!

What else could be more serious or more important than his missing daughter Madeleine, more important than facing the man who they claim has been their tormentor for years, causing harm pain and suffering to them, the man who they claim has harmed Madeleine more than any other, in fact MORE THAN THE ALLEGED ABDUCTOR (who they have forgiven)

What could have kept Gerry McCann away from Court – wild horses would not have kept a father away if he believed in his accusations against Dr Goncalo Amaral, or indeed if Madeleine was his priority.


I wonder if he has ever missed a ‘parents evening’ at school for Sean and Amelie since their commencement?

So what kept him from making Madeleine the priority?

Two deaths in the family – Nope!


Gerry had work commitments that he could not cancel!


Well I’ll be blowed!


Pull the other one – it plays ‘I believe!’


He may have gone to work on that day, but if there is one thing we can be absolutely sure of, this work commitment story was invented, put out there by McCanns for some other reason.  McCann could easily have arranged not to be at work – not as though he did not know well in advance of the trial date.


Not in 6 years has ‘work commitments’ prevented Gerry McCann from doing whatever it was he and his wife Kate needed to do especially when it came to money!


Yet on what surely to them was a most important day, the day that they were to tell the Court of all the wrongs done to them by Dr Goncalo Amaral – and have them put right...


The day Kate McCann wanted Dr Goncalo Amaral to be miserable, feel fear... 


The day they were to defend Madeleine, the - ‘innocent little girl’- as McCann always refers to his daughter...

And McCann never bothered to show up!


No doubt some other poor bugger in the NHS will get the blame for Gerry’s non-attendance, and they will be sued for harming Madeleine!

I reckon, Clarence this last few days has been casting a weather eye to gauge public opinion re Gerry's
'no show' and realising the error they have made, he will be as I speak booking a plane ticket for Gerry, for one or other of the trial hearing dates.  He will of course be composing too, a tale, fantastic enough he will hope, to convince the public that Gerry really was needed back in the UK. 

A tale of how Gerry, on the First Day of the Libel Trial – saved twice as many heart patients than his wife Kate 'saw in the ground' the week before travelling to PDL in 2007!


That is how ridiculously silly this farce has become!


But in ‘McCann world’ Gerry not appearing - we all know meant something else was/is brewing.


When Kate McCann, the foul mouthed mother of Madeleine, is left to face the music on her own – on the FIRST day of this trial, left to face any number of the Fucking Tossers as she refers to the Portuguese Police, those she may encounter on duty in the Court building – when she is deserted by her husband to face the nasty Dr Goncalo Amaral – then we can be sure something is going on behind the scenes as never does Gerry McCann pass on an opportunity to put on a show, a display of his ignorance and arrogance.


If Madeleine could be tossed to one side on this day, such an important day they told us for Madeleine Amelie and Sean - it was not due to work commitments.


It would be for a reason which benefited the McCann couple in some way.  A decision made by their lawyers?

Bottom line - Gerry McCann was not there for Madeleine. Was not there to 'stop the damage that Kate McCann told reporters has been caused and is still being caused both directly and indirectly to the search for their daughter.'

I guess it really wasn't that important to him afterall - long as the end result is, a 'cheque in the post!'

Wonder if Gerry  has now 'cleared his diary?'
15th September 2013



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