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Not His Patient

Not His Patient

In response to the blog - Carry on Doctors I received the following message from a reader, thank you :

"Ah but Madeleine was not his patient"

Indeed she was not - at least not officially!

I say this, as I do not rule out that this child became injured/ill at some point (not necessarily on night of 3rd May 2007 but perhaps a condition of some sort which came to a head on or around that date) and required medical assistance. Provided by a member (s) of this group?

As Rachael Oldfield, the wife of Matthew Oldfield told us when interviewed by BBC Radio 4 back in 2008 was it:  

"You know if you take the common sense approach as well, and just look at, you know, timings of how things happened and the fact that they're both medics, there are four other medics in the group, they would know what to do to resuscitate a child...or anyone else for that matter.  Anyone with an ounce of common sense really would be able to see that they couldn't have done it.  I was there and I know that they didn't do it."

Let's break her statement down.

'They would know what to do to resuscitate a child.'

Of course they would.  No one doubts that.

Question is - Did Madeleine need to be resuscitated?

If the child required medical assistance due to injury or becoming ill at a time when her parents were not present - and we all know with children they can become ill so very quickly, they wake at times for no apparent reason cry for their parents, get out of bed to look for parents when they do not come to attend to them.   Just like Kate McCann claimed Madeleine had the night previous to being reported as missing.  Kate McCann said the child cried as did her little brother and asked her parents why they had not come when they had cried. This child could have done exactly that become injured after having gotten out of bed to look for her parents, on any of the five nights she was left alone.  She could have sustained an injury become ill at a time when her parents were with her, an injury which later presented further problems for the child at a time when she was alone - it may be that whatever the condition she required to be resuscitated.

*** And I have to say this story Kate McCann tells of Madeleine and Sean crying on the night of the 2nd of May 2007 - DID Madeleine get out of bed on THAT night wander around that apartment looking for her parents?  Her child told her she was crying and Dr Kate doesn't establish if this kid was out of bed when she cried, neither parent did, not according to their story - but what if she was?  What if she came to harm on this night?  Was the night of the 2nd not the night she Kate McCann slept in the kids room?  Just a thought!*** 

(Perhaps an indicator of this child having become ill/injured is the mysterious STAIN on her pyjamas? A stain which was introduced to the alleged abduction story by Kate McCann, and as we also know, when Kate McCann introduces another element to the case her abduction story, it is in some way to deflect from the truth of matters, little stories with a grain of truth, but embellished/invented for the specific purpose of pre-empting some shit that she knows is going to hit the fan, it is her way of attempting to counteract.  Like the crying incident for example.  She knew witness Mrs Fenn had stated she heard a child crying for her daddy, the cries coming from the McCann apartment, cries which lasted for over an hour.  Hey presto, Kate introduces her 'crying incident' and drops into the mix - that her children may have cried because the alleged abductor had been in the apartment the night prior to her disappearing.

Of course he did!  The alleged abductor thought he would mosey on down to Apartment 5A for a look around, look in on the kids.

Kate McCanns little tale might have been to deflect from Mrs Fenn's evidence that she heard the kids cry for over an hour on the night of Tuesday 1st May 2007, she could not have someone testifying that those kids cried for over an hour - she/they did not want the world to focus on what Mrs Fenn had to say as her evidence blew their 30 minute checking routine which they said was in place, right out of the water.

But what if the kids did cry on the night of 2nd May 2007 also, what if as I said above, her little tale where she suggests the alleged abductor was in the apartment on that night was to deflect from Madeleine having been injured or having become ill in their absence, on THAT night, transferring any blame from them to this alleged abductor?

And the suggestion also by Kate McCann is that the stain on the pyjamas was somehow put there by the alleged abductor, and that is why the Drs McCann could not identify it?  All said with hindsight of course said Dr Kate McCann!

She has taken the world for a ride with her stories for sure.

Isn't a parent in the world who could not identify a stain on their child's clothing.  Not a parent in the world who would not go out of their way to discover what it was, and more so when the child was put to bed with clean jimjams and wakes in the morning wearing stained ones.  A child who had been on her own in an unlocked holiday apartment.  Hell you'd make sure you knew what had caused that stain!  

McCanns want the world to believe that they left these kids alone in an unlocked holiday apartment.  Madeleine wakes up with stained jimjams and they don't bother finding out why?

Gerry McCann discovers next night, even more dodgy, scary happenings in 5A - this time the bedroom door is wide open, so someone had clearly been in the apartment alone and uninvited with his kids, and AGAIN this pair of doctors DO NOTHING?

Come on Redwood - or DCI Wall, they're playing the police and the public for fools!

And of course they had by this time added to their story also that the patio door was not only unlocked on the night of the 3rd of May the day they reported Madeleine as missing but would you believe they left it unlocked on the night of the 2nd - so that the alleged abductor could get in to frighten the kids and make Madeleine cry.

Anyone, anyone at all out there able to state EXACTLY which day the McCanns changed from locking that patio door when they left the kids of an evening to leaving it unlocked?

NO?  Don't worry about that, because THEY DON'T KNOW EITHER!


What possible reason could parents have for leaving their kids alone in a locked holiday apartment never mind leaving them in an unsecured one?

Hell how did that decision go down?

Gerry McCann - Honey, know how we leave the kids every night alone in this dark apartment, and know how Madeleine and the twins wake some nights and cry and know how Maddie told us they were crying last night and know how we've ignored that, and know how we've decided to hit the bar again tonight.  How about spicin' it up a bit honey, let's leave the patio door unlocked this time, see if the kid if she wakes, can get out and come and look for us.  What d'ya think honey?

Kate McCann:  Well a'll be blowed darlin' what an awesome idea, I knew there was a reason I love ya.  We'll just head on out leaving them little uns on their own, and ah'll be sure and tell all our buddies at the bar what we did, they'll be so proud of us taking such a risk, it'll show them you've got balls after all Gers, and I'll be sure and let ma best buddy FIONA PAYNE know that we're leaving the patio door unlocked so that Maddie can get out and find us.  She'll be blown away, her with her fancy gadget to listen for her kids crying an' all, sick of hearing of it.  Our Maddie can just leave and come get us, right little mother that she is.  She's done good job, a good job of looking after the little uns so far!'

Somehow I just cannot imagine any responsible parent reaching such a decision.  And NO, not the McCanns either!  It doesn't make sense, not a bit of it!

And as Judge Judy said, if it doesn't make sense, it most likely and is usually found to be a lie!

McCanns said on their checks of their children, not ever did they find them awake.

So why in hell would they change from entering by the front locked door to leaving a patio door unlocked?

If entering by the front locked door had not disturbed their kids in any way - why change it - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Or in this case don't create a much more dangerous environment for your kids.  Why would they do that?

And of course, the pyjama stain which she, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann two doctors could not identify?

They put their daughter to bed.  NO stain on her jimjams.   Next morning the kid gets outta bed we are told with a great whacking stain on her pyjamas.

They tellin' us that neither parent tried to establish what was that stain?  Trying to tell us that they never asked Madeleine how she got her jimjams stained?  And Kate slept in the kids room that night never noticed anything odd going on? (happy to be corrected if that was not the night Dr Kate McCann slept in her kids room)

My kid went to bed pyjamas all neat and clean and she got up in the morning with a whacking great mark on them, I'd damn well figure out what was that stain and how it came to be there, as any parent would.

But the McCanns are not just any parents they are the parents of missing Madeleine McCann the kid who went missing in the most mysterious and suspicious of circumstances, her parents and their buddies telling the most incredulous of tales in respect of her disappearance, and who by all accounts have been allowed to ride roughshod over anyone they consider to be a serious threat to their tales.

Crock of crap that the McCanns could not or did not identify the stain on the kid's pyjamas!

These people are not just parents they are doctors.  Doctors who cannot identify a stain?

They were in a holiday apartment.  They must have known what substances were within the reach of this child. Not difficult to match some substance in that apartment to the stain.   Really should not have been too difficult to identify what was that stain, simple process of elimination, use of their senses too.  They could see it, they could touch it, they could smell it, they could speak with Madeleine, with Sean, with Amelie!

All I smell in this case is a RAT!

Kate McCann with her inventions all to pre-empt shit that she knew was going to hit the fan at some point.

With every tale she has told, she was simply covering her ass!

But so interesting what Rachael Oldfield said - "they would know what to do to resuscitate a child."

This statement is Oldfield dismissing that Madeleine could have required to be resuscitated.  By saying they, the medics in the group would know how to resuscitate a child she is implying that therefore there was no need for the procedure to have taken place, because if it had Madeleine would be still around!  Or if they had to have carried out this procedure they would have been successful.

Not quite Mrs Oldfield!

  • Perhaps someone in the group, more than one someone, tried to resuscitate this child and failed?
  • Perhaps by the time anyone reached Madeleine she was already dead, beyond resuscitating?'

To simply say that the medics would know how to perform a resuscitation procedure does not rule out either of the two above possibilities.

Interesting also that Mr and Mrs Oldfield the two persons who did not know the McCanns at all really before this holiday - having only met with them, what was it, one time at a wedding, four years prior to this holiday, when Madeleine was a tiny baby and the twins not yet born - are the two in the group who have gone out of their way to defend this couple who they did not know, and who did not know the McCann children either!

Oldfield suddenly out of the blue wants to check on the McCann kids the night that Madeleine vanished. And he fell so in love with Kate McCann that this man who hates jogging went on a six mile hike with her, six miles each way, to wherever they went, and back, on the day before Madeleine was reported as missing, and wait for it, while his own wife was lying ill!

Now if that ain't love Dr Oldfield I don't know what is - a guy who goes a 10/12 mile jog around town with a woman he doesn't know, an activity he absolutely detests, he said, unless he is just fooling around on a beach, sun blazing, pretending he is the HOFF on Baywatch?

I take from this he could not resist Dr Kate's charms, that running around town with Dr Kate McCann was the closest Dr Oldfield was ever gonna get to feeling he was with Pamela Anderson!   Hell but there is a likeness there - both got blonde locks!  Alas for Dr Oldfield there the similarities end!

This pair the Oldfield's, REFUSED TO HELP MADELEINE, THE VICTIM IN ALL OF THIS MESS,  REFUSED TO RETURN TO PORTUGAL TO HELP WITH THE POLICE INVESTIGATION, yet at every opportunity they have stuck their necks out to defend the parents, parents whom they really knew NOT A JOT about.

They didn't know what the McCanns were capable of.  Whether they were good parents, bad parents, fantastic parents.  They knew not a thing about them.  Yet Dr and Mrs Oldfield went beyond the call of duty, even as a fellow medic, to defend the Drs McCann!

Why on the night Madeleine vanished, Oldfield said he didn't sit beside Gerry McCann at the dinner table, gave the police some crap story about having had a bit of a talk with McCann the previous night, a little bonding session, he said McCann felt he might have bored him (Nah, Gerry McCann bore anybody?) so best they don't sit together.

What in hell does that mean?   McCann felt he had bored Oldfield so they should not sit together at the dinner table on the night Madeleine mysteriously vanished.  That's crap!  Who says to a dining companion, hey I spoke to you too much last night, don't sit beside me tonight, jog on buddy?

And what kind of guy would just jog on because Gerry McCann told him to?

And who after being told to go take a hike, then heads to the apartment where the kids of this person are alone, doesn't tell the parents, and then returns again later to look in on them, as he thought it was a nice thing to do?

McCann had just brushed off Oldfield, gave him his marching orders and Oldfield then thinks it would be a nice thing to do to go and check on the McCann kids?

Oldfield told the Leicestershire cops he didn't know why he brought that into the police interview, he just did he said.  Cops hadn't asked him anything at all which would have prompted or warranted such a statement from Oldfield.

So Dr Oldfield on the morning of Wednesday, 2nd May 2007 bonded with Dr Kate McCann during a jog around town. He then bonded with Dr Gerry McCann on the evening of the 2nd May 2007 listening to Gerry talk about himself about how he would like to have been a pro footballer.  And what d'ya know Dr Oldfield continued his bonding process with the McCann kids on the night of the 3rd May 2007 though rather more tentatively to begin with.  He took it upon himself to firstly and creepily so, listen outside the windows of where they lay sleeping.  Makes you cringe.

He didn't stop there, he then, he said, decided it would be a nice thing to do, to go and check inside the McCann apartment, go in and have a look at them sorta up close and personal.  NO ONE but NO ONE in that group had checked on the McCann kids the whole week, and the guy who decides it would be a nice thing to do IS THE FUCKIN' GUY who doesn't know them?  The guy who McCann has just told to go take a flying fuck to himself?

Are we to believe that Kate and Gerry McCann when Oldfield allegedly offered to take Kate McCanns turn to check on her kids just said -  well hell, fill your boots stranger, kids don't know ya, you'll scare them to death if they're awake, but we both bonded with ya yesterday, don't want you near me tonight, but floors yours!  Our kids are your kids!

Yeah right!

At this point on reading the police files - the jaws of ALL officers on the OP Grange team hit the floor. Yep, I know jaws should have been hitting the floor three + years back, but they're getting there.  Heard when Andy Redwood left the building his jaw was still down there such was the power of this Oldfield revelation moment. Took him straight to the emergency room for treatment - seems he will never be the same.  Medics worked tirelessly to restore his usual expressionless facial features but to no avail - early retirement it was couldn't have the public see him any other way than straight faced, pulling that serious look as though he had just discovered something that the Portuguese Police hadn't already before him!   Oh how he must have practiced that pose that expression.

Met were able to give some pictures of the moment it dawned on the the DCI that the case was rotten to the core, that Dr Oldfield was...well, what he is...rotten to the core, same as the others!

Yeah right begin team you think we've been missing something?  I'm listening.

You saying you think something stinks in this case...that I missed something?

Okay, I'm prepared to give benefit of doubt...shoot

Dr Oldfield didn't go for a 12 mile hike with Dr Kate..?  He hates running? He didn't know her?  Look I've brought three strands of this investigation together, and this is the first I've heard any of this...

You seriously telling me Dr Oldfield likes to think he's the Hoff?  That's bad.  And Dr Gerry told him to take a hike?

You telling me Dr Oldfield bonded with Dr Gerry McCann while McCann bored the fucking pants off him talking about his dreams of being a pro footballer?  You telling me if Dr Gerry had become a pro Dr Kate McCann might have become a WAG?

But hang on a minute, that means he bonded with Dr Kate AND Dr Gerry on separate occasions but...both on same day?  Oldfield didn't know Dr Gerry, and he didn't know Dr Kate, yet he got up close and cosy with them both? Can't be right, 30,000 files, some with 100 pages, 196 clues, 20 suspects, and we didn't see this big red flag...we missed Oldfield?

(The Rerrverlation Moment, the moment Redwood discovers Oldfield has been talking a crock load of shit)

So Oldfield spent his Wednesday morning running with Dr Kate, Wednesday AFTERNOON HE CANNOT remember where he was only that his wife was ill and he might have looked after his daughter, Wednesday evening spent talking with Dr Gerry? 



Dr Gerry changing his story. 

Dr Kate still making up stories.

Dr Oldfield bonding with everyone.

Dr O'Brien doing the laundry.

Dr Payne and Dr Payne tripping each other up with their tales.

Dr Fiona Payne not even pissed off that Dr David Payne, her other half

had a sneaky 30 minutes or 30 second visit with

 Dr Kate  (depending whether you believe Dr Kate's account or Dr

 David's or either) Dr Kate dressed only in her bath towel, fresh from

 the shower, and Dr David didn't bother to tell Dr Fiona about it!  She

 learned 'later'   Ouch!


Hell Dr Fiona is one understanding woman.  Her man disappears off to visit Dr Kate to assist her with her three kids, allegedly, and leaves Dr Fiona to deal with their own two..?

Seems Dr Kate got about a bit, doesn't strike me as the helpless type but Dr David went to her aid to help her with her kids, and Dr Matthew Oldfield went to her aid to help her check on her kids, taking her turn...and Dr Matthew didn't stop there...he went the extra mile or 12 for her...he didn't just listen at a shuttered window, HE WENT INSIDE!

Why did we not think of it before guys, odd that, EVERYONE UNTIL THAT NIGHT HAD NEVER BOTHERED WITH McCanns, their kids, but around the time Madeleine goes missing, they were all tripping over each other to lick Dr Gerry's boots and falling at Dr Kate's feet, planted in her pink training assist with their kids..?


Don't cut yourself up about it sir, if you'd solved it sooner, yeah, you'd have saved the UK taxpayers a £few million, but then you'd have missed out on all those trips to Portugal, the chance to wear those smashing shades and all those new speedos you purchased, oh and by the way, Mitchell asked could he borrow the pink ones if you've no further use for them!

And we'd never have got to see you doing your Right Said Fred, at your leaver bash, on the catwalk, know what we mean, just too sexy for Op Grange you are, with your shades and that no nonsense look, besides, DCI Wall is taking over now so not your problem.  She's already got one trip to Portugal under her belt...she shouldn't need as many as you Sir to wrap this thing up tightly (oh I'd say two new bikinis should do it ) now that we know the truth.  

And I'll bet she feels as much as you do that it's a privilege and an honour to work for Brooks, Cameron, Murdoch, Ms May, the McCanns, Mitchell.  And don't be having any regrets - No, no, you've been great, you managed to spin this investigative review out until your retiral date, that's an achievement in itself - three and a half years and NADA of substance, kept them all dangling!  

Nah, nah of course you're right sir, lots to be proud of sir, getting rid of Tannerman, took heat off Dr Gerry and Dr Kate.  You ignored the dogs played a blinder there sir, three and a half years and not a woof or a bark to be heard - muzzled, and that copter back in the summer flying over PDL - I salute you sir, what a view, and the inflight service I heard was superb.  And the digs what the fuck, they were something you enjoy your retirement you've earned it for your performances in this case.  Crimewatch?  Oscar winning stuff.  Go on sir, pull that pose again, one last time before you go, that look of surprise you do when you speak of the rerrverlation moment? 

And back to good old Rachael, like Dr Fiona, another 'stepford wife' who didn't mind her man going off with Dr Kate McCann, she stayed home like a good girlie seeing, hearing, knowing, nothing while Dr Matt ran around town imagining he and Dr Kate McCann were the Hoff and Pammie!  Shucks!  (I'm guessing now when any of you go visit your NHS consultants you'll have difficulty in taking them seriously, you'll be wondering if they are part of the McCann set) but back to Rachael, well she said: 

"You know if you take the common sense approach as well, and just look at, you know, timings of how things happened and the fact that they're both medics, there are four other medics in the group, they would know what to do to resuscitate a child...or anyone else for that matter.  Anyone with an ounce of common sense really would be able to see that they couldn't have done it.  I was there and I know that they didn't do it."

Indeed the common sense approach to the 'timings of how things happened.'

Would that be the timings which DON'T ADD UP?  The ones that Mrs Oldfield and Dr Oldfield REFUSED to return to Portugal to discuss with police there?   The ones which don't explain how things happened, but rather demonstrate that how they happened WASN'T the way the group said it was?

Of course it is!

And as for:

"...anyone with an ounce of common sense really would be able to see that they couldn't have done it.  I was there and I know that they didn't do it"

Common sense tells me that Mrs Oldfield is talking a load of crap. ' She was there and she knows they didn't do it?

Know they didn't do what Rachael?   And where exactly were you that you know - 'they didn't do it, whatever IT might be?

Rachael's hubby Dr Oldfield got himself very heavily involved with McCanns according to his story, people he didn't know, on the Wednesday during daytime with Kate McCann and the Wednesday evening with Gerry McCann,  and not forgetting Thursday evening when he decided he would include the McCann kids.

Yeah Rachael is right we should all be applying common sense to their tales...

Lots about this case that we don't know, who removed Madeleine is one, but what we do know, what the police know is that the stories told by this group are a nonsense they don't add up.

When we know WHY that is, why they have lied concoted stories, conspired, then we know what happened to Madeleine!

I leave you with the question:

Was Madeleine his "patient?
5th January 2014

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