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The Find Madeleine Fund - A Kinda Magic?

Finding missing Madeleine McCann - is one of the objectives of the above fund, which is run by her parents and their buddies, NO, not their holiday buddies, the Tapas 9 Team - that OTHER lot of buddies, who together with Kate McCann and Gerry McCann, make up the  - Transparency 6 Team!

(Hell, McCanns have/have had loads of teams.  

  • Teams of dodgy private detectives.
  • Teams of lawyers in UK
  • Team of lawyers in Portugal
  • Team of accountants
  • Teams of press agency personnel.
  • Team Clarence Mitchell, one of a number of spokespersons they have had on board their TEAM since Madeleine vanished.
  • Team of holiday buddies
  • Team of directors on Find Madeleine Fund
  • Team of buddies at Murdoch's Sky - old Brunty to name but one. 
  • Team of columnists who they can rely on to print untruths in press re missing Madeleine.
  • Team of silly sofa queens who fail Madeleine, by never posing her parents a pertinent question.
  • Team for Website (team Kate?)
  • Team Gamble
  • Team Translators/Interpreters
  • Team campaign Management
  • Teams who monitor the internet
  • Team, Team. 

Yip all of the above and more, make up the MONSTER OF A MACHINE that is Team Team (McCann)

And of course there is the Metropolitan Police Team, The Portuguese Police Team - and no one knows for sure if these two teams are playing against one another or as one team.

Today, the spotlight is on the Find Madeleine Transparency 6 Team, as they are responsible for the regulation of the Fund, and it seems they have aspirations too. 

Despite the Madeleine Fund not being a registered charity they do, they tell us, ASPIRE to follow best practices and processes used by charities. 

Is that like being a pretendy charity?

If they are not registered as a charity, then they ARE NOT A CHARITY. END OFF!  

So why in hell do they use such terminology, that they have ASPIRATIONS, as in ambitions, hopes, goals to operate their Fund following the best practices and processes of a charity?

Why mention 'charity' at all if their Fund is not one?

(Kate McCann rather surprisingly is the Ambassador of a charity - Missing People - the irony eh?  She abandons her kids night after night and she is made an Ambassador)

Surely to simply use best business practices, and accounting processes, and to state such, would be sufficient, not need to mention 'charity!'

Whether their aspirations are achieved is extremely difficult for the public to tell.

Difficult to tell as the Transparency 6 Team... well, they hide their light under a bushel, or to put it another way, they don't live up to their name, as they hide their aspirations and achievements behind a legal exemption, which allows them to tell the public pretty much, Sweet Fanny Adams, about their achievements regarding the income and expenditure of Madeleine's money!

As the Year End March 2015 accounts became available at the end of December 2015, quelle surprise, who would have thought that they could achieve what they have -  they managed this year to send, Sweet FA into the red!

'minus Sweet Fanny Adams'
 is all that Team McCann feel the good people who donated to that Find Madeleine Fund are worthy of.

In a recent blog I did - 'Only £couple thousand'  (above) I made following comment:

'It would serve the McCanns well to produce a full and detailed set of accounts for public consumption.   When you ask the public for money, it is only right morally so, to act with honesty, integrity and transparency, to produce full and detailed accounts and not produce only that which one is obliged to by law.

Only then, will those who donated be able to see exactly for what purpose the monies have been used, and only then will they be able to see at what point (s) this Fund had ONLY £couple thousand! ' 

Transparency Team clearly don't agree!

What we can see from the little that is available this year is that the closing balance on the Find Madeleine Fund, Financial Year End March 2015 is - £763,772 (in black)

As Team McCann are not paying for any private search at the present time (they stopped paying for a private search for their daughter a little time after the Metropolitan Police Investigation began, which was over 4 years ago) safe to say that SINCE March 2015 they have not spent too much, and that the above balance would be much the same now, as it was then, unless any huge expenditure had taken place, or any huge sum had been
received as income.

Funnily enough, very recently Clarence Mitchell announced in press that the McCanns transferred £750K (of their own money ? ) to the Find Madeleine Fund, (set it aside for this purpose the article said) so on that basis, and logically, the Fund must be looking pretty darn healthy at this moment in time.   Around £1m and half!   Wow lots of money to spend on Madeleine then!

Well, healthy, IF we believe the story of the transference of the £750K, and just half as healthy if we don't.

But here's the rub.

WHY the urgency to transfer this £750K of (their own money ?) when there has been NO FORMAL date given for the Met Investigation to close, and no private detectives hired as yet to search for Madeleine?

Fund was sitting pretty, according to their Year End March 2015, plenty there to make any initial payments to say, a private investigator for instance, so why urgency to transfer, or at lease make a huge statement in the press that they had?

(The press, I must add, reported in reference to the McCanns transferring that money, that the McCanns were launching a new private search for Madeleine with the REMAINING £750K in the Fund? The implication was that this £750 K transferred, was all that was remaining?)

And so, it brings us back to all the questions which were asked at the time Clarence Mitchell spun the story in the press about this supposed transfer.  The biggie being:

  • Why was the money NOT ALREADY in the Madeleine Fund, as any, and all monies, raised from book sales, public donations, and all else, according to the McCanns would go into the Fund and every last penny spent on finding the child?

If this had happened then there would have been no need for any transfer.

Why were funds being moved around?
Were funds being moved around?
Why is there nothing on their Fund Website to indicate that such a practice would operate?

Public I would think, believed as Gerry McCann stated, that all monies would go to a search for Madeleine, deposited in Find Madeleine Fund, bank account.   One might think with news of this transferring of funds, that they are trying to fool the public.

I guess, they have to wait until the Year End Accounts March 2016 to discover if that balance topped more than £1m just after the time, when the claim was made in the press, by the McCann spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, that £750K (of their own money?) was transferred to the Madeleine Fund Account.

Then again, when the Transparency 6 Team appear to be aspiring to, and have chosen to adopt in respect of what the public get to know, the best Sweet Fanny Adams, practices and processes..?

But isn't it the strangest coincidence that the closing balance at March 2015, is much the same as that of the alleged transfer?  

How will the public ever know for sure, how the Madeleine Fund operates, which bank account their donations are deposited...

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...and how will they ever know if the the two amounts of £750K approximately, the alleged transferred amount, and the closing balance at Year End March 2015 figure, are one and the same?

Did they shift the Year End Balance to another account and then shift it back, hence Mitchell's announcement..?
10th January 2015

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