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O'Brien's Missing Too

O'Brien is Missing Too

Matthew Oldfield claimed that at the time he offered to check on the McCann children, that Russell O'Brien offered too to check on them.  They both left the tapas restaurant at the same time.

They decided we are told to check on their own children first and then check on the McCann children on their way back to the tapas.

They each entered their own apartments which were alongside the McCann apartment (front door entrances) Oldfield checked his child and then he said went into O'Brien's to see if he was ready to leave to return to the tapas and check McCann apartment en route.

O'Brien told Oldfield one of his children was unwell.  He asked Oldfield to relay this message to his partner Jane Tanner who was back at the tapas bar.

This left Oldfield to check the McCann children on his own.

On his way back to the tapas he said he popped into the McCann apartment.

Oldfield being interviewed by Leicestershire Police:  


 Erm, so I went to check on G**** and stood up and Russell stood up and he said he was going to check as well and Kate stood up and I said, you know, do you want US to go and check on, erm, do you want ME to go and check on your kids, erm and she said YES. And I think I offered at that point just because we had been together all week and we had similar routines and it just kind of seemed like a NICE thing to do that would save her a journey back up and, you know, it may or or it may not have been different. But erm, I said that and she said yeah fine and she said that the patio door was open and go in through there. But there was me and Russell as well, so erm, you know, it seemed at the time, a very reasonable thing to do, even though it was the FIRST time that WE'D certainly done it. Also, having somebody else there with me, it sort of felt more, more sort of natural and normal.


Doesn't sound as though he was too comfortable with the idea of checking the McCann children.   And as O'Brien didn't then go with him, did it then not feel a 'natural or normal' thing for him to do?  

Why would Oldfield have felt it more natural or normal for the two men to check these children who neither man knew, together as a team, than on their own?

Oldfield in his police witness statements made it clear he didn't know these kids and that is why he had never at any time during that week ever checked on them.

That is why he says it wasn't natural or normal - because he knows he is lying and he knows it isn't natural or normal for men to go into an apartment and check on little kids they don't know?

And the McCanns know too it isn't natural or normal!

But the point is, he spoke with O'Brien at O'Brien's apartment, at that time he said he was told by O'Brien that he would not be returning with him to the tapas bar that he was staying with his sick child, so therefore not going with him to check McCann kids either. 

If Oldfield then went to McCann apartment he would have approached the apartment (the patio door entrance) from the top of the road heading down towards the tapas.

Kate McCann - 'Madeleine'

"At 9:30 pm I stood up to go and make our second check.  Almost simultaneously, Matt got to his feet to see to Grace.  As his apartment was right next door, he offered to look in on our three while he was there.  I hesitated.  I was quite happy to go myself but it seemed a bit silly to insist when Matt was going anyway. 'Oh, ok then.  My turn next.' When Matt returned he reassured us, 'All quiet!'

Kate McCann makes no mention of Russell O'Brien going to accompany Oldfield on the check of her children?

Madeleine Was Here Part 4/5

4.18 on video 

We have at this point Matthew Oldfield's check of the McCann apartment.  He is ushered almost, up the steps to the patio door by Gerry McCann (not a proper re-enactment then as Gerry McCann would not have been with him on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.  But no show without Punch and McCann had to make sure for the purpose of this documentary, that Oldfield said and did right thing, didn't put a foot out of step, stray from the McCann script) they approach the apartment from the direction of the tapas bar NOT from the top of the road where Oldfield would have come from had he checked on his own child first, before going to McCann apartment.


Panorama - Mystery of Madeleine McCann

12:06 on video

The route Matthew Oldfield took after leaving the tapas bar to check on the McCann children is shown in this video as Oldfield leaving the tapas and heading directly TO the McCann patio entrance.

Nothing here either about having first checked his own children.  And again had he done so he would have been approaching the McCann apartment from the top of the road on his return journey, and not going directly from tapas to the McCanns apartment as shown in this documentary.

Nothing to indicate he walked the route to the apartments with O'Brien?


In this production, we see Oldfield and O'Brien leave the table.  Again, nothing is mentioned about O'Brien intending checking the McCann children together with Oldfield.

And again we do not see Oldfield heading to the McCann apartment coming from the direction of his own apartment. This is all skimmed over.

We do not see either any footage of Oldfield entering the McCann apartment any demonstration of what he did once inside. Where he stood, or any commentary as to what he saw inside?

Why would that be?  Surely Oldfield's check, a check inside the McCann apartment by the ONLY person in the group to have done so that entire week, the last person to have been in that apartment up until the point Kate McCann did her check only to discover she said, her daughter missing - and Oldfield's check of the McCann apartment is left out of the Crimewatch Programme?

Why in a programme such as Crimewatch where the object is to discover in this case, what became of a missing child, seek the help of the public, would they have dedicated so much of the filming to the story of how the McCanns spent wonderful days with their children (in actual fact that never happened either - their kids were put in the creche first thing in the morning, out for an hour or so at lunch time, then straight back to creche until the evening, getting their evening meal with the other kids too. McCann parents spent very little time with their children that week other than taking them to and from the creche) and not put together a re-enactment of one of the most crucial, if not the most crucial witness, Matthew Oldfield, the only known person to have been in that apartment that night, apart from Kate and Gerry McCann, alone with the McCann children?

Oldfield's check of the apartment left out completely?

A friend said to me a while back.  If Oldfield and O'Brien left together to go check on their own kids first with the intention then of going into the McCann apartment thereafter - why would they not, on the way to their own apartment, pop into the McCann apartment as they would be passing the patio door entrance on their route.   And it would have saved them time.  Rather than walk to the top of the hill, turn left, go through the car park to the front door entrances of all of their apartments, quite simply they could have entered the McCann apartment by patio door, checked 'listened for crying' as they passed through the apartment, and exited by the front door which would lead out to their own front doors.   This would have saved them time and saved them walking the distance to the top of the road etc.

And that makes perfect sense - Why would they not have done so?

Or, just supposing, supposing, as my friend also said - they did do exactly that - entered that apartment, on the way to their own - what happened when they entered, what did they see/find?

Or, supposing, supposing, another of my friend's thoughts - IF Oldfield had intended to go in, in the company of O'Brien, then when discovering O'Brien wasn't going with him - Oldfield just didn't bother going in, as he didn't feel comfortable about doing so on his own, and he returned to the table and just said all is quiet?

Or could O'Brien have told Oldfield his child was sick so that he could then go into the McCann apartment once Oldfield had gone?

You just never know!

And that is why it is of the utmost importance that this bunch of fibbers are brought together back in Portugal by the Portuguese Police for them to do a proper re-enactment of the events of that night.

Not some dodgy one that they the group have themselves put together with only the information/details they want the public to see, and not packed with stuff to mislead the viewer as was the case in their previous documentaries, and not one LIKE THE CRIMEWATCH one which was the biggest piece of NONSENSE of all the documentaries on this case thus far!

And no not a 'made for TV' re-construction - a criminal style re-construction, a proper one, so that the police can establish what happened, and what is and what is not possible according to the statements made by Gerry and Kate McCann and their bunch of buddies!

Not a reconstruction for the public, but for the police, for Madeleine!

A reconstruction and question of the group where it can be established which door Gerry McCann entered that apartment, as McCann as we know changed his story on this count, seven days after the child vanished!

I mean how in hell does the father of the missing child not know which door he used to enter the apartment where he had left his three 'beautiful children' the apartment where he stopped and had a 'proud father moment' looking at his kids?

It's damn well not possible for him to make such a mistake.

And Fiona Payne - We want to know why she told the police that Kate McCann announced at the table that she had left the patio door open for Madeleine to get out to go look for her mummy and daddy should she wake and be afraid on her own!

And why Kate and Gerry McCann have told the story many times on televised interview that it wasn't possible for Madeleine to have left the apartment.

Absolutely it has to be established on which night the McCanns decided to leave that patio door open/unlocked, as McCann in the documentary Madeleine Was Here implies he they had done so, BEFORE the night of the 3rd May 2007, and Fiona Payne is stating that they McCanns left it open for the first time on the night of the 3rd, the night Madeleine was reported as missing.  

Someone is not telling the truth.

And as to whether that patio door was EVER LEFT OPEN/UNLOCKED, a whole other story which needs to be hammered out.

None of these people seem to know the meaning of truth and honesty?

And Andy Redwood -

A big revelation for you mate - You are gonna need to explain who opened the McCann children's bedroom and why?   Gerry McCann claims that he found the children's bedroom door to be wide open on his check at 9:05 pm

Found wide open again by Matthew Oldfield on his check at 9:30 pm - McCann said he closed it over before leaving the apartment.

Kate McCann claims at 10:00 pm it was wide open.

Yeah, yeah, we know what they told you, but you are the one who has stated publicly that the Tanner sighting is no longer considered to be someone carrying off Madeleine. On that you get no argument, just surprised it took you so long to reach that conclusion - but where you stray off is on saying the alleged abductor had to strike between Oldfield's and Kate McCanns check?

Now that would have been all fine and dandy if it was not for Gerry McCann finding the bedroom door wide open at 9:05 pm, even you Andy and the Metropolitan officers who are your colleagues cannot believe than an abductor was in that apartment when Gerry McCann was there and stayed until just before Kate McCann arrived, 55 minutes later!

One damn dumb abductor!   And that's not easy to say...

There's a reason why the McCanns put together their documentaries the way they do, to mislead, that is obvious - but Crimewatch? 

Why did it not mention the Payne's by name?
Why did it not include Oldfield's check of inside the apartment?
Why did Redwood come up with someone else as being Tannerman?

We know Jane Tanner did not see a man with a child who she thought was Madeleine.   And there appears not to be any record of the person Redwood has suggested as being the person Tanner saw in the night creche bookings.

I can only hope, perhaps against hope, that the reason for the above is for good reason, and that the aforementioned persons have co-operated with the Metropolitan Police and decided to come clean, and it is for some legal point that the Payne's could not be mentioned by name.

Oldfield saying he offered to go inside the McCann apartment and check the McCann children is just a nonsense.
28th November 2013
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