Lying in the Sun

Of All the Words Spoken

Of All the Words Spoken


 I attend all the hearings”


                              Dr Goncalo Amaral

                             2nd October 2013



Are the most meaningful of all said at the hearings in Lisbon since this trial began.


Quietly dignified, no pomp, no pantomime, he does indeed attend all hearings, taking his place in the Court without drama.


He makes no unkind, cruel or derogatory remarks to the press against Gerry or Kate McCann as he arrives at/departs the Court building.  As always, respectful and courteous to all he comes in contact with. 


His lawyer too, professional, articulate, good mannered.


The McCanns on the other hand have as ever, put on a show, a shameful display.  Their conduct not half way close to being decent.

Neither intended being witnesses in this case.   Their lawyer Isabel Duarte stating:


 “Kate and Gerry do not have to give evidence so they do not need to be here. I am confident of winning.”  


They raised this legal action – yet until last week neither planned to attend Court on ANY day! 


That is, neither planned to attend and give testimony.


Kate McCann was of course the ‘star’ on Day 1 of the trial.


No, she didn’t take the stand, to give evidence, to speak up for her missing child.  She chose to not keep what she had to say within the confines of the Court where it should have been heard where her case should have been put forward, in her own words.

After all, Gerry McCann said that he and Kate know best, and that is his reason for now at the eleventh hour ‘hoping’ to give evidence.


Speaking in Court, would have been the best place, if they were hell bent on going ahead with this ridiculous action, it is where the twin children would have received protection from the press stories – a closed Court!

But she chose not to protect them! 


This  was to be her moment, her moment on the steps of the Palace of Justice, and no one, not even the twin children would get in her way.


Kate McCann  was not in Portugal, to give evidence, she was not there for Madeleine, and not for justice (wouldn’t recognise justice if it jumped up and bit her ass) She was there, with her prepared speech, just waiting for the green light, the signal – to tell the waiting press, few in number - not what Kate is used to - how she had dragged herself to Portugal, was there for Madeleine, for justice, to not let Dr Goncalo Amaral his book go unchallenged!   Oh and for a possible 1 million bucks!  She forgot to mention that!


How very different are these two parties?


Dr Goncalo Amaral, ever the gentleman, Kate McCann the bitter, selfish and twisted female, so full of hate, who has lied, time and time again – her book the evidence! 


She has gone beyond sensible, rational or any way believable!  She and Gerry both have.


This latest has made them a laughing stock.   It is embarrassing to watch, to listen, to their family, who all appear to be tarred with same brush.


This case was a bad move – they saw ‘£’ signs and could not see beyond them.  Now, knowing they are wrong, knowing they are in too deep, but so arrogant they will not, not even for the twin children, put an end to it.

I said last week the family were queuing up to add to the harm they are causing Amelie and Sean!


Enter Aunty Trish Cameron…Gerry’s sister!  

Once again the twins were thrown to the wolves...the waiting press pack - ready eager to get in print the horrific headlines that would scare the living daylights out of these kids.  Headlines their parents created!

And make no mistake, the McCanns 'gave' these headlines, and freely so!

They are a disgrace all of them…

Now we have Isabel Duarte, the McCann lawyer brawling outside the Court building verbally attacking a member of the public who took a picture!


Well I hope Gerry and Kate McCann, Granny Healy (Kate’s mother) and Aunty Trish Cameron (Gerry’s sister) and Isabel Duarte are all feeling proud of themselves, because there are two little kids back home who won’t be!

They are the ones who have to ‘face the music’ at school, the questions posed by their friends.


After last week’s performance by their ‘uncle’ Michael Wright, and his shocking testimony which resulted in headlines which must have scared the wits out of these children!  And still they came!  


Came to add more hurt and anguish, pile it on for Amelie and Sean.


There are no words to describe the conduct of the McCanns, simply a disgrace beyond the comprehension of any decent individual who cares for their children.


Yes money is the McCann master and it drives them there is no doubt of that, but what drives them more is their self-protection, their need to be in the limelight their need to be in control.  They won’t back down despite knowing they are not being truthful, that they are so very wrong. 

For McCanns this is now about saving face.


Sacrificing the happiness, the wellbeing of ones own children, causing them suffering, is a price too high for any parent...seems not so with Kate and Gerry McCann!


They carry it out with the greatest of ease!


Aunty Trish told the Court of how a child at school had questioned the twins about the case…


If that did not put an end to this fiasco – nothing will! 


Kate and Gerry McCann chose to ignore the red light, the warning signs – they could have put the brakes on, but they put the foot down and went thundering through.


What does that say about these parents?

Their children quite obviously being harmed seems not a deterrent to the McCanns their actions and conduct  their desire for publicity taking priority.


They lost a child Madeleine, for which they must bear at least partial responsibility, perhaps all?  They left all three of their children alone and unprotected, vulnerable.

They had a chance to do what is right by Sean and Amelie, a second bite of the cherry, but again they put themselves before their children.

Madeleine lost her life due to the conduct of her parents.

Sean and Amelie deserve a life, as normal as is possible difficult as it may be living in the shadow of Madeleine – but that can only happen if their parents put an end to this.

They must now just ‘shut up’ let the twins have a life!

If the McCanns truly cared for these children, this case would not be taking place.

But as it is, if they truly cared, both of them would have ‘signed up’ as witnesses at the earliest opportunity, to speak for themselves and their family.

They didn’t? 

Kate McCann ‘holding court’ outside the Palace of Justice with the press was not a mother thinking of or protecting her children.

Her place was inside – taking the stand, giving her evidence, proof of the outrageous claims she has made.

But she cannot bring proof, and this she knows!

Gerry McCann too should have been there from Day 1.

Like Dr Goncalo Amaral, and for their children, for putting them through what they have, they should have not behaved with such arrogance, shown they contempt they have for the proceedings for the Court they should have attended all hearings!




3rd October 2013

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