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Oldfield Again

Oldfield Again

" could see the light on in their apartment, you could see it from the Tapas and you could see them moving around so you knew they were still there. And so I decided that I'd go back and short of chivvy them along..."

(Matthew Oldfield interview with Leicestershire Police.)

Well wasn't Oldfield a busy boy on the night Madeleine McCann was reported as missing, poking his nose into matters which hardly concerned him.  

  • Sitting at the dinner table in the tapas restaurant, before all of the group had arrived, he decided he would take it upon himself to go tell the three members of the group who had not yet arrived, to hurry themselves along (chivy them up he said -  'chivy' not a word I have heard before.)  He could see that a light was on in their first floor apartment, he could see them moving around he said (what a nosey, naughty guy) so knew they had not yet left to head to the restaurant.
  • He decided also that he would go and listen at the shuttered bedroom window of the McCann apartment where the McCann kids slept, without first asking the McCanns if they'd like him to (what a nosey, naughty guy)
  • He decided a little later to again go 'check' on the McCann kids, though this second time around he claims he offered to do so.  He ran it by the parents first.  Or rather, he ran it by Kate McCann.

So what was Oldfield up to on this night?

Everything he did, his every action - out of character - out of the usual routine he had followed on the days/evenings prior to.

He decided that the Payne's David, Fiona and her mother Dianne Webster were taking too long to come down for dinner so, according to him, he took it upon himself to go to their apartment to tell them to get a move on.

Can you imagine that happening?

Payne's were late for everything said Oldfield.  Although he knew David Payne slightly better than he knew McCann, who he really didn't know at all, he was never in his company back home to know that the guy and his wife were always late, and he didn't know him well enough to go knocking on his door to tell him that he, his wife, and his mother-in law were spoiling his night, the night, keeping tapas staff waiting, by being late again, therefore to hurry up and get to the restaurant. 

Pretty rude thing for him to do I would say, and something I really don't imagine Payne, his wife, and his mother-in-law would have taken too kindly to, Oldfield knocking on the door.  Payne might just have told him to go take a hike. Go order his food and keep his nose out of his family business.

At the end of he day it was McCanns who were buddy buddy with the Payne's, not Oldfield.  So should anyone have felt the need to 'chivy' the Payne's up, one would have imagined it would have been McCann, and one would have imagined rather than heading up to the Payne apartment, that someone at the table would have had a mobile phone and could have given Payne a buzz, or asked reception to call his apartment.

Which reminds me of that little tale Mitchell told of no watches or mobile phones - OF COURSE they had watches (Gerry McCann at 9.04, according to his watch checked on his children.  Rachael Oldfield speaks in her interview with Leicestershire Police as having her watch) and the chances that NONE of them had a mobile phone with them? Pretty remote I would say.

For Oldfield to leave the table to go to the Payne apartment.  Utter nonsense.

But whatd'ya know - Just as Oldfield is leaving the tapas area he sees the lights go out in the Payne apartment so he knows they are on their way down, but he continues heading to the apartment block.    And lo and behold he meets the Payne Party just as he is turning left at the top of the street which leads to the car park.  He wouln't have to tell them to 'chivy up' then now would he?  Did he? How well did that work out eh?

But Oldfield was on a roll, he changed caps, he was now no longer the 'Late Police' his role had changed he was now Kiddie Patrol Officer, or Shutterman - well he was the only guy who listened at shuttered windows - everyone else (Payne's with their monitor the exception) was going inside their apartments to do visual checks of their kids or as the McCanns say they did ' listening checks' - Now Oldfield had never before listened at a shuttered window, and certainly not the McCanns shuttered window - but for one night only Matthew Oldfield became Shutterman - like Wee Willie Winkie he was running about the town upstairs downstairs when the kids were in the nightgowns. Listening at the windows, knocking on the doors  ... doing lots of things, he'd never done before!


McCann didn't check on anyone's kids, not Kate McCann, not Gerry McCann. And here is the thing - the McCanns we know entered that apartment by FRONT LOCKED DOOR and they had to pass the shuttered windows of both the Oldfield apartment and the O'Brien/Tanner apartment to do so.

NEVER did it cross their minds to LISTEN at anyone's shuttered window, not once!

NEVER did any of them check on each other's kids - NEVER!

They have all lied bumbled and stuttered their way through their lies in their police witness statements...

  • We have Gerry McCann stating he left the patio door unlocked so that his friends could access his kids to check on them.   NOT TRUE!

  • We have Gerry McCann saying he thinks David Payne went into his apartment to check on his kids on the Wednesday night - NOT TRUE!   Payne's say they never left the dinner table not even to check their own kids as they had a child monitor to listen for crying.


The statements say that BY the Wednesday night the McCanns were leaving the patio door unlocked.

So if we are to believe this tale by Gerry McCann (SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM- VIVID IMAGINATIONS THE McCANN'S or DOWNRIGHT LIARS?) that:

Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night his apartment was all locked up nice and securely, kids inside, he and his wife Kate Marie Healy taking turns every half hour to check on them (4 times at least per night they claim to have checked on their kids)  BUT on WEDNESDAY NIGHT - ALL CHANGE!

Now why would that be?   Oh yeah...the NOISE!

That is all the explanation McCann gave and that was in his ridiculous documentary where he and Oldfield lied their way through their tale of checking the McCann kids - hammy acting guys.   

But more sickening, it was to save their own asses, their performance was not a jot to do with helping discover what became of Madeleine - to have put in the performances they did, the tales they did - I suggest they know EXACTLY what happened to Madeleine!

And guess what - Why would any of them have to listen at a McCann shutter when Gerry McCann said in his witness statement that he had left the patio door unlocked for his friends to access his apartment to check on his kids?

Well ain't that a WHOPPER - one of McCanns biggest to-date - because the McCann buddies had not a clue that patio door was lying open UNTIL Kate mentioned it at the dinner table on the THURSDAY NIGHT while having a girlie chat to Rachael Oldfield, Jane Tanner and Fiona Payne her bestest buddie!

They are lousy liars, with lousy memories -

Well how could Gerry McCann who supposedly checked on his kids twice nightly (Kate McCann doing likewise) by entering through the front locked door, give the police his statement to that effect, confirming this was the usual procedure THEN SEVEN DAYS LATER tell police he had ooops just remembered that he in fact entered the apartment by an unlocked patio door, stating that this was NOW the
usual route -

What, the usual route since the Wednesday night?

The usual route for his friends to go and check on his kids, the friends that knew NOTHING of any unlocked patio door until Kate McCann announced it at the dinner table on the THURSDAY NIGHT!

And Oldfield offers to go check on the McCann kids, kids he doesn't know, not batting an eyelid when Kate McCann said - hey just go into our apartment through the unlocked patio door.  Don't bother counting heads, but if you do spot  kid in the apartment, be a darling Mattie check for breathing - we have gone running together, now just, think of my kids as your kids!  Same time tomorrow Mattie - lunchtime wasn't it?

Yeah they went running at
lunchtime - so did Gerry McCann see to the McCann kids on the Wednesday lunchtime, and did the ill Rachael Oldfield, left alone when her husband Matthew donned his running shoes to go for a hike with the fair Kate wave him off telling him to have fun with Kate as she put him through his paces.  Kate the accomplished runner, and Mattie the old boy who hated running unless it was on a beach in warm weather when he got to play another role wearing his 'Hasselhoff Hat' this time around...Mattie who couldn't run to catch a bus tells us that he did road run with Kate, 3/4 miles EACH WAY - a 10K + Man or thereabouts...

To use Mattie's own phrase in his witness statements - IN YOUR DREAMS MATTIE!

If Matt Oldfield never did any running to speak of, he did not run anywhere close to  6 - 8 miles and not with someone who was a 'runner.' 

No siree, accomplished runners like Kate McCann, don't like stragglers they don't wait around for them, and people like Oldfield, who don't train, who don't enjoy running, they just don't go for an EIGHT MILE HIKE with someone they really don't know, the wife of a guy who they really don't know, a woman who is fit and serious about the sport, and certainly not when their own wife is lying ill and they have a two year old child to attend to....and boy oh boy wouldn't the muscles in his legs have been aching come Thursday?  When you don't train and then throw yourself into exercise - it hurts like hell, next day, and the next...

Oldfield ain't NO 'Road Runner'  he has no - Beep Beep...

So who is Oldfield,or more importantly,what was Oldfield UP TO on the night young Madeleine Beth McCann was reported as missing? - REPORTED MISSING BY MATTHEW Oldfield...Yeah, Yeah, he took on that job too, reporting to reception - CHILD MISSING ON HIS WATCH!

Road Runner                          Late Police                       Wee Willie Winkie

The Hoff - Bay Watch            Mattie - Yip - Dream ON!

When and where was this little pic taken? If this is Matthew, I can see that he doesn't know Kate well, not at all well...he's just a 'hands on' type of guy...

Oldfield is for sure a bit of a cartoon character - but a rather creepy one by looks of things.

And Wednesday 2nd May 2007 - perhaps I'm not looking hard enough but I could not find within their police witness statements, that is the statements by Gerry and Kate McCann any mention of Kate's jog, with the groups answer to the Hoff - - Shutterman - on that day!



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