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Oldfield Up to His Neck.

Oldfield Up to His Neck

Reading over once again, Matthew Oldfield's police witness statements a few things which had not struck me before suddenly did!

But first what do we know of him.

  • That he didn't really know Gerry McCann apart from having met professionally at one time.
  • That he didn't know Kate McCann at all really apart from meeting her at a wedding when Madeleine was a baby.
  • That he did not know the McCann twins at all had never seen them until this vacation.
  • That he did not at any time throughout that vacation check on the McCann kids.
  • That he did not check them as he stated he did not know them or Kate and Gerry McCann well enough to do such a thing.
  • That he would be happy to have checked if necessary the children of O'Brien and Tanner as these children he did know, and he further stated that these children would not be afraid if they saw him come into their apartment.

The McCann children clearly would have been afraid to see him if he had gone into their apartment.

  • That he took it upon himself to listen at the shuttered bedroom window of the  McCann children, without first consulting with Kate or Gerry McCann despite not knowing if this was indeed the room where all of the McCann kids slept.

  • That he felt Gerry McCann was annoyed at him for having done so.
  • That he claimed that around 15 minutes after Gerry McCann being annoyed at him for doing this impromptu check at the shuttered window, he then OFFERED to take Kate McCanns turn of checking her children, by going inside the McCann apartment.
  • That he saw the twin children very clearly lying in their cots.
  • That he did not see Madeleine, and did not he said look to see if she was in the same room as the twins.    He did however say that from his position in the sitting area, he was able to pivot round, and look through the open bedroom door where the McCann parents slept, could see a double bed, but no Madeleine.

(Rachael Oldfield in her witness statement said that her husband Matthew Oldfield poked his head in the McCanns parents bedroom?  Which of the two is telling the porky?   Both I'd say!   Why would he look in the McCann parents room and NOT poke his head in the McCann children's room to see where Madeleine slept?)

  • That when he checked on his own daughter he ALWAYS went inside his apartment and into her bedroom to be sure she was okay.  This he did as the child had been unwell!

(outrageous, the kid was unwell, she was around 2 years old and they left her at night alone in a holiday apartment)

  • That NEVER at any time during this holiday did he simply listen from outside the apartment at the shutter window of his apartment to listen for crying.  NEVER did he do this.
  • That he claims on the night Madeleine vanished he decided to take it upon himself to listen at the McCann bedroom shutter and to ONLY listen outside his own apartment too at the shuttered window.

  • That he did throughout that week (he and his wife, though he mostly did the checks during the mealtimes) check on his daughter every 15/20 minutes.   That he never left it as long as half hourly.

(Gerry McCann in interview with Sandra Felgueiras stated that he and Kate McCann checked their kids every half hour.   Oldfield never left it that long)

  • That he always did a visual check of his daughter.

Now it is this that I find rather odd.

This guy who didn't know McCanns, didn't know his kids. Who strictly checked on his own daughter every 15/20 minutes by visually checking.  Who never at any time checked on anyone's children throughout that week that he would have COMPLETELY CHANGED HIS ROUTINE and begun checking the McCann children without being asked to do so?

And this is where it gets more interesting.

  • He checks his daughter for the first time on that night around 9 pm (albeit he listens at the shuttered window, something he has never before done)
  • He claims to have listened at McCanns bedroom window also at this time.

McCann then goes immediately to check on his kids when Oldfield returns.

(Oldfield not pleased at this he said)

McCann returns to the table around 9:15.

  • He, Oldfield around 9.20/9.25 pm decides its time to check his daughter again.

This time he claims he offered to check the McCann children, telling Kate McCann that he would take her turn, and she telling him to go in to the apartment through an unlocked patio door.

The gap between his first check and his second check is about 20/25 minutes.   

Kate McCann then decides around 10 pm she will now take a turn of checking her own kids.

But get this:

It is now almost a HALF HOUR since Oldfield last checked on his own daughter. This is the man who told police that his checks were never half hourly always less than, closer to 15/20 minutes.

At 10 pm when Kate McCann was going to check on her children OLDFIELD SHOULD HAVE BEEN GOING TO CHECK ON HIS DAUGHTER!


When was Oldfield intending to do that 3rd check of his daughter he was well over his 15/20 minute schedule?

Why did he not ask Kate McCann to check on his daughter when she was doing her 10 pm check?

He claimed he felt he knew the McCanns a little better by Thursday of that week, knew their children better (though how in hell he knew the kids better when he had nothing to do with them all week is a darn mystery) so was happy to go in and check on their kids.   By that same token, he must have felt it would be okay for Kate McCann to go check on his daughter?

Why did Kate McCann not offer to check on his daughter, returning his earlier favour when he supposedly checked hers?

The simple and most obvious answer is that Oldfield fed the police a shed load of shit - it just didn't happen!  

All this nonsense about impromptu checks at shuttered windows, and then him doing a visual check of the McCann children, pivoting and looking in the McCann parents bedroom but not seeing Madeleine - all a shed load of shit!

I hope the DCI and his squad of murder detectives - have taken note of these police witness statements because they don't make one bit of sense.

A guy who barely knew McCanns, didn't know their kids, never checked on them during the vacation (and neither did anyone else) CHANGES COMPLETELY HIS ROUTINE SO THAT HE CAN RUN AROUND CHECKING McCANN KIDS, AND NEGLECTING what should have been his THIRD check of his own child?

And neglecting his own child in as much as on his first check he claims he ONLY listened at the bedroom window of his own apartment, something this guy NEVER did with his daughter, always VISUAL CHECKS.

Kate McCann must have been gone from the table at the very least 5 minutes for her to have done all that she said she did when she was in the apartment, running around checking, looking in rooms, in wardrobes, looking for

By this time Oldfield was WAY over his usual checking time of 15/20 minutes, yet he had still not made a move to go and check on his daughter?

How come?   Was he waiting on Kate McCann returning to announce that Madeleine was gone?  Why else would Oldfield neglect the checking routine of his own daughter, as that is what he did essentially.

I suggest if Oldfield did go at around 9pm to check on his daughter that that is exactly what he did, went inside and checked his daughter as was usual, visually!    That he did not listen for crying at the McCann windows.

I suggest he NEVER did any check of the McCann children from inside their apartment.

If Matthew Oldfield was ever in 5A, I further suggest it would have been for a completely different reason than checking McCann children.

His statement tells us this, that the story he told was fabricated!  It cannot possibly be true.

I note also that Oldfield in his statement and when speaking of his 'visit' to the McCann apartment, at times speaks of 'we' as though he had company when he was in the apartment?

I thought this was a lone check?
18th November 2014
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