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Oldfield in Over HisHead

Oldfield In Over his Head?

Oldfield's interview with the Leicestershire Police is rather revealing.  The more he waffled on the more he stuck himself right in it, up to his neck and over his head.  He pretty much placed himself top of the suspect list I would say.  A suspect list of EIGHT!

Retired British Detective John Stalker is spot on when he said this bunch are hiding something.   Stalker does however say he believes there could have been an abduction, but that this bunch are hiding something.

And to hide something they had to TELL UNTRUTHS to the Police, both in Portugal and to the Leicestershire Police in the UK.

And where and when they would tell these untruths would be when being interviewed by police, IN THEIR WITNESS STATEMENTS!

And that my friends is what Dr Goncalo Amaral and the Portuguese team of investigating officers discovered right from the beginning, that the stories told by the McCann group DID NOT ADD UP that they ALL, were as Stalker said HIDING SOMETHING.

And it is pretty obvious to all us lay people out here, just by reading their statements that the Portuguese Police from the start had this lot sussed.  

Clarence Mitchell, when did he first arrive in Portugal?

Not in time to prevent this bunch making a load of outrageous and unbelievable statements.   Not in time to prevent them concocting the wildest of stories about shutters and windows, and unlocked doors.

And not in time to prevent this bunch putting together a timeline on the back of sticker book belonging to young Madeleine - which they must have very soon after wished they hadn't!

Mitchell in general never speaks of the bunch, only of the McCanns.   The bunch have remained pretty much silent over the past seven and a half years, which in itself is quite extraordinary.

I would take from that, that this situation is on instruction by Mitchell.   He had more than enough to contend with, to make disappear, to make excuse for, to invent stories for the McCanns themselves, of suspects being discovered here there and everywhere, without having to deal with any more comments that might be made by the bunch.

And the bunch as we know consulted with solicitors too (prior to refusing to return to Portugal to assist police in a reconstruction of events, their movements, which would have aided the police in discovering what became of the child) and no doubt were told to keep their mouths shut by their legal advisers.

And keeping their mouths shut when they HAD something to hide - would not be difficult.   Easy to shut up when guilty to some degree whatever degree that might be than to speak up and perhaps then slip up!

If completely innocent I would imagine they would have had LOTS to say in their defence.  

David Payne for instance, and the Gaspar statements - not a peep from him.

Jane Tanner and Crecheman - not a peep from her.  Not even - 'I'm so glad DCI Redwood found the man.'

(Interestingly the McCanns had NOT A JOT to say about the Met discovering Crecheman which blew their Tannerman right out of the water?   The question too here is whether Redwood did this help or hinder shall we say the McCanns as it could so easily be either or depending on what else Redwood comes up with, depending on his actions since)

But back to Oldfield.

What also struck me as I was reading through his witness statements again, is that he said he didn't in essence know McCann family as I have stated in previous blog.

It was for this reason he said he would not dream of even considering checking (a visual check or otherwise) on these children.  Perhaps a more credible reason for not checking on the McCann kids was the  FACT THAT NO ONE WAS CHECKING ON EACH OTHERS KIDS. THEREFORE NO ONE WAS CHECKING ON THE McCANN KIDS.

But for some reason he then decides on the night Madeleine is reported as missing, to go and do a 'listening check' took it upon himself to do that, without consulting McCanns so he said, and they have not at any point contradicted this statement.

This got me thinking.

Of course he would not want to go into an apartment to check on young children whom he did not know, children who did not know him.  What sensible person would?

IF as what they have all been claiming, the routine was to 'LISTEN ONLY'  WHY had Oldfield NEVER done that?

(It must be pointed:

  • The Oldfield's when checking their daughter did NOT, listen only, they did visual checks of their daughter.
  • O'Brien & Tanner when checking their daughters did NOT listen only, they did visual checks of their daughters.
  • The Payne's used a child monitor, this was their check of their daughters, a listening device with them at dinner, so they did not leave the table at all on any night to do checks.  Therefore they did NOT listen only, either from just outside or just inside their apartment.

So only Kate and Gerry McCann can lay claim to this strange routine of 'listening only' NOT ANY OF THE OTHERS IN THE GROUP.

Only Kate and Gerry McCann left their door unlocked, NOT ANY OF THE OTHERS IN THE GROUP.

But 'listening only' at a shuttered window for crying, would NOT involve Oldfield in having to see the McCann children and it would not involve the McCann children in seeing him.   SO HE COULD NOT FRIGHTEN THEM as was his concern he stated earlier in the holiday week - before he got to know the kids - if he was out of sight and listening only at a shuttered window!

Oldfield is talking yet again, a shed load of shit.

We all can understand I'm sure his initial statement that as he didn't know them he wouldn't want to check on them.  No problem with that as it DOES make sense.

It is his 'second' part of the story that doesn't add up all this stuff about feeling on the Thursday night that he now knew the kids.  NO HE DARN WELL DIDN'T!

And he thought it would be a
nice thing to do to offer to take Kate McCanns turn of checking her kids save her a trip to the apartment. NO HE DARN WELL DIDN'T!

Gerry McCann had just snubbed him he said after his stunt listening at the shuttered window - he was annoyed at McCann, so why in HELL would he then think it would be
a nice thing to do to offer to go and check on the McCann kids again, and risk being snubbed by McCann this guy he barely knew?

And you gotta ask - When he made this offer, did he know he was OFFERING to go INSIDE the McCann apartment or did he think he was offering to do another LISTENING ONLY check?

And if Gerry McCann was pissed off at Oldfield doing a check at the shutters WHY was he okay a few minutes later when his wife Kate McCann ACCEPTED THIS offer by Oldfield, and TOLD OLDFIELD to go into the apartment through an unlocked patio door?

That's absolute crap!

And strangely, Oldfield told the police that he and McCann did NOT sit and speak to each other at the table that night, he said McCann told him that he, McCann felt he had bored Oldfield the previous night, the Wednesday night, the night Mrs Oldfield stayed at home, the night the group stayed out late, much later than usual drinking.


"Yeah, we might have had one, erm, so about sort of a half an hour or so later that we went back.  But the reason, now we mention it, but I think that was on the Thursday, when we went to the the table, I didn't sit next to Gerry, because we had this conversation, he said, you know, he'd bored the pants off me yesterday when we were talking about his sports (inaudible)."


"I don't know why I brought that up, I don't know, it seemed to be sort of part of my thought"

Can you really imagine two adults, two medics, one saying to the other something in the line of:

'hey I think I bored the pants off you last night, best we don't sit together tonight'

And when exactly did they have this 'bored the pants off Oldfield' conversation?

It wasn't AT the table on the Thursday night, because Oldfield had already decided not to 'sit next to Gerry McCann!

As an adult group,unless you really had a dislike of another in the group, it would not matter who you sat next to.  So what is Oldfield getting at here?

  • He feels McCann has snubbed him in respect of his impromptu check at the shuttered window. 

  • He is more than a little annoyed at McCann going to check on his kids immediately after Oldfield did his little check.

  • He doesn't sit beside McCann due to something McCann said about boring him.

What are these guys - five years of age or what?)

(Did Oldfield take this to be McCann telling him to go take a hike, get out of his face, certainly sounds as though Oldfield was not a happy guy.)

  • He, Oldfield then offers to go check on McCann kids?.

In your dreams Matthew Oldfield!

Here is how pissed off Oldfield was at McCann (all according to his witness statement) this is Oldfield describing what happened when he returned to the table after listening at the McCann shuttered window:

"So erm, back to the table, erm, we have, oh, back to the table, Gerry got up to go and, to go and check on his kids, I mean, and I'd come back and said, you know, I didn't hear any noise when I listened outside your room, so I thought it was a little bit odd that, you know, not kind of wounded pride that he sort of didn't trust me, but,erm I just thought, oh, you know, I've just checked you don't really need to check and sort of you know, sort of go back, but, erm he sort of got up and went back to check on erm, on his kids.  But you know, you don't, you know, we're all sort of responsible for our own children and you wouldn't sort of say, you know - 'you don't need to do that'   I just sort of felt, oh I've listened, you don't need to do that because I've just done it, but I hadn't gone into the apartment, so, erm"  

"Yeah I thought that, you know, I'd said that everything was sort of quiet, I listened outside the shutters, but, you know, they went back up, erm, and said he was going to check.  Erm, I know that Jane went erm went up..."


Oh lordy, lordy the lies, lordy lordy!

Why would Oldfield be so pissed off, so concerned at Gerry McCann going to check on his own kids?

Why would McCann have been so pissed off at Oldfield?

They didn't sit next to each other?

Why would the McCanns be SO sure that none of these guys, Oldfield to be precise had not harmed in any way his kids, this guy he didn't really know, who he and his wife allowed to go into their apartment...

So their story goes...

Note also, Oldfield said when speaking of McCann going back up - that THEY went back up.  Not 'he' went back up but THEY went back up.   Now we know Tanner went up around that time.  But to say THEY went back up that infers that more than one person went back up, accompanied McCann back up!

Bravo Dr Goncalo Amaral - you knew what they were up to from the moment they opened their mouths, and destroying the missing child's sticker book - that was a clue if ever there was one!
18th November 2014
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