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On your Bike

On Your Bike - Summers and Swan!

That was the message the Metropolitan Police gave this pair - who the McCanns are now using as a mouthpiece in this years anniversary propaganda message - and a very clear message - ON YOUR BIKES!

And here is what the Met had to say about their message to Summers and Swan:

'It was made absolutely clear that any approach to nominals in this case would be detrimental to our objective of building up a productive working relationship with the Portuguese.  Our clear priority is to find out what happened to Madeleine and nothing should distract from that.

Absolutely no 'off the record' comments or information were made/given.  They were politely advised that all the information is in the public domain via the PJ Files on the internet, and whilst we understood the interest and value of a book that would tell the story of the investigative review, their time would be best spent getting up to speed on the available files and forming their own opinion on it.


I guess Summers and Swan are either thick or thick skinned, as here we have them, this time in the Telegraph spinning for the McCanns!

They clearly chose not to listen to the Metropolitan Police, but to take the Murdoch buck, and spout a shed load of shit about the case.

Seems too Summers and Swan didn't find anything that made them suspect the McCanns of anything when they read the Portuguese Police Files as the Met suggested to them.

Met have been reading them for 4 years, and haven't yet finished!  

Are this pair speed readers?

If so, I guess then Summers & Swan must have read so quickly that they missed a few pages.  Missed Gerry McCann changing his story, telling the police on the night he reported his daughter missing that he (and his wife, on their separate checks) had entered that apartment through the locked front door using his key to open it, and then SEVEN DAYS later changing this to entering through an unlocked patio door.   A necessary change, as the McCanns had slipped up with the first story!  Had Kate McCann entered through that front door then she would have had to have seen the open window and shutter.  But of course she claims she didn't see it until the curtain went whoosh!  OOPSY.

So many stories just like this in those police files.   Prey tell Summers and Swan how you missed them?

They must have missed too DCI Redwood's revelation, when he stated the intruder must have gone into the apartment just before 10 pm, the time of Kate McCanns alleged check.


Oh lordy, lordy - this anniversary has got to be McCanns most desperate.  They are looking more foolish by the moment.  Their lies spin, and propaganda more obvious than ever before. 

What is it I wonder that has them running so scared this time around?

Well they had a lot more to bury this year that is for sure. 

  • The death of Brenda Leyland being the most obvious.

  • Then we had most ALL of their claims in their legal action REJECTED BY THE JUDGE.  (Judge just didn't believe their tales - well come on - Kate McCann telling the Judge that her son had heard on the radio about Dr Amaral's book, and then saying she thinks this might have been on the school bus.   Oh Kate McCann, liar, liar pants on fire!   Judge saw right through you, and Gerryman!

  • Not wanting either the fact that they really didn't win in Lisbon and that they have huge legal costs to meet, reportedly OVER 58%.  OUCH.   That ain't no win!   Costs which will need to come out of MADELEINE'S MONEY in the Fund.

  • And that still left the need to come up with some stories to get them out of the Death Dossier itself, and any association with the TEN who compiled it.

But hey, the lying, money grabbing Summers and Swan have assured Telegraph readers that the TEN are NOT related to the McCanns, that they don't even know them!

Wonder what the going rate is for telling a whopper like that?

I mean, come on Summers & Swan?  How desperate must the McCanns be when they have need to scrape the barrel this year for a mouthpiece like this dodgey pair to spin their lies.

How sad for Madeleine what was her life, and how sad for the lives of the McCann twins when their parents allow this nonsense year on year.

I've said it before and I will continue saying it.   The McCann kids need protecting, and not from persons on Twitter.  I don't believe there has ever been any Twit message produced where these kids were threatened in any way.  Why would there be?  If there was it would have been produced for sure.

The only threat to these kids that we know of came from their parents, when they left them FIVE NIGHTS ALONE, in an unsecured holiday apartment.  Well that at least is their story.

The truth, as all things in the McCann case will be something a bit different.  You get a little dose of truth from them mixed with a huge dose of lies.

These little kids are certainly not top on the agenda when it comes to protection.  No siree.  They are bottom of the pile.

Top of the pile is salvaging what is left of their parents reputation. And Team McCann have thrown everything but the kitchen sink (but there is time yet) at this.  But it just isn't working.

Eight years down the line and they are still trying to take the public for a ride.  But the public are just not playing any more!   This time the public in their droves are jumping off the McCann merry go round.

Summers and Swan say they 'listened' for 15 seconds and KNEW the McCanns were innocent.   Wonder what they heard them say in those 15 seconds - 'We are innocent, a bad man took Madeleine?'

Now that is just Summers and Swan being silly billies!  Lying silly billies!

No one in this case, no matter what their opinion of it, their opinion of the  McCanns could possibly have 'listened' for 15 seconds, and established innocence.

Most everyone, I would imagine when the news broke of a child having been abducted would have accepted the news at face value, as there would have been no immediate reason to doubt the news readers first words.  Not until more information came through would anyone have been able to begin to form doubts.  It may have taken some not very long after hearing the first stories out of Portugal to decide what they believed, but not in 15 seconds.

Summers and Swan are a couple of money grabbers, like all associated with McCann their business.   That is how Gerry McCann refers to the Madeleine Fund - as a business?   It's certainly not a Charity, of that we know.  It's Gerry's little business venture. 

Keep funding it and you keep the truth of what happened to Madeleine from being discovered.  The more they receive the more they have to afford the types of stories we have witnessed where truth is buried.

Like the Metropolitan Police said read the PORTUGUESE POLICE FILES ONLINE, AND THEN DECIDE.

Read them and I guarantee you will see the many inconsistencies in their stories.   Those rogatory interview where the Tapas lot where interviewed by Leicestershire Police.  Wow!  It was like a competition to see who could come up with biggest lie.

Come to think of that, must give that some thought - WHO of the group told the BIGGEST or indeed the MOST WHOPPERS?

Summers and Swan tell us that trolling reached a crisis point for the McCanns when a picture of the McCann twins taken at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow appeared on a Facebook Page.

Good lord what a crisis!

But let us address this.  Let us go back to what Martin Brunt said in his Special Report in this regard:


"A photograph of Madeleine’s twin siblings was posted online AFTER the McCann family were CAUGHT ON A TV CAMERA at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.  We have obscured the children’s faces.   It prompted a discussion about the twins.  One commentator described the colour of their hair, another questioned their safety."

There was no threat made against these children.  THEY WERE CAUGHT ON A TV CAMERA!   So everyone who watched on TV whichever event the McCann family attended would have seen the twin children!  Who's fault is that?

The fact that a couple of people on Facebook/Twitter mentioned that they had seen them, and made an innocent comment about the colour of the children's hair (and I read the comments which Brunt produced simply a passing remark about their hair colour) constituted neither a crime nor a crisis and certainly NOT any threat.

Do please read the blogs above the series Brunt Bit by Bit 1- 10.  It is in Part 5 the above quote from Brunt was taken.  If you do read the Brunt Bit by Bit you will see that there was never any threat.  

Outrageous of Summers and Swan to say that there was and that this was a crisis point.

The McCann twins featured also in the McCann documentaries courtesy of their parents!  
And their parents never miss a chance when interviewed for TV to take the opportunity to speak of these kids, and some of the stories the McCanns tell would frighten the life out of the kids.

I have addressed the protection or lack of, as I see it, of these kids on many occasions.  This nonsense today by Summers & Swan, clearly organised by Team McCann, is another instance where lack of good judgment by the parents and those associated with them, with regards the twin children.

Parents who care about their children's welfare DO NOT spread such frightening and untrue tales, tales that their ten year old twins must see in the press and on their TV screens at home.

And if anyone on Team McCann says that they will not hear of these stories - THINK OF KATE McCANNS TALE OF THE SCHOOL BUS! THINK ALSO OF THE OTHER TALES WHICH SHE AND HER FAMILY TOLD THE COURT,  OF HOW 'kids at school' spoke to her children about the case!

They cannot have it both ways.  Saying that Dr Amaral's book the kids heard of on radio, but that they will never hear of ALL the stories their parents have created.

Is it any wonder the Judge threw out the McCann claims that Dr Amaral's book harmed her twin kids, the school bus story, when the McCanns themselves are the ones who use these kids for all of their nonsense, and propaganda!

McCanns should have been saying to Summers and Swan, Brunt, Sky, and any other MSM that they were paying to print their stories - LEAVE OUR KIDS OUT OF IT!

But it sounds so much better if they say the twins have been harmed, just not by them of course, by others!

This nonsense today by Summers & Swan, and Robyn Swan's comment yesterday with regards the TEN persons who compiled the dossier, leaves all in no doubt that they are in cahoots with McCann, Sky, Gamble, Brunt. 

It really is very difficult to understand people like this who lie and cheat when a little girl lost her life, and make money out of it too.

How do they sleep at night?  How do they function in life knowing the terrible things they have done, knowing the terrible thing that they do?

I think often of the McCann kids, what this lot are doing to them.   There cannot be a kid in the land that would want to be a McCann!

Summers and Swan, how desperate or greedy are they that they would do what they are doing to these children?

They are not good or honest people.

Brunt?   He is the most disappointing.  I thought this man had integrity.  I though the was an honest man.  A man who would do what was right.

How wrong could I have been!  He has failed not only Madeleine, but his own family, and big time!  The part he played in the death of Brenda Leyland and his now reporting on this case is shameful.

What is truly sickening, is that these people, so desperate are they to bury the truth of matters not only in the disappearance of Madeleine but the truth of what really is the scandal, of Brunt, McCanns, Gamble, Summers and Swan, Sky's and the Treacherous Ten's involvement in what led to the death of Brenda Leyland.

So easily these people could have reported in a fair way about this lady. So easily they could have expressed remorse for what they did.  So easily they could have apologised for all that they did to her.  They could have shown compassion for an innocent life lost.

Instead they decided to say nothing in this regard, but to still refer to her in a derogatory way.  To still refer to her as a troll, make her out to be a very not nice person.  They chose to, this anniversary of Madeleine's reported disappearance, to behave appallingly, to put together this nonsense for Brunt and Summers & Swan to spout by way of protecting the McCann couple.

If these people had a decent bone in their body, they would have not done this.   It was clearly very well planned.  Planned to be aired at the time of this anniversary to make them look like innocents in the tragedy of Ms Leyland.

Brunt said the TEN received their letters days ago from Leicestershire Police informing them of no action.   When did Brunt learn of this? When did the McCanns learn of this?  Without doubt before the TEN! Without doubt in plenty of time for them to put together what they did. In fact they would have been planning this well before any letter was ever considered being sent out to the TEN.

Sky also stated that it was a Sky source who had obtained the information?

From where or from whom?  From Leicestershire Police?


Did Sky contact the TEN, or did the TEN contact the Sky source?

Such a dirty nasty case the McCann case.

Who got in touch with Summers and Swan?  Why did they think this news should in any way need a comment from Summers and Swan?

Time the world told the whole lying conniving, darn lot of them to get on their bikes!

Not a thing thus far this week has been about Madeleine.   Her parents have seen to that.
2nd May 2015

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