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One Piece of Advice

One Piece of Advice

If there is one piece of advice I would give anyone contemplating giving money to the Find Madeleine Fund, it would be - to not part with your hard earned cash.

There is not a single reason in the world I can come up with for giving the McCanns money for their so called search for this missing child...but I could write a list as long my arm of reasons why not to!

One being there is currently a Police Investigation in Portugal and an investigation in the UK which has thus far cost the taxpayer £6 m and rising fast.

Whilst the investigations in both countries must be considered welcome progress - I find the need for the McCanns to still be asking the public for more cash to be outrageous.

This Fund raised £m's but they the McCanns, who along with their family and friends are the Directors have lost much of this cash through mismanagement, paid it to dodgy detectives £hundreds thousands, and they have used it to fight legal battles, raise actions against others, those who do not believe their tale of abduction.

Little of the monies by comparison, going on any search for this child.

Their private detectives ceased to operate two years ago as the Metropolitan investigation was, and is, in full swing.   

Yet still they ask you for your money?

These are people who are backed by very wealthy individuals.  They have employed several teams of lawyers in both the UK and Portugal, press agents, a £70,000 per year spokesperson, the devious Clarence Mitchell, and still they want your money, the money of the ordinary hard working folks, children and pensioners too.  

How can they possibly justify taking money from the ordinary man in the street?

Money which I fail to see how they could possibly need, when they can afford the legal teams which they do, have the wealthy backers which they do.

Why the need for the legal teams to defend them?   Do they still feel, as they once did that they would be held responsible and charged with crimes against their daughter?   Hanging  onto those legal eagles for dear life for over six years now, at the expense of those kind people who have donated, may just indicate that is the case.

But why should the public pay for it - their defence?

They did not fully co-operate with police, they and their companions have not been entirely truthful.

And Kate McCann wrote a book which is jam packed with untruths!

There are many missing children, children whose parents and families who have not been afforded by the UK Government a brass penny towards any kind of investigation or search.

I do not grudge at all that any missing child be given the finances and all the assistance possible to aid their safe return by the authorities concerned.

But the Find Madeleine Fund - the McCanns private Fund (and not a charity) McCanns receiving the money to do with as they please (do read the Objects of their Fund in the blog above titled 'Maddie's Fund, also the blog 'The Fraudulent Fund?') not a snowballs chance in hell of me giving them a penny - my one piece of advice to others - Think carefully, be sure, it is the McCanns you wish to have your hard earned cash.

They are not sitting penniless, they are sitting surrounded by the most formidable and costly legal teams an individual could put together - and one has to ask WHY?

Why after this child has been missing for so long, still without a trace, the Met not having made any breakthrough to speak of, and  with 30 + detectives working the case over past 2 years, and an open ended budget from David Cameron (All in it together as he would say) - WHY are the McCanns still happy to ask the public for their money?

What do they plan to do with it when they themselves are not searching, when there are two ongoing police investigations?

The remaining McCann children are not going hungry...McCann has a good salary, this is not a poverty stricken family.

Always a wealthy backer on hand to finance them.

My personal feeling is that they should be thoroughly ashamed in the circumstances to dare ask the public for money.

If they had a shred of decency they would close down their Fund (not accept donations) whilst there are ongoing police investigations into the disappearance of their daughter.

Once you part with your cash you do not have a say as to how the McCanns will use it - they are free to do with it as they please!

The best thing anyone could do for young Madeleine Beth McCann is to read the police witness statements available online, thoroughly research this case, and it will very soon become clear that much is awry.

You will discover that what the McCann couple and their companions have stated is not the whole truth.   That they are hiding something.   That they know so much more about the evening Madeleine vanished than they are prepared to divulge.

The Portuguese Police know this, the Leicestershire Police know this, and once again I will state that retired British Detective John Stalker also stated that it is his opinion they are hiding something,

As to what the Metropolitan Police believe at this stage of their investigation, and what they are prepared at this juncture to release as information - that is another matter.

For sure though, they cannot have failed to miss or disagree with the findings of the Portuguese Police and that of Leicestershire Police.

In fact, only recently we have seen that DCI Redwood, during Crimewatch revealed that the man Jane Tanner saw was not someone carrying off Madeleine.

DCI Redwood was in agreement with the retired Portuguese Police Detective Dr Goncalo Amaral on this count, agreeing with Dr Amaral's findings six years ago when the child vanished, that Jane Tanner's sighting was not credible.

The parents and their companions would not, speak out, for Madeleine, they all refused to assist police with a reconstruction of the events of that night.

If you want to help Madeleine, discover what became of her - don't part with your cash.

It is not money this child, this case requires for it to be resolved.

Madeleine needs from those who care what became of her, for those who seek justice for her, Madeleine needs you to be her voice.

Those who should have cared most - failed her!

They silenced her.

Don't do likewise -

Speak up for Madeleine!
12th January 2014
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