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One or Both?

One or Both?

“While one or both of them may be innocent, there is no clear evidence which clears them of involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.”

Assistant Chief Constable Leicestershire Police

An interesting comment!

One or both of the McCann couple may be innocent – One or both may be guilty.

I wonder if the Assistant Chief Constable had any thoughts as to who, if one say, is guilty, which one that might be?  Who would be the most likely candidate?

No clear evidence which clears them of involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance?

I guess that is what the Metropolitan Police will discuss with the CPS regarding whomever  they may at some point be considering charging with crimes against Madeleine, the McCanns/their budides/or any other British person – having sufficient clear evidence to obtain a conviction in a Court of Law.

Part of that, ‘clear evidence’ would it require a body being found?

Did not Gerry McCann (or perhaps this is a myth) make a comment in the vein – find the body and prove we killed her – or something similar?

Maybe not, but nevertheless – for talk sake let us say he is guilty- we won’t say of ‘killing the child' though as I do not believe that anyone thinks this is what happened.  Not at all!

I think most believe she died as the result of an accident in the apartment in their absence due to their neglect, and that they are guilty of concealment of her death her body! 

So guilty of concealment let us say? 

McCann would surely be banking on a body not being found?  

Let’s say too, he did make that ‘find the body’ comment - sounds like a challenge, and a pretty confident and arrogant one, as though he knew that was never going to happen.  That he was relying on that not happening.

In the UK I believe there are now several instances where convictions have been obtained without the body of the missing person having been discovered.

Is it any more difficult in Portugal to gain a conviction if no body?

The Metropolitan Police having now involved the CPS – should we be confident, that they are confident of a conviction in this case without a body?

And back to the scenario, if Gerry McCann was charged, no body found, what would be the ‘clear evidence?’  A witness who saw him with the child?  Someone  in the group “folding?”   Forensics? Hamish Campbell spoke of the 'opportunity of forensic evidence?'

I wonder too.  If the UK Government has now agreed more funding for a full scale investigation, when that kicks in do we take it, it is no longer classified as a ‘review' of the case?

Goncalo Amaral:

"There will always be diligences that will result from reviewing the investigation and the reports from the McCanns' private detectives.

Those diligences will have to take the conclusions that the Police had reached in September of 2007 into account.

"That is the
starting point, but in the end it could happen that those conclusions are not confirmed.

What is necessary is to
complete an investigation that was suddenly interrupted due to the will of the parents of a child that has disappeared mysteriously."
22nd June 2013

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