Lying in the Sun

Only £Couple Thousand

Only a £Couple Thousand  

"Even when there is only a couple of thousand pounds in the fund, it seems like a lot of money to me."

Kate McCann
Woman Magazine
May 2011

The recent reports in the Sun regarding the McCanns, their Fund, the profits from Kate McCanns book, 'Madeleine' somewhat makes the above statement of greater interest.  Many have questioned this past week whether Kate McCann did in fact deposit ALL earnings from the sale of her book in the Madeleine Fund, which is where the public were led to believe would be the case when they purchased her book. The Sun story suggests something quite different.

Before the McCanns launched their promotional campaign re 'Madeleine' they were also asking the public to donate to their Fund, it was running dry they said.  They had also reshuffled the Board of Directors on their Fund, with Gerry McCanns brother John who had been on the Board since the early days, if not the earliest, no longer being part of.   And the McCanns not supplying any real reason as to why John was no longer part of the Board.

McCanns claimed during these campaigns that they had around £300,000 remaining in the Fund.

Quite simply:

When did the Madeleine Fund ever have ONLY a couple thousand pounds?

And it clearly doesn't seem like a lot of money to Kate McCann when they have for the past 8 years appealed for and accept donations for said Fund, and certainly a couple of thousand pounds cannot feel a lot to them, when £300,000 wasn't going to cut it!

It would serve the McCanns well to produce a full and detailed set of accounts for public consumption.   When you ask the public for money, it is only right morally so, to act with honesty, integrity and transparency, to produce full and detailed accounts and not produce only that which one is obliged to by law.

Only then, will those who donated be able to see exactly for what purpose the monies have been used, and only then will they be able to see at what point (s) this Fund had ONLY £couple thousand!  

I wouldn't advise holding your breath while waiting for them to do so, just as I wouldn't advise you hold your breath waiting for them to set the record straight as to the Sun article.

Money really does make them tick!
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