Lying in the Sun

Only a £Couple Thousand

Only a £Couple of Thousand

'Even when there is only a couple of thousand pounds in the fund, it seems like a lot of money to me.'

Kate McCann
Woman Magazine
May 2011

The recent article in the Sun regarding the McCanns transferring personal funds (described as monies obtained through sales of Kate McCanns book 'Madeleine') has been causing quite a stir.  Not least because as far as the public were led to believe ALL monies earned from sales would be placed in the Fund, naturally they are now questioning if this did indeed happen at the time when there would have been the highest sales of the book back in 2011 (when it was launched) and into 2012/13? 

The article in the Sun, it has to be said a little ambiguous with regards which time they are referring, and as to why they are referring to monies received from sales of the book as personal funds.  
Nevertheless, it could all be so very easily cleared up by the McCanns themselves, but I suspect that is not going to happen.  It all rather depends on the agenda behind the article and what part, if any, the McCanns have played in its production.   

We have all come to learn that most articles written about the McCanns have a pink tinge, and often are not what they first appear to be.  More often than not, they are used to deflect from some other more important issue which they don't want the public to be concentrating on.

That said, the above statement by Kate McCann as given to Woman Magazine back in May 2011 is of great interest.

In winter of 2010 the McCanns were appealing to the public for donations to the Madeleine Fund.    They said they had but £300,000 left in the Fund and this amount would allow them to search for the missing child for a further 6 months.  So, until around April/May 2011 they could cover the cost of any search.

By that time unless it received a huge cash injection it would dry up and no one at all then would be looking for the missing child.

(That's what happens when a case is shelved, police stop looking.  Police always there though should new information come to light.   And in this case, the McCanns could have prevented the shelving of at that time had they and their buddies co-operated with police.  That is the situation with thousands of cases around the world, when information dries up, cases are shelved until new credible information comes in.   McCanns would spout this nonsense that no one was doing anything, no police force was looking for Madeleine to gain public sympathy - and your money! They were not victims in this, this was simply the ploy used by them to pull at the heart strings of the public to persuade them to donate to their Fund)

But why in their appeals in the winter of 2010 did they fail to mention to the public that Kate would be launching her book in spring 2011, from which they of course expected to make a bundle of cash?

A clever move by McCanns, make their appeal to the public for donations first before mentioning the book launch?

In the above interview Darshna Soni, asks McCanns:

Darshna Soni:

And in terms of, you only have £350,000, how can long, do you worry that you can keep going on...on for, if you don't get more donations?

Gerry McCann:

Well, we're always, directors of the Fund, we're always, err...looking at that because, of ...the remit is for us to fulfil the objectives of the Fund and the fund is to try and find Madeleine and bring those, errr...responsible to justice so there's always an agenda item about, errm...finances, and we need to look at that. We've done other fund raisers in the past and we'll keep looking at that.  We've been very fortunate from the point of view of having so many of the public make donations and a large part of the money we've spent as you know, has come from libel damages which were paid into the Fund.  So we'll continue to explore it.  We certainly need to be looking at, errr...income generation over the next months.

Darshna Soni:

There must be a huge pressure on you knowing that you've always got to look for money, though?  Because, as you say, you know...

Gerry McCann:

"...Well, I mean, we'd love nothing more to find Madeleine.  And then we wouldn't have to worry about that..."


Darshna Soni asked McCanns outright of their plans to make more money.

McCann says, yeah they will have to look at that, that they have done fund raisers in the past but they are very fortunate as so many of the public make donations.

Not a mention of the BOOK!

If you look back at all of the headlines in the winter of 2010 - November - it was all about the MONEY!

McCann stated donations were secondary to the petition they had launched at that time, but not a single headline mentioned the petition!


I leave you with two questions:

  • Why would that be, that during these interviews where the McCanns were appealing to the public for cash, that not a mention was given of the book about to be launched, and particularly so when Darshna Soni spoke specifically about fund raising? 
  • At what point did this Fund ever ONLY HAVE A £COUPLE THOUSAND as Kate McCann stated?

Easy to see why some might consider the Madeleine Fund to be fishy?
8th April 2015

As always many thanks to McCannfiles - invaluable site!
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