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Operation Grange

Operation Grange 

The McCann case stinks to the high heavens for sure.

If we were to sit David Cameron, Teresa May in front of a TV Camera and read to them the statements given by the group to police, then ask Cameron, if his £multi million Metropolitan Police Investigation, Operation Grange should be funded endlessly, ask him then if he believes this case is as special, as he stated in the beginning, over four years ago now, when he then told the public also he was funding the operation from 
 special fund, with no limit to the spend!

Ask Cameron and May, if they can reconcile the police witness statements given by McCanns and their buddies, as not another person on the planet is able to, no police authority anywhere in the world is able to, and certainly not the Metropolitan Police!  They haven't reconciled those statements!

And the reason for that is, the statements the McCann group gave police are not truthful.   They cannot be reconciled!

And that is the reason the group of adults who were there on vacation together with Gerry and Kate McCann all refused to co-operate with police, it is the reason they all refused to take part in a re-enactment of the events of the night they reported Madeleine as missing.

Unless the Metropolitan Police investigation is investigating the McCanns and their buddies, it is nothing but a farce, and David Cameron and Teresa May, KNOW FOR SURE which one it is!

  • If a farce WHY does Cameron continue to finance it?
  • If a genuine investigation WHY is it being financed endlessly when there is no breakthrough?
Over four years now and nothing from the Metropolitan Police. 

I say that, as we absolutely cannot include the nonsense from DCI Redwood.  His contribution during his time on Op Grange consisted of inventing Crecheman (see Crecheman blogs above) and the introduction of two E.Fits which no one can be sure, how, where and when they were produced or by whom (as Redwood was as vague on this as he was Crecheman) two E.Fits of what he described as his main suspect.  A suspect who did not fit the description of the burglars he claimed were running around Praia da Luz attacking young British kids in their vacation rental apartments/villas. Redwood was not interested in Smithman.  Thousands of calls were received by the Met he said in relation to the E.Fits, and zilch!

Redwood took the world for as big a ride as McCanns and their buddies have.    He took months to put together a Crimewatch programme where he would present the E.Fits of his main suspect.

So no urgency there then to find the guy.   Madeleine could rot while he ponced around for 4/6 months making up his story for Crimewatch.

But why would there be any urgency, the McCanns had the E.Fits for years and years, before Redwood got his hands on them we are told, and they, kept them from the public.

So no urgency with McCanns either to trace the man, the main suspect, the man who they claim stole their daughter.

No one seems to be in any hurry to trace this missing child.

Because she is dead and they know it?

How many cases of any sort in the UK are funded in this way, endlessly, for years on end, no limit to the spend (and bear in mind the Portuguese Police have primacy in this, this is not the same as a crime having been committed on UK soil, with the Metropolitan Police, being the lead investigators ) with a team of, what is it, 37 detectives, some from murder squad? 

How many investigations in the UK remain open/active for years on end, when there is no sign of any imminent arrests/a missing person being found?

That has surely got to be unheard of for a crime committed in the UK - therefore, for one committed elsewhere in another country, where the police of that country have an active ongoing investigation..?

Now why would that be?

Why would the case of missing Madeleine McCann receive the attention that no other case has, that no other missing person/child has?

Why, when the parents of the little girl, and their buddies have been far from honest in their accounts of the events of the night they reported the child as missing, would that be?

And not a police officer on the planet who cannot see that they have been dishonest in their accounts.

Even IF they, the parents are suspects of the Met Investigation, as some believe, a case is not kept open, on the off chance that one day, years down the line, the police may acquire enough evidence to bring charges.  Nowhere in the world does that happen.

Cases are closed, shelved, officers assigned to other duties, and should such credible information which enables charges to be brought/or a missing child to be found, come to light, then a case is re-opened.

So WHAT exactly is keeping Operation Grange, the Metropolitan Police investigation, open/active?   And WHY?

And how active is it?   Are these 37 detectives (or whatever the number) still reporting each day and working on the Madeleine case?

Ever heard of a crime committed in a country outwith the UK where the UK cops do not have primacy, where they investigate for years and years, commit so many detectives to said case, and are told to spend what they like, the funds will be available no matter how much or for how long?

And what in hell is going on with Portuguese Police authorities, the lead in this?  

Have they interviewed Crecheman?   Course they haven't, he's figment of DCI Redwood's imagination.

Operation Grange have they interviewed the McCanns and their buddies with a view to reconciling those police witness statements?   Course they haven't!

The invention of Crecheman tells us that much, that their aim was to aid the McCanns, else Redwood would have gotten to the bottom of Oldfield and Gerry McCanns lie about their checks, about the 'more open bedroom door'

Redwood could not go down that road on Crimewatch as if he introduced the more open bedroom door, his own little tale of Crecheman would have been blown out of the water.   His tale of an intruder just before 10 pm blown out of the water, as neither part of Redwood's tale fits with Oldfield and McCanns, more open bedroom door.  The timing is all wrong.

And if Redwood was worth his salt he would have been able to tell us why Gerry McCann changed his story SEVEN days after little Madeleine was reported as missing.

Operation Grange is going nowhere.  Nowhere close to the truth.  A truth they know of but for whatever reason cannot go there.

Never has there been a case more obvious where those closest to the missing child are involved, are hiding the truth of the events, (and this voiced by police officers, retired police officer, ex police officers) than that of missing Madeleine McCann.  Never has there been so much money thrown at a case, yet Madeleine, justice for her remains as far off now as the day she was reported as missing.

We must keep asking WHY that is.

More resources afforded this case than any other, more than any other case, statements which are not truthful, statements which the police know are not the truth, and yet Madeleine is still failed.

Someone, somewhere preventing the Met doing the job they should have been these past four years, as they've had it handed to them on a plate and they are still plodding along?

How much longer can this nonsense go on?  And I have to ask, how many more years down the line, will some still be saying the Met are about to catch the McCanns?
23rd August 2015

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