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Opinion and Evidence - 2

Opinion and Evidence – 2

Reading and listening to the interviews given by Andy Redwood, one would have to agree entirely with Goncalo Amaral’s sentiments, that Andy Redwood has not given any good reason for believing that Madeleine is alive.  He has no evidence whatsoever, not that he has divulged.

Of course he may say because there is no body…but as we all know, many cases have been heard in Court, persons convicted of murder, where there has been no body found but sufficient credible evidence to prove, to result in a conviction.

His reasons as stated in the 2012 and 2013 interviews for believing Madeleine is alive are as follows:

“I believe she’s still alive because, at the beginning of this case… a huge privilege for us at the Metropolitan Police to be part of this investigation…er, investigation review. Is that we came with a completely open mind. We were untouched by anything that's gone before, and, as part of that, two key elements of it is to go:"


“Yes, I mean, you know, we have conducted a forensic analysis of the timeline, and there is clearly opportunity there - for Madeleine McCann to have been removed from that apartment alive - and it is our belief, as experienced investigators - on the evidence, that, um that you know, that that, is a criminal act - and that has been, you know, undertaken by... by...a stranger, and so from that - she’s… and there are other cases around the world, as you know where, many years later, people have been taken and been found alive.”


“What I should say though over the last two years the Review has told me that there is no clear definitive proof that Madeleine McCann is dead.”  


Interesting that Redwood states the Metropolitan Police have conducted a ‘forensic analysis of the timeline.’ 

That should have left them with
NO DOUBTS whatsoever that the McCanns and their companions have led the investigation a merry dance on this count!

Interesting too that he states by doing this ‘forensic analysis’ that it has shown there is clearly opportunity for Madeleine to have been removed from the apartment ALIVE!

Surely if there was opportunity for her to have been removed alive, that same opportunity existed for her to be removed from the apartment – dead?

So that statement in itself is nonsensical.   Why add ‘alive’ when the point of the forensic analysis is surely to establish ‘opportunity’ not as to whether the child was alive or dead at the point of removal from the apartment?

‘Opportunity’ does not equal ‘alive.’

Now we must ask:

Is Redwood basing his ‘forensic analysis of the timelineas per the statements given by the McCanns and their companions? 

If so he is one very foolish man.   

Not a cop on the planet would declare this missing child as having been removed from the apartment, not only alive, but at any specific time, based on the dodgy statements police witness statements given by the McCanns and their holiday companions!

Two minutes into reading the statements, and to a lay person it is obvious that the group were lying – yet The head of the Metropolitan Police Review of this case, has done a forensic analysis of the timeline – and  AFTER TWO YEARS ON THE CASE – STILL  HASN’T NOTICED THE TIMELINE DOESN’T ADD UP?

Rather astonishing if he is basing his claims to his belief that Madeleine is alive on that timeline!

That is, on the timeline, his experience as an officer of the law, and the ‘evidence’  he gives these as his 3 reasons.

But what evidence?   He fails to state the evidence!

Redwood has stated that:

Madeleine McCann was abducted by a stranger.

That the parents and friends are not suspects.

But based on what?

Redwood has given no reason or reasonable or credible explanation as to why, what basis, he has for ruling out the ENTIRE Portuguese investigation, the case ‘HISTORY’ (where he also claims to have found his 195 opportunities.)

And ignoring/ ruling out the entire investigation which has gone before him is exactly what he is doing by stating without the evidence to back up his statement, that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger!

This is a case which was halted, the McCann couple making no appeal whatsoever to prevent this.  They had not only the right, but every possible opportunity to do so. 

At the point it was shelved therefore resulted in interim conclusions being reached –

Based on the bizarre statements by Andy Redwood one could be forgiven for believing he had never cast a glance over the Portuguese Police Files let alone, trawled through them as is his claim, forgiven for believing that he has never read the interim report…

But Redwood must have read the files, at least some of, and he must know that any forensic analysis of the timeline – did not only indicate an ‘opportunity’ for the child to be removed from the apartment, dead or alive, but it would indicate absolutely that the group were not truthful with the investigation - their timeline.

Now why Redwood is choosing to ignore this, in public, at least, is anyone’s guess – but for sure – he knows – like the rest of the world know – those witness statements regarding the timeline, the checking of the children – are FALSE!

How can he possibly have determined when at what time an abductor could have gained access to the apartment if the timeline he is working on is false?

For those who have not read the interim report by the Portuguese you may find it of interest, it follows
4th August 2013

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