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Opinions and Evidence

Opinions and Evidence


Andy Redwood – Daybreak Interview -2012


Dan Lobb:

Do you believe she is still alive?


Yes I do.

Dan Lobb:



I believe she’s still alive
because, at the beginning of this case… a huge privilege for us at the Metropolitan Police to be part of this investigation…er, investigation review. Is that we came with a completely open mind. We were untouched by anything that's gone before, and,as part of that, two key elements of it is to go: 


1.   Madeleine is alive, and the other is - 2. Sadly she's not.

And in relation to her being alive, yes, there is a real possibility that she’s alive.


Kate Garraway:

So what are the things that make you think thatbecause I think that we’re all clinging to the hope, aren’t we?

Dan Lobb: 

Yeah. I mean it’s kind of hard evidence because obviously there is still going to be hope - as long as she’s not found dead...


Yes, I mean, you know, 
we have conducted a forensic analysis of the timeline, and there is clearly opportunity there - for Madeleine McCann to have been removed from that apartment alive - and it is our belief, as experienced investigators - on the evidence, that, um that you know, that that, is a criminal act - and that has been, you know, undertaken by... by...a stranger, and so from that - she’s… and there are other cases around the world, as you know where, many years later, people have been taken and been found alive.



Andy Redwood – Sky Interview – 2013




What I should say though over the last two years the Review has told me that there is no clear definitive proof that Madeleine McCann is dead.  And so on that basis I still genuinely believe that there is a possibility that she is alive.  





Goncalo Amaral – 2012




I have one opinion. Just like that gentleman [Andy Redwood] has one opinion. 

 "I have one opinion" he said - "that she is alive."


I have the opinion that she is dead.


I have the right to have my own opinion.   I and other police officers, I and other [forensic] technicians, and my opinion is an opinion based on facts…

unlike his who I don't know if it is based on evidence, or if it is based on pseudo-sightings, or where it is based exactly?


I wrote a book where I underlie my firm belief and the facts that support my opinion.


That gentleman said:


"We've looked at this [the process] and it's like this"…


But he doesn't explain the reasons.


4th August 2013

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