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BBC News Studio:


Kate and Gerry McCann insist it wouldn’t be to make profit but to help raise funds.


For more let’s talk to our chief news reporter Quentin Rayner who is in our newsroom for us this evening.


Good Evening Quentin, who has made this approach to the couple?



Yes good evening.  Well it’s understood that representatives of Kate and Gerry McCann have had what’s described as a tentative discussion with the entertainment agency IMG.  Now it produced the award winning doccy/drama Touching the Void about two mountaineer’s desperate struggle for survival in the Andes.  And it’s thought the McCanns are interested in a similar format combining drama and real life accounts.  Now this meeting with IMG happened before Christmas the couple didn’t attend and nothing has yet been agreed.


So what actually seems to be the motivation for the McCanns interest?



Well their official spokesman, Clarence Mitchell is quoted as saying that it is to generate more money for the Find Madeleine Fund.  Now he says the couple’s criteria for doing anything like this is – ‘Will it help find their 4 year old and about keeping Madeleine’s profile high.’  He stressed there will be no personal gain for the McCanns whatsoever the fact is the fund has to find new ways of raising extra money.  Although it has received £1.2m it is draining away fast when you consider that £50,000 a month is being spent on private detectives, television advertising, and posters.  


Is this the only film offer they have had? 


Well it’s been reported that the McCanns have been inundated with offers from film- makers, since Madeleine’s disappearance last May but so far have resisted them in the hope she would be found before the Fund money ran out.  Apparently they are routinely kept up-to-date with all proposals and it has also been suggested that they are considering writing a book to boost the Fund.


Do we understand this to mean that if the McCanns make a movie, make money it does not hinder their private search?  (A private search which was halted more than a year ago)

Do we take it if others write a book that too hinders their search?  But if they write one it doesn't?

All about the money!
14th July 2013

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