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PG Tips


We all know that Kate McCann has nothing good to say of anyone who does not believe her abduction story.   For the Portuguese Police, and a particular officer now retired she has demonstrated nothing but loathing, wishing that harm come to him.

Around 16 hours after Madeleine was reported as missing – ‘taken’ as Kate McCann tells us, ‘from her bed’ she tells us also, and by paedophiles, she adds, who ‘must have been watching them’ she insists:


Friday May 4th


Diary Entry:


Nobody from the police introduced themselves.

Nobody offered us a drink or food.

All the police dressed informally and smoking. 

No sympathy was shown and far from inspiring.




Her daughter is with a paedophile and Kate McCann is more concerned with the dress code of the Portuguese Police Officers and the fact they like a cigarette…

Kate likes her vino…dining out without her children, happy to leave them unattended…and she showed no sympathy for Madeleine, Sean and Amelie when told they had been crying.


Should my child have been missing, I would not be interested that the officers did not waste time with introductions.  Knowing their names would be so far from my mind.    

I would not care if they were dressed in fancy frocks and stilettos with a half dozen ‘Hamlets’ hanging from their lips, puffing out smoke rings.

And I would not care if they were not rushing round after me offering tea and sympathy.  The purpose of my being there would be to assist police in whatever way I could, as smartly as I could, to find my missing child, as quickly as we could.  To answer honestly and without hindering the investigation.

Not Kate McCann!   As ever she was thinking of only herself.

Her child missing not yet 24 hours and she had turned into Gok Wan!  With a Government Health Warning stamped on her head highlighting the dangers of tobacco smoking, and desperate for a cuppa!


Again this is an example of Kate McCann speaking ill of others. 

Only hours after her daughter had been reported missing, and she is condemning police officers for the most ridiculous reasons!

The very fact that she had abandoned her three children five nights in a row and one had somehow vanished during this time, and that these officers were doing everything possible to discover where Madeleine was, completely escapes her it seems, more interested is she in the fashion sense of the PJ.


And do we really think she got in that police car sent to collect her, without the officers in attendance informing her who they were, presenting ID?


Shame she did not understand that the purpose of the visit to the police station was for her to further assist police with their investigation to discover what had happened to Madeleine.  It was not for tea and sympathy!

Shame Kate McCann was more concerned about the dress code of the Portuguese police – More concerned that the PJ forgot to buy in the PG (pee gee) Tips…but I guess monkeying around giving the police the runaround is what she does best...
27th July 2013

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