Lying in the Sun



'She spent many day in tears sobbing about the injustice being done to Madeleine by the very people who ought to have been helping her' Mr Pike told the Court.

'There were times when she felt so incensed by Amaral and his friends, by which she meant his publishers, that she simply couldn't get through each day with the panic and the anguish she felt.  

These were things Kate told me when I spoke to her that she'd recorded in her diary in September 2008. '  He added:

'I remember Kate further being devastated by the content of the film.'  


I wonder when Pike spoke to her?   Sometime after September 2008?   He doesn't say it was in September 2008 that she told him this, only that she told him that there is an entry in her diary dated September 2008 where she recorded how angry she was at Dr Amaral and his friends, the publishers.

So when was the consultation when she told him this?   Surely if she was so distraught in September 2008 she spoke with him then, and face to face?

Or, did Kate tell Pike this, shortly before he was to appear in Court, a week, a month before whenever the witnesses were being prepped?

How often did this man Pike speak with Kate McCann and was it in person or in the same way he dealt with the twins, once by telephone in a period of 6 years?

More intriguing is that in September 2008 Kate McCann was still writing in her diary.

I wonder if she wrote in her diary about the E.Fits around this time?  Perhaps an entry recorded regarding how she felt when her private detectives told her they were not too happy with the inconsistencies in her, Gerry's and their tapas companions police witness statements, an entry detailing that when produced and presented to her, that the private detectives advised that the E.Fits should be distributed asap - which of course the McCanns didn't do.  

I wonder if there is an entry in her diary detailing what she thought of the E.Fits, whether she herself saw the resemblance to Gerry?

Or, is Kate rather more selective as to what makes it into the diary?
6th January 2014

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