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Paedophile Abductors PDL

Paedophile Abductors in PDL ?

DCI Redwood, the Met, it is reported are preparing to hear interviewed, new suspects and witnesses in the case of missing Madeleine.

So many people in this case have been named as suspects.  Yet never has there been any evidence found to prove that they were in fact involved in any way in disappearance of this child.

It is inexcusable that innocent persons have been paraded on the front pages of the press as Madeleine suspects.

A wicked, wicked way to have treated these people.

The evidence (that is the evidence in the public domain in the form of the police witness statements available online, the interviews given by the MCanns themselves, Kate McCanns book Madeleine, and her diary also) clearly points in the direction of the parents and their buddies being involved at some level.  It clearly gives cause for their police witness statements to be considered not credible. Leaves serious doubts and suspicions as to the truthfulness of said statements, and the lack of co-operation they afforded the police in Portugal only further increases suspicions.

Both the Portuguese Police and the Leicestershire Police in the UK agreed on this!

I'm sure like most though this constant string of suspects in this case is somewhat intriguing - that there could be so many suspects, and all in a little village such as Praia da Luz.  It is an extraordinary situation I would say.

This latest by the Met caused me to recall a blog I did a while back and to consider how relevant it is to the now, up- and-coming interviews of several persons who are now being held up as 'suspects.' 

'A Bolt Out of the Blue'   (blog above)

In this blog Gerry McCann speaks of how rare it would be for a British child to be abducted in Portugal.  In fact of how rare it would be for a British child to be abducted on the Iberian Peninsula!  How rare it would be for a British child to be taken from their bed!

Did any of you ever imagine that you would agree with McCann on any subject at all in relation to his missing daughter?

I think you will find on this count you will be in total agreement - it is indeed rare, in fact NEVER before has it happened, that a British child on holiday in Portugal being abducted.   So what were the chances of Madeleine being taken?

Somehow I think McCann might be sitting somewhere regretting his words!
14th November 2014

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