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Pass Sick Bucket Please

I'm guessing hardware stores will have a rush on buckets due to this piece by David Jones, Daily Mail. 

'On the website, one finds many forgotten children whose anguished parents would doubtless walk barefoot across hot coals if it meant their disappearance would receive the same microscopic attention as Madeleine’s.

It goes without saying that none of this is any fault of the McCanns.

To the contrary, via Kate’s best-selling book and the couple’s countless public appearances, during which they are always eager to look beyond their own loss, and by promoting innovative methods of prevention and detection, no one has done more to raise public awareness of missing children. They have become unofficial global ambassadors for the cause.

It is to their eternal credit that they have remained so resolutely optimistic, re-stating at every opportunity their unswerving belief that somehow, one day, their daughter will come back to them.

They always speak about Madeleine — whose 12th birthday falls this May — in the present tense, and in their Leicestershire home they continue to maintain her pink bedroom, crammed with teddy bears, rosary beads and other gifts from wellwishers. There is also a special keepsake box into which her siblings, twins Sean and Amelie, now ten, put mementoes for her for when she returns.'


Yeah they've definitely done more than most to raise awareness
of child neglect, child abandonment, the mysterious disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, proof of that.

The have also raised awareness, or rather others raised awareness of the fact that the McCanns did not fully, co-operate with police, how they sued others, blamed others, changed their police witness statements with regards their movements on the night Madeleine vanished.  Hired the best lawyers there is, at a cost of $hundreds thousands to protect themselves, $hundreds thousands for spokesman Clarence Mitchell, to invent stories for them, reputation management, and when it came to a search for Madeleine, they hired the biggest bunch of crooks on the planet!  

Yip, the name McCann name will always be synonomous with the cruelty/abuse/neglect of children!

'Doing a McCann ' is would you believe, in the urban dictionary?

Definition - To act with lethal irresponsibility towards ones children!

It is to the eternal credit of the very many people out there who have followed this case, on social media, that awareness of the inconsistencies in the story told by the McCanns and their buddies regarding Madeleine's disappearance is kept in some way in the public eye, hoping always for justice for this little girl.

It is to the eternal credit of Joana Morais, Nigel Moore, Anne Guedes, Pamalan, Hi de Ho and the many others, who have researched, translated articles, brought information which the McCanns most definitely did not want the world to know of, to our attention.  

It is to the eternal credit of all who have from when Madeleine first disappeared, recognised that something was very wrong in the case of this missing child, and have since, never given up seeking the truth, justice for the child.

It is to the eternal credit of of Dr Goncalo Amaral, who Kate McCann wished death, to feel misery and fear - that Madeleine will not be forgotten, that her voice will be heard, heard above that of her parents and their team, who want to silence all who challenge their account (S) of what happened on that night.  Accounts which do not stand up to scrutiny!

Madeleine's bedroom.  Crammed with teddy bears, rosary beads and gifts?

so it is still Madeleine's bedroom.  Kate McCann said in interview last year they were considering giving the room to one of the twins, so that they may have a room each as getting too old to share)

Would that be one rosary, Mr Jones, or is the room crammed with as many rosaries as there are teddies?

He'll be telling us next they keep the Pope in the toy box!  That instead of Barbie and GI Joe, the kids have a plastic figure of a nun and priest.

And Kate's pink running shoes, prey tell where might they be?

You gotta laugh.  The McCanns these devout catholics (which came as a surprise to Kate McCanns mother, she didn't know they were ) hadn't seen the inside of the church in Praia da Luz until after Madeleine vanished.  Gerry McCann on that night had to ask where he could find a church/a priest, so quite clearly the church wasn't somewhere this devout couple had spent any time during the holiday.

It was nice they found it though, good place to hide things.  And it is where Gerry saw the light, the guiding light, when his God sent him a message.   A modern day miracle!  Or an extraordinary spiritual experience as Kate McCann likes to call it.

I wonder how many swallowed this one from Kate McCann?

Kate McCann


'On Tuesday 8 May, we said an emotional goodbye to the family and friends who were leaving us, including my parents and Gerry’s mum. It was so sad, but we all knew it was for the best.

We had been given a key to the church so that we could go there and pray whenever we wished. One night while we were praying, Gerry had an extraordinary spiritual experience. He suddenly became aware of a long tunnel with light at the far end of it. He felt himself enter the tunnel and, as he went deeper and deeper inside, it became wider and wider and brighter and brighter. He had never known anything like this before and he immediately interpreted it as a sign urging us to do absolutely everything within our power to find Madeleine ourselves. From that moment he was convinced that we needed to take the initiative to MOBILISE ALL THE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO US.

His ‘vision’—I don’t know what else to call it—had a huge impact on Gerry. It laid the foundations of our organised campaign to find our daughter.'


Blog above Little People for more on the vision!

He didn't think to mobilise the resources before the vision?  Wow!  

As I said in Little People - there seems to be NO date given for when this vision took place?

These sort of tales by Kate McCann, make it so much harder to believe the abduction tale.  

The female lives on another planet...with Gerry!

I wonder, if this is why Redwood gave up, he heard about Gerry McCanns extraordinary spiritual experience where McCanns decided they would find Madeleine themselves?  

(I think he might have to go back to his god for refund though, as we all know they never found Madeleine, or maybe Gerry just misinterpreted the message he was sent?  Maybe the message was to do the right thing, not to go count the money the resources, just the truth?)

To think if Redwood had read 'Madeleine' sooner that he could have saved the UK taxpayer all that money, and his 30+ detectives could be out fighting terrorists as we speak, keeping London safe.

And I can imagine how sad it must have been bundling her parents, and Gerry's mother off home, but to be fair, Gerry might have missed his spiritual experience otherwise, the keys of the church jingling in his pockets as he waved goodbye to Ma Healey (who I'm sure just loves Gerry to pieces) but bless he got to the church on time and he saw the light.

Not a patch on aurora borealis I'm guessing, but each to their own.

Good though that the oldies understood getting sent packing was for the best.  Gerry couldn't have senior citizens around telling them what to do now could he?  The good lord had spoken, or perhaps not at that time.  Gerry had work to do.  He had to silence the oldies, as as is the way of it, it would seem for Team McCann - he sent them home.

Wonder if Gerry will start a Pick on a Pensioner Day?  Offer us some tips.  

Took them a bit longer to shut up Aunt Phil she was no pushover. Not so easy to shut that big mouth up.  As Kate McCann said, McCann family are LOUD!  Understatement!   I'll bet she was first on the Mitchell list, for silencing.  She really didn't fit the picture that he was trying to portray, McCanns as this lovely middle class family.  No siree not Aunt Phil - she spoiled the picture!  Air brushed her and the rest of them out did Clarence.

I wonder how much this latest story has cost the Fund, how much Clarence charged for that load of nonsense?  For to be sure it has more than a hint of a pink tinge!

Now we play the WILL THEY - WON'T THEY, GAME!

It is a bit like Super Cluedo which has been the Madeleine case so far, a WHO DONE IT, but, in WILL THEY WON'T THEY, you decide whether it is worth bothering to discover WHO DID IT, or best just to pack the game board away, like they did the grandparents.

I'd put my Monopoly Money on Kate and Gerry McCann hoping the game board is buried at the bottom of the toy box!

If the Met Police drop this case now I think it will come as a huge relief to the McCanns.

And Redwood?  Well he never planned to solve the case, he said that right at the beginning that it probably wouldn't be solved but he could come up with some sort of resolution.

HE DID!   He began by saying he wasn't treating the McCanns, their buddies, and anyone who knew them before or after the disappearance of Madeleine as suspects or persons of interest.

That's some sort of resolution, isn't it, just saying, all of the people present that night, who have told untruths are guilt free.   That resolved a huge problem for the McCanns and their buddies.  

It  let a whole lot of people off the hook!

And he made Tannerman redundant!

Begs the question, how exactly did DCI Redwood investigate the group, and manage also to reconcile their accounts of that night, because they sure in hell don't add up.

And they sure in hell don't tie in with DCI Redwood's re-hash of the tale, his stating that Madeleine was removed from the apartment just before 10 pm.

Redwood is not some guy who just happened to retire before cracking the biggest case of his career. No cop does that!   Redwood never set out to crack any case, the Portuguese solved it in 2007 - he set out to resolve it, in a way favourable to the McCanns, and he did so by introducing to the case the biggest crock of crap ever - Crecheman!

McCanns might have been staying quiet of late, not putting their heads above the parapet, but that will be more related to the tragic death of Brenda Leyland that has caused them to lie low.

But don't be fooled into thinking they don't have plans at this time of year...they always do.

This little 'PINK PIECE' by Mr Jones is just Clarence serving the 'starter' a little taster of what's to come.  You can bet your boots, Kate and Gerry will be on your screens, to serve up the main course, and a little something for dessert too.  

What little treats will they have in store this year?

Will it be that poor Nicola won't be getting an opportunity to play the NUMBERS GAME?

Let us see!
24th March 2015

Pass the Sick Bucket Please

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