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Passing Thought

Passing Thought

The Portuguese Investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was shelved (not closed) Madeleine's parents and their holiday companions refused to co-operate with police by not taking part in a reconstruction of the events of the evening Madeleine vanished, which resulted in the shelving.   (See The Refusals/Tapas Refusals)

The Portuguese made it abundantly clear that they could not further the investigation if this group continued not to assist.  They further made it abundantly clear that should credible information be brought to their attention, that the case would be re-opened.

Very recently we heard that the Metropolitan Police, who are 2/3 of the way through an Investigative Review of this case, uncovered, at the onset of their Review, two years ago, various persons of interest they would wish to interview.  A childless couple included.  They believe they have information which leads them to believe this couple took Madeleine.

They announced that they will be progressing their Investigative Review to a Full Blown Investigation.

Unfortunately the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) have not as yet taken the necessary steps to get this ball rolling.  It could take quite a time to do so.  It then would have to be considered by the Portuguese, looked at closely to ensure everything is in order.  What would follow is this Full Blown Investigation by Metropolitan Police, which would take many months, if not longer to investigate the "new" leads they have announced, that is the leads (the couple) which they uncovered two years ago, according to the Met?

For parents of a missing child this must be more than upsetting, frustrating, in fact it surely must anger them, that not only has the CPS not got the ball rolling, especially as the Metropolitan Police when announcing this Full Blown Investigation, gave the public the distinct impression it was underway.

The McCanns understandably must be more than upset at the Metropolitan Police and the CPS!

, furious,  I am sure - though no family member, friend or source has confirmed the exact levels of outrage and fury as yet. They are still spending their energy and efforts on the soon to be released 'Abducted' movie.  Have Andy and the CPS done enough for McCann levels of fury to surpass that of this movie?   It, rendered them silent.  Clarence too it seems!   

Without doubt though, this two year delay by the Met and the now delay by the CPS has hindered the investigation, that is the Met Review.

Fortunately it cannot hinder any investigation the McCanns may wish to continue with, and which they have the Fund monies to apply for this purpose.  They halted their investigation more than a year ago!  To- date as far as is known they have not re-opened their private "search."

But what can they do?

They have just been told by the Metropolitan Police (well two years ago they were told, if that can be called 'just' - it is the public who have only now just been included in this 'secret') their little girl is possibly alive.  Andy Redwood saying this is what he believes, that there is this possibility.

Why?  Because he said there is nothing in the police files to say she is dead!

Is there anything in the police files to say she was abducted I wonder?

But I digress.

I would imagine, the parents of a missing child, being told by the Met that their daughter is possibly alive and they have identified specific persons as being of interest to them, suspecting them (this couple) of having taken their child, that the parents would be desperate to do all that they can to further this great news and speedily.

I remember reading at one time that IF the McCanns and their companions returned to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction of events, that this would allow for the Portuguese to re-open this case.

Whether accurate, that this would be sufficient to re-open, I would not know for sure.  But please bear with me.

Surely, if Redwood is so certain that the couple, or any other of the 38 persons he spoke of could be the persons responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, that this information, if not alone, could be considered sufficiently credible for the Portuguese to re-open this case, that it most certainly would be, if backed by the assurances that the McCanns and their companions would return to Portugal and now give their full co-operation?

The McCanns and their companions by way of excuse for not returning to help with the investigation, for not helping Madeleine, was that the Portuguese Police were 'setting them up.'

That is now an excuse, in light of the recent announcements by the Metropolitan Police, they cannot use, leaving them no excuse whatsoever for not now co-operating.

A re-opening of the case in Portugal with the co-operation of Madeleine's parents and their companions would I imagine be a much quicker route to finding, not only the childless couple who Redwood believes may have Madeleine, but a reconstruction would demonstrates how and at what time, according to the Metropolitan Police theory - whatever that is, as to how this couple, managed to get past the stringent child checking-system of the McCann party, carry out this alleged abduction unnoticed by the group.

It would be interesting to see if Redwood agrees the timing the couple carried out this alleged abduction (or the person they employed to do so) with that of the 'sighting' by  Jane Tanner, and if Redwood's person of interest in any way physically resembles the person Jane Tanner claims to have seen.

Should not, at this stage, instead of waiting for the CPS and a whole lot of paperwork, which could get lost between UK and Portugal, or delayed (as information did in the past, the Portuguese waiting over 6 months for information to be delivered to them by UK) to be drawn up that Andy Redwood, the McCanns and their companions, simply present to the Portuguese authorities, the information they have on this couple, presenting themselves also (tapas group) for that all important reconstruction - saving the McCanns the upset and worry, the frustration of sitting for another 2 years wondering..?

More importantly, saving Madeleine, returning her to her family.

Surely there is nothing now for the McCanns and their companions to fear, Andy won't let the Portuguese pin a crime on them that they have not committed.

In short,would not the information the Met have together with the co-operation of the  McCanns and their companions be the quicker and more obvious route to take to have the case re-opened and not just the Metropolitan Police doing another "investigation" (basically a continuation of the Review) but giving it a different title?

That is, IF the Metropolitan Police information is as credible as we are being led to believe, and IF the parents and their companions are now READY to CO-OPERATE to help have the case re-opened by taking part in a reconstruction.  

Gerry McCann always speaks of leaving no stone unturned yet one of the most crucial ones - the reconstruction - he refuses to make any attempt to lift, not even to have a peep under it...

Had they done so at the time they were requested to do so by the Portuguese authorities there would not now be all of this hulaballoo, there would have been no need for a Metropolitan Police Review, and Madeleine may just have been returned to them years back.

They speak of books being written hindering investigations, this now film 'Abducted' hindering investigations.  

Nothing hindered the Portuguese investigation more than the lack of co-operation by the McCanns and their companions...six years down the line and they are still not stepping up to the mark...

Leaves one wondering why?

If evidence of this case being hindered, is what is being sought - look no further than the McCanns and their companions...

A passing thought...
15th July 2013

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