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Payne Pops In

Payne Pops In...

for what reason?


The following is taken from the rogatory interview- Leicestershire Police, UK interviewing David Payne, the McCanns friend who holidayed with them at the time Madeleine vanished. 

The officer is asking Payne if the McCann children, Amelie, Madeleine and Sean acknowledged him when he popped in on Kate McCann and the three children (Gerry playing tennis) before they all headed out to dine on the evening Madeleine was reported as missing.



Officer 1485 ”  


Did they actually acknowledge you?”



”Err oh yeah, you know I’m very sure that if you’d have asked them, you know that evening or the next day they’d all say ah yeah, I popped in.



So Sean, Amelie, and Madeleine if asked either on the evening of 3rd May 2007 or the next day, if ‘Uncle David’ came a calling, Payne is sure they would all say ah yeah he popped in.’


Was that, ‘popped in’ to the apartment as in going inside?


‘Popped in’ as in standing on the little area outside the patio door?


There seems to be some dispute between Kate McCann and David Payne as to whether Payne ‘Popped in, in’ or whether Payne just ‘popped in’ as in, he stood outside the patio door?


Rather reminds me of that comedian the cockney chap when he speaks of going out for the evening – going ‘out, out’ or just popping ‘out!’


Further, Kate McCann disputes the length of time Payne’s ‘popping in’ lasted.


One says 30 minutes.  The other 30 seconds.


I imagine it rather depends whether he popped in, in’ or, just popped in!


The McCann children, Sean, Amelie and Madeleine, the evening of 3rd May 2007 or the next day Payne said, he is sure, would have been able to tell anyone who cared to ask, that indeed Uncle David had popped in, and presumably they would have been able to say too, whether, he popped in, or popped in, in?


Now, if we are to believe Kate McCann, when 3 months later, she said she was surprised when Amelie, said to her  ‘I miss my sister’ – surprised, as she, Kate McCann, said she did not know her daughter  Amelie, then almost 2 and half years old could speak so well!


It has puzzled many as to why Kate and Gerry McCann did not ask of their twin children, on the night of the 3rd May, after Madeleine had been removed from the apartment by whomever, if they had seen or heard anything, if anyone had ‘popped in’ whilst mummy and daddy had popped out!


Payne tells us they, the McCann children would have been able to do so, in fact he said they would ALL have said – ‘ah yeah Uncle David had popped in.’


Now some us might be thinking, Payne must have meant Madeleine would have been able to tell, if asked, if Payne had popped in - as Kate McCann has led the public to believe the twin children, or at least Amelie (they are not one, but two persons, so, regarding speech and all else their developmental stages could have been quite different, one walking before the other, one talking better than the other) would not have been able to,  but Payne said:

‘If they were asked on THAT evening or the NEXT day’


Little Madeleine was not around NEXT day to answer any questions!


So he must mean all three children would have been able to do so on the evening of the 3rd, but only the twins on the ‘next day’ would have been able to verify that he had popped in!


At the time of Madeleine’s mysterious disappearance the twin children would have limited vocabulary, but, if asked in a gentle way they may have been able to give a positive or negative answer as to whether someone had been in the apartment, be that early in the evening before their parents popped out to dine leaving them alone for the 5th consecutive night, or afterwards.  And, maybe, just maybe, if that person was known to them they would also have been able to say Uncle Payne, or whoever called round?


But the twins unusually were in a very deep sleep that night, what could be described as a comatose condition – they wouldn’t be able to tell anyone anything about who came and went that night.  Convenient?  Perhaps!


Were they given something to aid sleep?  Perhaps! 


There seems to have been a clear pattern that week, either one or both twins would cry, waking Madeleine, who in turn would go to inform her parents of the crying.


Sometimes they were not there, they were out dining with their holiday companions.


Madeleine too was prone to waking whether disturbed or not by the crying of her siblings.


It would be fair to say then that it is most likelythat the child did indeed wake on this night too.


Both parents, Kate and Gerry McCann – regarding the more open bedroom door- have stated that they thought Madeleine may have woken up and gone through to their bedroom!


Unless Madeleine was prone to sleep walking too – then they are saying that there was every possibility that this is what she had done.


Neither McCann parent immediately thought something was wrong – both simply thought Madeleine had gone through to their bedroom!   So they tell us!


So, yes, it is highly likely this child did exactly that – woke and went looking for her parents as was usual for her to do!  As both parents have indicated she would have done if she woke up!  Their words – not those of crazy people on the internet!


It has then got to be considered that Dr Goncalo Amaral, the investigation were absolutely correct also to include this in any theory – that the child had woken up, and then an accident followed as the little one looked out through a window perhaps, had a fall, when looking to see if her mummy or daddy was there.  Or, the child opened that patio door left in a position which she could quite easily have done, and had an accident!


The McCanns say Madeleine was very articulate for her age.  If Madeleine saw someone she knew in that apartment – someone who should not have been in there – did they fear she would be able to ‘tell?’


A burglar would not know if the child was articulate. And besides she would not be able to say much other than a stranger, a man/woman had come in the apartment.  If it was dark, how much could a sleepy eyed child have taken in?


Burglars plan – and they don’t go where there are three young children who would be easily disturbed who would cry!   And they certainly would be very stupid if their plan involved bursting open a shutter, a window, but not just any shutter or window, the shutter and window of the bedroom the children slept!

A nonsense!


Andy Redwood suggesting Madeleine disturbed a burglar is laughable!  And to state as I mentioned in a previous blog that there were several apartments burgled and entry each time through windows is also nonsense!  We know where he was headed with that one – if through a window – then it suggests – ground floor!

If she had the guy would leave quicker than he came in!

And what would any burglar expect to get in the McCann holiday apartment, they had nothing worth taking!


Any burglar with any grey matter, seeing that they left that patio door unlocked would know instantly – nothing worth taking, as in material goods – why else would the McCanns have left the door unlocked, open most likely so that they could slip  their fingers through to slide it open as it had no handle on the outside!


What should have been most precious to the McCanns – their three children however – were left on display, there for the picking, the taking – but not by any burglar!


And most unlikely that hoards of paedophiles were circling the apartment!  They would have been seen by what we are led to believe was a very diligent holiday group who were checking the children regularly.

It would seem more possible that whoever removed this child from apartment 5A was someone known to her!


And perhaps Uncle David is right – had these children, Madeleine, Amelie and Sean been asked – they, or at least Madeleine would have been able to tell who that ‘someone’ was!


Madeleine was either not able to, did not have the chance to tell, or was not allowed by someone ‘to tell.’

No matter what became of this child it is tragic, and it should never have been allowed to happen.   Her parents allowed it. 

In fact they ‘invited’ it in!

What kind of responsible parents when their child of almost 4 years old tells them that she and her baby brother were crying in their absence, once more go out in the evening, leaving the children alone, and not only alone but leaving a door open?

Doesn’t happen!

The patio door – most probably introduced to serve their purpose – to cover for what did happen on that evening.   To give the couple ‘more options’ or rather to give the imaginary intruder ‘more options’ as McCann said when being interviewed by Piers Morgan.

MORGAN: Do you know that yet? Do you know -- is there any evidence how this person came in the room? 

G. MCCANN: I mean no doubt there are a NUMBER OF OPTIONS. And -- 

MORGAN: No, actual evidence. There's nothing they could find to say this is unequivocally how this person came in? 

G. MCCANN: No. I mean, it's possible they came through the window. They could have come through the patio doors, although that was in sight of where we were dining. So I think that's probably less likely. For all we know, they could have had a key, you know,
lots of people stayed in that apartment over years to the front door  


How easy for McCanns – they know it is not possible for someone to have gone through that window.   They know too they could not see the patio door from where they sat in the covered area of the tapas restaurant, their backs to the apartment, and they know too, indeed lots of people stayed in that apartment over the years,  and they didn’t all lose the keys, or keep them – why would holidaymakers do so?  And if for some strange reason someone did not hand the key back, it would be noted by the Ocean Club – and if it had been for some dubious reason – that apartment would have been burgled before the McCanns arrived!


The ease with which they sit there and let this nonsense drip from their tongues – it is astounding!

So did Payne pop in, or pop in, in?

Did he stay 30 seconds, or 30 minutes?

Would the McCann children all three of them have been able to tell someone that he had popped in and what he did when he did pop in?

I note in Crime Watch programme, David Payne, Fiona Payne, and Fiona Payne’s mother only popped in (or up?) in the video – they were not named but referred to as the remaining members of the party?


Makes one wonder if the Payne’s have popped in to their local police station at some point – A reason for them not to have been mentioned by name like the other McCann companions in this little drama?


Payne’s the only ones not to have left the table that evening – the companions did!

Have Payne’s been removed as suspects – but the others – the more ‘key players’ are they still ‘up there?’  

We must not forget Fiona Payne, her statement to the Leicestershire Police in the UK in reference to that unlocked patio door and what her best friend Kate McCann told her at the dinner table the evening Madeleine was reported as missing.   Remember also the McCanns have stated that Madeleine would NOT have been able to exit that door!

Fiona Payne:


“She did, she brought it up and that she, I mean this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was on, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors unlocked, because she was saying ‘ Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can GET OUT AND FIND US or erm, locking it and, you know, finding that we’re not there and the door’s locked if she woke up.’


Kate McCann interview on Late Show:

And even if they want to say theoretically ‘Oh she (Madeleine) wandered out of the back door of the apartment’ basically saying a three year old has:

Opened the long curtains, closed them behind her.

Opened the patio doors, closed them behind her.

Opened the gate at the top of the stairs, closed it behind her.   (A child security gate)

And, done the same at the bottom, it’s just not, it’s just not possible!


Do note also Kate McCann by her above statement tells us that the long curtains which draped the patio doors were drawn closed!

This is contradictory to other statements she has made.  

***She is also by the above statement confirming that when she arrived at the apartment to do her 10 O'clock check that the:

Gate at the bottom of the stairs was closed.
The child safety gate at top of stairs was closed.
That patio door was closed.
That the long curtains were closed.

So nothing when she arrived to indicate that anyone had gone in through the patio door! ***

Why would any intruder be so 'tidy' at one side of the apartment, if he had used the patio entrance, to bother to make sure all was intact, gates, curtains closed behind him - then at the other side, be so messy and careless - leave a shutter and window wide open -  a window he knew if this was planned would be seen by the members of the holiday party when doing their checks?

I think McCanns options are narrowed somewhat by his wife's statement!

So who was telling the truth re the patio door – Kate McCann or Fiona Payne?   Neither?  Both telling porkies!

Who was telling the truth about the 'popping' in to apartment 5A – Kate McCann or David Payne?  Both telling porkies!


I think the McCann children were the only ones who could have if they had been able to – given a truthful account of events.


None of the parents did!

And the Payne's - well they must know that what they have said is not truthful - or at least it contradicts that of the McCann couple - Some conflict going on there now, now that this case has been re-opened by Portuguese Police and all of these matters will be looked at once more?
30th October 2013

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