Lying in the Sun

Paynes and Police



Email response from the Payne's/Dianne Webster to Officer Stuart Prior Leicestershire Police.

25 April 2008

Table of Contents: Vol XVI Page 4231

From : fiona webster (e-mail address quoted)
Sent : 25th April 2008
To : Prior Stuart
Subject : Re : Re-enactment questions

Dear Stuart,

We have deliberated an awful lot about whether we should participate in the re-enactment or not. It is not an easy decision as nothing about this case is straightforward.

We appreciated that Paulo Rebelo attempted to answer many of our concerns however we are still left feeling very uncertain of the motives in organising a re-enactment. What information are they hoping to gain and how exactly is it going to help in moving the investigation on in a positive direction? As you know, we feel we would be making ourselves and our families extremely vulnerable by returning to Portugal and would like to be persuaded that doing this would be wholly beneficial to the investigation....and FINDING MADELEINE. As yet we remain unconvinced.

We remain open to further discussion regarding this key issue.

Please feel free to call if you would like to discuss this in person.

Many kind regards,

Fiona and David Payne.


Email to Stuart Prior from Fiona Payne

30th April 2008

Table of Contents: Vol XVI Page 4248

From : Fiona Webster
Sent : 30th April 2008, 10.37 am
To : Prior Stuart
Subject : Witnesses' Questions

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your e-mail. We did get your message on my phone also.

Having read the attached letter, there appears to be a shift in the nature and the tone of the request for the re-enactment from something informal and friendly to a formal summons. We do not understand the laws that are being quoted and thus feel it is essential to seek legal advice.

We want to make it absolutely clear that we are NOT refusing to take part in this re-enactment.

Kind regards

Fiona and David Payne


Email to Stuart Prior from Fiona Payne

12 May 2008 12:32

Table of Contents: Vol XVI Page 4317

From: Fiona Webster
Sent: 12th May 2008 12:32
To: Stuart Prior
Subject: RE: Portugal Re-enactment

Dear Stuart,

We have now had time to consider the advice received from our legal team. Taking into account the advice given along with our many concerns previously mentioned to you; we feel we are unable to participate in the propoed (sic) re-enactment in Portugal.

Kind regards

Fiona and David Payne, and Diane Webster


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