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Pink Alert

Pink Alert

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell responding to alleged online death threats against Brenda Leyland, said yesterday:

"We will not be commenting.  It is a matter for the coroner."

A source close to Kate and Gerry said:

Abuse online seems to go in either direction but is has nothing to do with Kate and Gerry. They do not encourage or condone anything online.  People seem to say anything they want"


So!  McCann family gave the file to Metropolitan Police, who were not interested, if we are honest, and according to Hogan-Howe passed it was to Leicestershire who had taken no action.

Hogan-Howe firmly bats the ball of blame back in the McCann court.  Met were accepting no blame that was clear.

Carole Malone who dug herself a deep hole by jumping the gun, and accusing Ms Leyland of all sorts of nasties - she panics and comes out whingeing, whimpering and declares - 'hey no blood on my hands, the lady was dead before my malicious piece was published'

(Malone fails to understand doesn't matter whether Brenda Leyland read her piece or not, she contributed by spreading the misinformation and lies which she did, and without apology when she knew she had gotten it badly wrong, and a life had been lost)

Malone kicks the ball of blame into, the long grass, well she thought it was the long grass it was Pinky's toupe!

Picked up by old Pinky himself.   He is the catcher and dispatcher at Camp McCann - cat has got Gerry's tongue so neither he nor Kate will be commenting says Pinky.

(Funny that as McCann had plenty to say the previous week on BBC Radio)

To be doubly sure that the ball of blame has been pitched far far away and doesn't bounce back -  Pinky dons his 'source cloak' and the hero that he is, he puts in his best ever performance of Sargeant Schultz, he assures the world - or the Express readership that :-  

'Kate and Gerry know nothing, nothing, they are not here,they didn't even get up this morning' (late night dining in their garden?)

He continues  - 'They don't encourage or condone anything online. People seem to just say anything they want.'

So Now there's a thing, people who just say anything they want!
Mitchell knows all about that - he gets paid by the McCanns so that anything they want to say is headline news! 

So much one could say about that last line but suffice to say they just don't like to hear any discussion take place anywhere unless it has been cleared or created by them and their £70,000 a year mouthpiece Mitchell!

Tell me again why the parents of a missing child have had in their employ for over 7 years the services of such a person?  And tell me too, McCann says he pays Mitchell from the Madeleine Fund, the fund set up to search for Madeleine, donations by the public (not a charity but a limited company, McCann running it like a business he said) are there still donations enabling McCanns to pay Mitchell such a huge amount rolling in to Madeleine's Fund?  Or is the NHS paying Gerry such a fabulous salary that he can afford Mitchell?

And there are also all those teams of lawyers they have, in UK and Portugal, and their press agency too in Portugal.   That Fund must be a little gold mine to McCanns if it allows them to pay for the likes of Mitchell, and such costly legal teams to boot.

They've come a long way from the days when they were paying their mortgage from the Fund (through need lack of personal finances?) the days when Esther McVey Kate's buddie was on their Board of Directors.

So where is the ball of blame now?

Looks like it's burning Brunt's fingers!  Did Brunt really think if this plan (and this was planned) to make such an assault on Brenda Leyland that anyone who had the remotest knowledge of this, the file and the plan, McCanns the Metropolitan Police, Murdoch, the concerned individual or Mitchell were going to come to his aid?

Not a snowballs chance in hell Brunty old boy. - Brunt more than most should have understood that.  But then they were all confident that they could attack Brenda Leyland in the way that they did and get away with it!

Planned intimidation and bullying without question.
12th October 2014

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