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Pistorius - Blood Money

Pistorius - Blood Money

Jeremy Thompson Sky News Speaking with Alex Crawford (15th October 2014) 

Alex Crawford:

A short while before the Steenkamp's arrived their lawyer issued a statement, and in it they tried to clarify what they believed were a number of misperceptions yesterday.  One of which was going around, and has been reported in a number of the south African newspapers this morning, that Oscar Pistorius  had tried to offer them this lump sum of  R375 thousand (South African Rand) that’s more than £21,000 British Pounds, and  just before the sentencing, in an attempt to try and buy their silence, and they had rejected it.

The Steenkamp's lawyer has re-iterated in a written statement this morning that they, their legal team, the Steenkamp’s legal team  approached the Pistorius legal team before the sentencing, it was not an offer by Oscar Pistorius,  but they were anxious, and they did it without the parents knowledge... they were anxious to try and reach a conclusion with the civil action that they were planning to take at that stage, and it was at that stage that the athlete made this offer to sell his final asset his car and give them the proceeds from the sale of the car.

So they were just trying to clarify that, and put it into perspective that it, you know, contrary to what a number of media reports were saying it was not an attempt to buy their, err their silence.

However once they put this offer, the legal... the Steenkamp's lawyer, put this offer to Barry and June.  They thought about it very carefully and they decided that they didn’t want to take that money, and at the same time they decided to drop their civil action claim against the athlete because they wanted closure. According to their lawyer, they felt they were too emotionally drawn…drained by this whole process, it's gone on 20 months now and they didn’t want to have anything more to do with it.

Now I think we might hear more from the Pistorius legal team , that’s certainly the indication that they gave yesterday because according to the Steenkamp's lawyer, the divulging of any financial payment  at all which emerged yesterday was as a real surprise to them and it was all meant to be confidential.

But I’m sure we’ll hear a little bit more, hopefully hear a little bit more as the day goes on Jeremy.

15th October 2014

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