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Pistorius - Pathologist

Pistorius - Pathologist

How is it possible for Pistorius not to have known that Miss Reeva Steenkamp had gotten out of bed and left the bedroom?

It isn't!

An ex-girlfriend testified that on occasions when Pistorius thought he heard something in the night, that he would wake her, ask her if she too had heard a noise or whatever - 

Why in the case of Miss Steenkamp would that not be the case also?

Why would he first reach for a gun, and not wake her? 

Why would he not make sure where Miss Steenkamp was before firing off that gun?

Witnesses have testified that they heard arguing, the terrifying screams of a woman. Defence Counsel insist that they could not have heard  Miss Steenkamp scream, that from inside the toilet cubicle her screams could not have been heard from the distance the witnesses were located.

If I may, and as Pistorius legal Defence Counsel Mr Roux might say -

'I put it to you that Oscar Pistorius knew exactly what he was doing, and that Miss Steenkamp first screamed as she fled FROM Pistorius TO the bathroom fearing for her life.  

If Miss Steenkamp knew she was in danger, it is at this time her screams would be loudest screaming for help, screaming in the hope someone would hear come to her rescue, screaming in the most awful fear, just as the witnesses have described - blood curdling screams.

If, on the other hand, she had gone to the bathroom completely unaware of any danger, everything hunky-dory, and was then shot, her screams would not have been as loud and certainly would not have held that same element of fear.  Miss Steenkamp would have been stunned for want of a better word, would not have known what was going on, when the first bullet hit, indeed would not have known what had hit her!  

she cried out at this time it would have been for Pistorius her boyfriend to help her, she would not have known he was the guy who pulled the trigger, how could she, if all was well between them beforehand, and if she did cry out at this point,  Pistorius hearing her cry would have known that there was no burglar -that he had made that awful mistake which he claims to have done - and he would not have fired a second, third, fourth shot!

We know from witness testimony this guy was reckless with firearms paid little or no regard for the safety, the lives of others in the vicinity, no regard it would seem for human life when he played around with firearms.  We know too that he is one foul tempered, violent man, who lacked respect for most others, and in particular the law.  I would go so far as to say he believed he was above the law!

What we now know also, from the pathologist report is the type of ammunition Pistorius loaded in the gun. Bullets which would cause maximum damage to whatever or whomever was his chosen target.

Even if Miss Steenkamp had been shot once and not in the head, experts have stated that the damage from one of these bullets even if it did not hit the heart for instance can cause injury to the heart and other organs due to the ripple effect these bullets have once they hit the intended target, and death may follow.   We can then only imagine the horrifying injuries the bullet which struck Miss Steenkamp on her right temple caused.

I ask - Why would Pistorius at any time load a gun with this type of ammunition?

Why would Pistorius want to inflict such injury, almost certain death, an horrific death even on an intruder?

Why if he thought, he had, trapped in the toilet cubicle, an intruder, did he not then shout to Miss Steenkamp who he said he believed was still in bed, to call police, security?

Why did he not shout a warning to the intruder?

Indeed why did he not wake Miss Steenkamp if he believed she was still in bed, for her to call police while he sought out this burglar in the bathroom, for her to call security, who would have been on the scene in moments, why not tell her to go out into the balcony and call for help, to tell her to go downstairs, leave the house?

Because, I put it to you - He knew exactly what he was doing.  That in a fit of rage he killed Miss Steenkamp in cold blood.

Even if Pistorius thought there was a burglar, and after firing off the first shot, he would know he was on target, as whomever he hit behind that bathroom door would have let out some form of cry, being hit at such close range with this type of bullet, impossible for them not to.   Pistorius knew the damage ONLY ONE of these bullets could cause. He had no reason, even at this stage, to fire again, even if there had been a burglar behind that door.

One witness stated, that Pistorius on that night, promised God that he would devote his life to his God if Miss Steenkamp survived her horrific injuries.

I note he had in Court, what seemed like a rosary - still praying to his God?

I wonder what promises he is making this time, what deal he is trying to broker with his God!
11th March 2014

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