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Pistorius - Reeva, Reeva

Pistorius - Reeva, Reeva

Alex Crawford, Sky News, speaking of the next Defence Witness to take the Stand at the Pistorius trial after the Easter break - a ballistics expert.


"I’m sure they’ll use him to back up their case that Reeva Steenkamp was shot so quickly she didn’t have time to scream."

They no doubt will try this tactic, but that doesn't help Pistorius from another point of view - that he just kept banging those bullets through the toilet door regardless of who was in there. Not caring who was in there.  Whether that person did or did not scream makes no difference to proving intent.  He did however you look at it act with complete and utter disregard for others whomever was behind the door a disregard of human life.

For Pistorius story, he absolutely cannot have Miss Steenkamp screaming.  His whole story falls apart if there were screams as it would have been impossible for him not to have heard them.

Pistorius stated that he took part in sound tests, tests where he screamed and it was recorded.

I would be interested to know if these recordings include Pistorius screaming 'Reeva, Reeva' - as Pistorius testified under cross examination by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel that this is what he was screaming Reeva, Reeva as ran back into the bathroom with the cricket bat to batter down the toilet door.

He doesn't know it is Reeva in the toilet at this time, but he screams out her name, Reeva, Reeva before having looked to see if she had perhaps left the bedroom and gone downstairs, but more importantly...

If the neighbours of Pistorius who testified to having heard the  blood curdling screams of a female, screams which Pistorius claimed were him screaming like a girl - would those neighbours not also have heard the very same voice that of Pistorius, screaming Reeva, Reeva?

It would seem, as Gerrie Nel might say, improbable if not impossible that they did not! 

Remember these witnesses are wide awake by the time Pistorius has fetched his cricket bat, the bathroom window Pistorius claimed was open as wide as it could be. If he was screaming Reeva, Reeva together with blood curdling screams - Would not these witnesses have stated this?

Gerrie Nel made the point  - Why would Pistorius have screamed ( like a girl )before discovering if it was Miss Steenkamp in the toilet, yet when he broke the door panel with the bat and saw for sure that is was - he ceased screaming. Nel suggested that his screaming would have been at its greatest when he discovered what he'd done to Miss Steenkamp.   Pistorius disagreed.  He said the panic before discovery made him scream, the not knowing if it was Miss Steenkamp made him scream but the discovering it was, broke him, made him cry, he was sad.

When Miss Steenkamp was shot in the head it would be reasonable to suggest that she did not let out blood curdling screams therefore, at all costs, Pistorius has to have stopped his screaming like a girl soon after else his story is a shed load of shit.

It would also be reasonable to suggest that Miss Steenkamp's blood curdling screams, she screamed when she was in a state of panic (as Pistorius claimed he was) a state of utter fear at this man who was attacking her.

Pistorius invented an attacker, invented his story of how he feared for his life.   Miss Steenkamp experienced it for real!

So at what point did Pistorius not only scream, but when did he let out blood curdling screams, if not when he saw the horrific injuries he had inflicted on Miss Steenkamp?.

Reeva, Reeva, is what Pistorius  told Gerrie Nel  he was screaming.  Let us see if this is what is on the recording!   It would have to be, as a recording of simply him screaming would not be accurate.  The Court has to hear his blood curdling screams mixed in with screams of Reeva, Reeva.

If the witnesses did not hear cries of Reeva, Reeva, I might suggest Pistorius got carried away under cross examination, tailoring his tale to fit his defence as Nel would say!
20th April 2014

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