Lying in the Sun

Pistorius She Woke Him

Pistorius She Woke Him

We have all heard Pistorius say that he did not ask Miss Steenkamp if she had heard any noise.  All agree I am sure that the first thing we would do in such a situation is ask our partner had they heard something, any kind of sound.

Pistorius' ex girlfriend said that when she stayed at the house, when Pistorius heard a noise in the night he would wake her, ask her if she too had heard it.

Makes it all the more odd when Miss Steenkamp
was awake that he did not do likewise on the night he shot and killed her.

A neighbour of Pistorius a witness for the Defence today, has testified that she was wakened by a loud bang.

Gerri Nel under cross examination asked her what was the first thing she did.

It came as no surprise to hear that she woke her husband to ask if he had heard anything?

Seems Pistorius is alone in thinking it perfectly normal not to ask.

The lies always get them in the end.

6th May 2014
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