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Pistorius Thinking Brain

Pistorius - Thinking Brain

The real culprit... Mr Cortex

Pistorius Trial 3rd July 2014

Haven't caught up as yet since the re-commencement of the trial but have read a couple of bits from this mornings events, and viewed couple clips of video...

Now maybe my old brain isn't quite what it should be but this guy Derman not only did he talk quite a bit of gobbledegook... sorry excuse me a moment,  another part of my brain is messaging ...receiving now...Oops seems I am incorrect, it was actually bullshit, not goggledegook... Hell, I'll need to get my cortical functions checked wires all crossing here.  

Same happened at the ATM machine heard a noise behind me, so startled was I, I turned round swiftly, thinking I was about to be mugged, and stabbed, the next person waiting in line, in the eye with my car key.

In my stilettos I felt vulnerable.  I would have taken flight if it had not been for the fact that my neuro transmitters in my 'thinking brain' weren't working...or it might just have been the lasting effect of the two bottles of vino with my dinner last night...or just my violent nature.  Either way my flight function didn't kick in, so I faced the fight!  My thinking brain told me to stand my ground, my jeans, genes too were causing me problems - a whole other story!

But worst of all my darn amigdala started playing up, I blame the amigdala function being altered due to my stressed state affecting my neuro transmitters. Its a bastard at times!  And a bunion in stilletos doesn't half trigger it... Fleeing just wasn't an option. Then the pre-frontal cortex got in on the act - I had no choice but to bash the next in line - So glad I wasn't packing heat, else I might have been up on a Murder Charge and not Assault and Battery!

I explained this to the cops at the station, that had I had my running shoes on, things would have been different, the bunion would have had room to breath, but they weren't buying it - told me to save it for the Judge.

Note to self - Bread, milk, wine, cortical, functions checked out... 

Derman said... Well Derman said more than anyone would care to even transcribe...he rendered the Court unconscious...

Laughed at Barry Roux he looked as though he'd nodded off.  He was clearly embarrassed at the long list of difficulties the guy read out which he said were faced by Pistorius on daily basis - a wonder the guy bothers to get out of bed in morning, couldn't blame him if he made every day a duvet day.   His side kick obviously drew the short straw today, having to deal with this witness.  That said, he didn't sound a whole lot sharper!  He drawled on too!  He's hard of hearing though, so he could ask a question and then literally 'switch off' the hearing aid.'

Gerrie Nel beavered way as though he too had switched off to Derman's drivel.  

Derman said that disability never sleeps its there when you go to sleep at night its there when you wake up in the morning.

The whole Court was hoping that when they woke up Derman wouldn't be there.  And can you blame Judge Masipa for making tomorrow a rest day...Anyone in that Court today earned it! 

Derman spoke of the hyper-sensitivity to sound which effects Pistorius stating he is conditioned to respond to noise.  He says the defendant has an exaggerated startled response.   He refers to statements by Pistorius's friend relating to an incident where he fell asleep during a movie and awoke to shooting on the screen, prompting him to RUN into another room.  And?  ( I nodded off on sofa one time, woke with startle, still evening, a light night, thought it was 8 am (not 8pm) that I'd slept right through till next morning, and rushed to get ready for a busy day ahead.  I've also put on one shoe, while looking for its partner slipped on one from a different pair to run around looking for the matching one...forgot, and left home wearing odd shoes, funny old thing the brain - fortunately it has never made me shoot and kill)

Now, was he wearing his prosthesis when he RAN into another room?   Was he on his stumps when he RAN into the other room?

Either way the guy RAN!

He ranted about floor surfaces which are difficult for Pistorius to walk on.  In the early stages of this case it was said that Pistorius did not leave the bedroom as he was not able to walk on the type of flooring outside the bedroom, that is, on his stumps.

Yet Pistorius, walked down the tiled aisle from the bedroom to the bathroom, into the bathroom area on his stumps.  All tiled.  

Much easier to have lifted his prosthesis from the floor and he and Miss Steenkamp to leave the room where he could put on the prosthesis which he stated do not take him long to put on being used to having to do this.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter that whether Pistorius chose to flee or to fight.

Choosing to stay and fight - doesn't mean that he had to blast 4 shots through a bathroom door, his intention being to cause serious harm, death to whomever was in there!

Nothing Derman said excuses that!  In fact, Derman sounds as though he's needing a month at least at the same hospital where Pistorius has just been assessed. 

Pistorius in a rage shot and killed Miss Reeva Steenkamp that is the bottom line.

Derman?  Well he sent the Court to sleep.   By the time he had finished there was not a functioning cortex in the Court!
3rd July 2014

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