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Pistorius Trips Up

Pistorius Trips Up

Oscar Pistorius gave in detail his account of what happened on the night he shot and killed Miss Reeva Steenkamp.  How he went to balcony brought in the fans, closed doors, curtains, and heard a noise and thought it was an intruder coming in bathroom window.

He described how he got his gun, made his way to the bathroom - to put himself between the intruder and Reeva (brave boy) - gave details of how he shot through the toilet door how he went back to the bedroom, jumped onto bed, discovered no Reeva, how he went back to bathroom, went onto balcony shouted help, help, help, put on his prosthetic legs, got a baseball bat, got his phone made calls (I'm listing his actions though not necessarily in sequence he stated) but the one thing he never said at any time, not in his written statements nor at any time in Court was that when he was running (on his stumps) in the bedroom, that he fell over.

Something I am sure he would not have forgotten in such circumstances. Imagine his panic if he thought the intruder was about to come out of that bathroom and attack him, and then he fell over.  That would surely have made him feel even more terrified, more vulnerable, trying to get back upright?

Yet today in Court, when he was caught out having lied concerning the cooling fans, the number of same, if they were on balcony, where they were placed when he brought them indoors (as he claims to have done) and more importantly which electrical socket he plugged them into, he could not give a credible explanation to Gerrie Nel when questioned, when Gerrie Nel pointed out to him what was wrong with his story with regards the fans.  One being the number of fans, and two, that there was no socket available for two fans. The unplugging of fans came into question, and this is where it gets interesting as Pistorius said maybe the fan could have become unplugged if perhaps he had, when running through the bedroom, tripped on the cable and fallen over.

He didn't say that he had tripped on the cable and fallen over, only that this might have happened and that is why the fan was unplugged.  In other words, he was making it up as he went along!

Does he honestly think that anyone in that Court today believed for a moment that he might have tripped, whilst running on his stumps, on an electric cable, and it caused the plug to come out of the electric socket, and he doesn't remember this happening?   He came up with it today to cover for his lying about the fans.  Lies which he was happy to tell, and happy also to accuse the police of having tampered with the fans.

Had he tripped on a cable and fallen over, I think it impossible for Oscar Pistorius to have forgotten to include this in his witness statements, not when he has been so exact about how he ran, then walked slowly, then got his gun blah blah blah and with the disability he has and on his stumps to have fallen over he would not forget it, it would have panicked him further.

I can envisage Gerrie Nel taking apart the rest of Oscar Pistorius' story and just as easily as he did today.   So much for Pistorius saying he would tell the truth, but then there was a condition attached, only where he could remember!

How convenient.

And I still cannot figure why it is that if Pistorius was running around screaming as he said he was, shouting to the intruders - get out of my house you scoundrel's, shouting for Reeva to phone police, that Miss Steenkamp would not have heard him.   The dead of night a quiet estate no sounds in the house - she would have to have heard him shouting, even if he did sound like a girl...

So much about this case, or rather the person concerned, reminds me of the McCanns and their companions.

Their stories too are filled with inconsistencies stories and statements which they change just like Pistorius.  I think he may even have outdone them -his version changed by the minute today in Court!

And was he doing a McCann by not answering what was asked of him but going off on a tangent?  That old 'confusion is good.' tactic?

Pistorius, his 'maybe I tripped on a cable and fell over' story in the same ilk as Gerry McCanns, maybe I went in back door, maybe I went in the front...hell Maybe next version Pistorius will have fallen over, jumped up then done a triple somersault landing on his feet...oops maybe not, and McCann will have gone down the chimney to gain access to the apartment...oops maybe not it,  - Well does it really matter if true, if it makes for a good story eh?

Barry Roux must have been so mad at Pistorius today, straying so far from the script, as a friend said to me.

I tend to agree!

Pistorius' his tongue like a runaway train.  Saying things he had no need to, and by doing so - tripping himself up!
9th April 2014

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