Lying in the Sun

Pistorius & Gerrie Nel

Pistorius & Gerrie Nel

Haven't listened to all of today's proceedings but as I said earlier, in my opinion, what Pistorius has presented to the Court as his evidence/defence is pretty poor, and I formed that opinion before I heard that he was screaming - BEFORE  he fired the shots.

If that is so, how come Reeva who was in the toilet cubicle (and not asleep in bed, as he would have liked the Court to believe) -  did NOT hear him screaming?   Neighbours heard screams!  Why would Reeva not?

As if we need to ask!

Shot himself in the foot?    Yeah, Yeah I know...

"I wasn't sure if someone was going to come up the ladder and point a firearm (oops, I typed 'fireman' just there, must be all that talk of ladders) in the house, and start shooting erm so I just stayed where I was, and kept on screaming, and then I heard a noise from inside the toilet erm what I perceived to be somebody coming out of the toilet, before I knew it I'd fired 4 shots at the door, my ears were ringing I couldn't hear anything, so I shouted I kept on shouting for Reeva to phone the police I was still scared to retreat as I wasn't sure if there was somebody on the ladder, wasn't sure if there was somebody in the toilet."

Llewelyn Curlewis the legal expert said it should take the Prosecution one day at Court to deal with Pistorius, his evidence, to see whether the actions of Pistorius transgressed the limitations set out in SA Law in this regard.

I think it will take him all of ten minutes based on the above statement by Pistorius!  Gerrie Nel is going to eat him alive!

And as an incidental.   We have heard how Pistorius was the paranoid guy always fearing for his safety.   Yet he knew there was a ladder outside the house, and left it there?  If he was that paranoid he would have brought the ladder inside, from the garden area, or the garage or wherever it was kept.

And the bathroom window? - Did he not keep that locked?  This paranoid man, are we supposed to believe he thought the imaginary intruder, jemmied open this window?

Where have I heard that story before..?
8th April 2014
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