Lying in the Sun

Pistorius & Lies

Pistorius and Lies

Funny how liars hate hearing the truth?

The name Pistorius and McCann - interchangeable really.

When I think of one I automatically think of the other.

None of them prepared to accept responsibility.

We have Pistorius his legal team claiming that his ability to perform in the Witness Box (roughly translated that means his lying spree was curtailed) was due to Prosecutor Gerrie Nel calling him a liar.

Oh diddums poor baby!  I guess no one has ever before told this guy how it is!

Pistorius, shot and killed Miss Reeva Steenkamp in cold blood, lied about it, said it was a mistake an accident, lied his way through his testimony tripping himself up at every turn - and hey - he's in a huff now because he was 'called out'

He lies, and he blames Gerrie Nel for being caught out!  

The McCanns, they neglect their kids, leave three little ones all under 4 years of age in an unlocked holiday apartment night after night, said they didn't give it a thought (as you do... or don't) two doctors, thought it was safe to leave these kids alone.  

One kid vanishes without trace, they cannot find her, they get E.Fits put together of a possible suspect, the best lead in the case, and for FIVE LONG YEARS they keep them under wraps, don't disclose them publicly - then they pop up on TV, no explanation to the viewer THAT THEY HAVE ACTUALLY HAD THESE E.FITS IN THEIR POSSESSION FOR ALL OF THAT TIME, act as though this is NEW information, and Gerry McCann tells the public to get their thinking caps on to start racking their brains to see if they can tell them who the guy in the E.Fit is.

Oh the public have no need to rack their brains - they have the measure of the McCanns already.

But just like Pistorius the McCanns are NOT to blame for anything.

They neglected their kids, one kid vanishes, they don't disclose the E.Fits keep them from the public, CAN'T FIND THEIR KID, and what do you know -

It's not their fault she cannot be found - It's Dr Goncalo Amaral's!

Pistorius/McCann - cut from same cloth!

Maybe the could get together - or maybe not - Oscar is going on a long holiday - but when he gets back - they could form the 'Whose Lie is it Anyway' Club.'  Their own website.

Their motto/Site name:

'Liars are'   -  'We Lie Anywhere.Com'   'Our Ability to Lie Never Compromised.Com'  

Who sent those suggestions in?  Shoot the boots off them I will!  I'd never dream of saying such a thing.

I was thinking more of:

'We never lie to anybody about anything, unless we are in a tricky'

Taken of course, and I won't LIE, I blame myself, I accept full responsibility, even though I find myself in a tricky situation, I will have to be honest - I stole the idea from Kate McCann, I'm so ashamed, the actual quote is:

"We’d never lied about anything, not to the police, not to the media, not to anyone else, but we found ourselves in one of those tricky situations, where we just didn’t seem to have a choice."

Kate McCann
Madeleine Page 205 - 206

I guess a murder trial is a tricky situation, and losing a kid, saying she was abducted, yet no evidence of same found in over 7 seven years, that's a pretty tricky situation too.
7th August 2014
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