Lying in the Sun

Pistorius & McCann

Pistorius & McCann

So much in common in these two cases.

We have imaginary intruders, patio doors, curtains, police being accused of this and that.

Pistorius today accusing police of tampering with cooling fans, opening bedroom curtains wider than he'd left them, and of changing position of the patio doors...

The leading males in each case, one arrogant as the other, controlling individuals, evasive, unco-operative, demanding, attention seeking, prone to temper tantrums not prepared to accept responsibility for their actions, blaming others, anyone at at all as long as blame is not placed at their door, self centred beyond belief or understanding - 'Me Men' 

What was interesting today in the Pistorius case, Gerrie Nel the Prosecutor cross examining Pistorius asked him about the incident where witnesses had said Pistorius had fired his gun into the air while out in the car for a drive.

Pistorius of course denies this.  Said the two State witnesses who testified to this are lying.   In fact, Pistorius has stated that everyone who has testified thus far has lied, even Miss Steenkamp in her email where she said she feared him.   He later changed this to she was exaggerating!

The guy has no shame!

The McCanns too, pooh, pooh witnesses if what they have stated is not to their liking!

But it is what Gerrie Nel the Prosecutor put to Pistorius that was interesting.

Pistorius said he does not remember firing the gun into the air.   Nel said well that's funny because two independent witnesses said you did.   That is the point at which Pistorius begun one of his long winded responses telling the Court how these two persons had lied had gotten together and lied.

Gerrie Nel tells him that too is funny, as Pistorius had said that the two witnesses had given different versions, but each agreeing Pistorius had fired the gun.   As Nel pointed out, had there been a conspiracy, their stories would have matched completely so to speak.

What Nel put to Pistorius was - that as he cannot remember if he fired the gun, this does not mean then that he did not do so!  (Remember, Pistorius has selective memory (like others we know) when a question is awkward, his memory fails) Nel put it to him that as he cannot remember, and as there are two State witnesses (with no reason to lie) that the Court would then accept that Pistorius did in fact fire that gun as they had testified.   Two against one so to speak.

Which brings me to McCann.

Jez Wilkins and Jane Tanner said they both saw Gerry McCann on the side of the street where Apartment 5A was located.   McCann said he doesn't remember for sure (just like Pistorius) but his recollection is that it was on the opposite side of the street.

McCann and Pistorius both expecting their versions to be believed before that of,  in each case - two other witnesses.

Would be interesting to see how the Gerry McCann (and his other half) would perform if ever they were to appear in a Court of Law in connection with the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine?
10th April 2014
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