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Police Scotland

Police Scotland

Karen Buckley

Police Scotland announced the very sad news regarding Miss Buckley.

I think from early stages most feared that this young woman had met a terrible fate.

Police Scotland did say at early stages that the guy now in police custody was not a suspect.

They also said they had only HIS VERSION of events, and it is this which struck me as very relevant in what the officer was saying.

We know in the McCann case, that of missing Madeleine, that the only version of events is that given by the McCanns and their holiday buddies. I might correct that, the only versionS, as a few have been given by the group to police.  We know also that their versions DO NOT add up, their timeline of events makes no sense.

In the case of Miss Buckley, the timeline given by this guy who is now in police custody, didn't add up either.  None of his story did.

And for that reason I would think that Police Scotland, from the beginning, contrary to what information they gave the media, suspected, if not knew for sure, that this guy was lying, that he was most definitely involved in disappearance and now death of this young woman.

In the McCann case DCI Redwood said they are not suspects?

I have the feeling this young woman never was at this guys flat.

I have a feeling she was taken elsewhere, and the story of the flat and the guy's timeline, was in fact that, a story for police.

Miss Buckley was not someone who would take off without telling her friends where she was going. 

What we do know is that she told her friends she was going to use the bathroom when at the club.

She was not wearing her jacket.  She took her bag with her.  That is what a female would do.

If this young lady was intending going somewhere with someone, she would not have left the jacket behind surely?

CCTV footage - she is seen outside club with this guy, they cross the road.  She appears to be going voluntarily.   His car was parked outside of the view of the CCTV camera.

When out of line of coverage by the CCTV camera was she then forced into the car?

This young woman and her friends had only been in the club just over an hour.  Why would she suddenly leave, and without her jacket, without telling her friends?

That makes no sense.

IF she had gone to this guys flat willingly, she would have told her friends where she was.  She was not the type it would appear to leave them worrying, concerned about her whereabouts.   She had left her jacket behind.  She would have text them to not only tell them where she had gone but to be sure and take her jacket when they left, if she had not been intending returning to club.

Had she left his apartment, as the guy said she had, she would surely have text her friends to say where she was if all was well at that time.  

She had only lived in the city of Glasgow for around 3 months, she would not know all areas well.

Cell phones are like an appendage for young people.  It goes with them everywhere, they are constantly texting friends, on twitter, facebook, to point that almost their every move in any given day can be tracked.

If she'd left the flat with nothing untoward having happened, she would have used her cell phone for sure as that is what young people do, and 24/7.

If something untoward had happened in the flat and she had managed to escape the flat and this guy, with or without her bag/cell phone, she would have screamed, shouted, knocked on doors of other apartments if she feared for her life.

She did not leave that flat after 4 AM (as the guy now in custody said) and go walk anywhere - not without using that cell phone, and she had no jacket either, it was left at the club.

IF this young woman was killed in the flat and this guy then had to dispose of her body, how easy would that have been for him to do, taking into consideration the location of the flat, high up off street level. Chances are he would have been seen so very easily.

The handbag was found in a quite different location from where Miss Buckley's remains have now been discovered.

If all was to have happened after 4 AM would daylight not be dawning around this time?

From what we do know from police information given - NOT the VERSION given by this guy now in custody -  I would suspect that Miss Buckley never was at that apartment.  That she died before 4 AM.

Why would he take a dead body from his apartment, dispose of it at one location, and dispose of the handbag at another?

Getting rid of the handbag at a different location, increased the chances of his heinous crime being discovered.

Was she killed at the farm, disposed of there, he set off back to his flat and realised the handbag was still in his car, so got rid of it on route?

Or did he take her to the park where the handbag was found, killed her there, and the handbag left behind?

This together with the fact she left her jacket at the club, and that it was out of character for her to not contact friends, makes me believe she did not go voluntarily.  (Was she drugged/killed at car?)

Her cell phone was in her bag.   This young woman seems not to have had an opportunity to use it, to either call her friends to say she was okay, or to call for help.

Police have two locations to work on - or three including the flat.

This guy's VERSION was not to be believed from the outset, and Police Scotland knew this absolutely.

What is terribly sad also is that they are speaking of her remains, not her body, as would normally be the case when a body is found very soon after a disappearance.  It suggests her body has been mutilated in some way.   From TV footage, fire services attended the farm (forensics)  That too tells us much.

If Miss Buckley had not spoken to this guy in the club, up until the point when she went to use the bathroom, he had to have spoken to her at this stage of the evening, and something he said, caused her to leave the club, without her jacket, without telling her friends, and caused her to go to his car.

I suspect she had no intention of getting in that car and going off with him, he lured her in some way.  Absolutely if she had not intended to return she would have let her friends know.  She would have gone to get her jacket before leaving with him on what was a very cold night.

And this farm, it does not look derelict.   Which poses more questions. Why that farm?

Whatever are the events of that night, this young woman has clearly met a most awful fate.

Police Scotland as in the case of the little boy who went missing last year, killed by his mother his body concealed, have carried out a very difficult and what must be a most distressing case for the officers, with professionalism, and sensitivity for the parents, brothers and friends of this young woman.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to her family.
16th April 2015
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