Lying in the Sun



So often we have heard it said that the McCanns would not harm their children in any way, they had waited so long to have a child, Madeleine being their first born, this long awaited and longed for child, inconceivable they would do anything which could cause her or her siblings harm.

In interviews they themselves often tell of their difficulty in conceiving a child, the IVF treatment.  The reader/listener naturally carried along with this trend of thought - that they would never harm this much longed for child/ren they would cherish them.   They speak as though these children were more special due to the nature of their conception, and perhaps to their parents they were/are, and understandably so.

But it is for this exact and very reason that I do not understand why the 'much longed for children' were so appallingly and cruelly treated by their parents?

Why would they behave so recklessly towards them, the much wanted children, giving not a thought or a damn about leaving them alone on all of those nights in an unlocked holiday apartment, an apartment of which the McCann spokesperson Clarence Mitchell had this to say:

"It was on a fairly remote corner of that particular resort"

The telling of their difficulty in conceiving a child, I wonder if told to gain sympathy, painting themselves as the parents who having had such problems therefore would never dare dream of harming the more than special children the much wanted little ones?

Yet rather disturbingly - they did, night after night...

Why did they never stop on any of those nights and say - 'hey our children are very special to us' remind themselves of the IVF (as it is this which appears to define how special are their children, this which they speak of when interviewed) then ask themselves 'why are we even contemplating placing our three longed for children in such danger..?

Like most things in this case, it doesn't make any sense, on one hand to speak of how important the children are how very wanted, and then to treat them in a way which clearly demonstrates that their safety and protection was not at all considered...

Parents so desperate for a child/ren do not treat them in this way.

Did McCanns really leave them in an unlocked apartment..?

Just pondering!
10th July 2013

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