Lying in the Sun

Pot, Kettle, Black

Pot, Kettle, Black

The 'LOL' Lady speaking of her nemesis:

'Other than giving the McCanns several sensational headlines over the years to support their victim status, (T...) ......... The publicity he has had so far served the purposes of the McCann PR campaign, a deeply unpleasant man victimising the family of a missing child.'


In an article in the Sun the sensational headline 'I'm Britain's Vilest Troll'  The 'LOL' Lady described herself as a bitch who liked to squish people, stating she got a buzz from this.  She also had this to say about the McCanns:

"I was attacking the McCanns"


One could take from that, her admission of attack, that she has in fact done exactly that which she accuses her nemisis as having done, that she gave the McCanns:

  • a sensational headline which supported their victim status,
  • served the purpose of the McCann PR Campaign
  • and convinced readers of the article, that she is a deeply unpleasant woman victimising the family of a missing child!

If you genuinely care about Madeleine how she came to be missing. Move on folks from the bickering, bitching, silly spats on your forums. Persons wishing to learn more about the missing Madeleine case when visiting forums are put off completely by thread after thread of nothing but arguments
completely unrelated to the case of this missing child, a load of he said/she said (the above the perfect example)   The reader sees names being bandied about, this one who said this, and that one who said something else, and it means NOTHING to them whatsoever.

The visitor then gives up, as it is clear to them that to discover anything about the case they will have to plow through mountains of meaningless silly spats which are clearly about
personalities, who gets to be top dog and not a jot to do with Madeleine.   The reader sees only a bunch of people demonstrating intense hostility towards one another, and Madeleine is lost, shot down in the cross fire.

I've highlighted this a few times now the individuals responsible, but I guess Madeleine, the case of a little girl who mysteriously vanished doesn't mean as much to them as these ME people like to pretend. The child is simply a platform for self promotion for those attention seekers to act out another drama.   See, see me people!

Yes we
see, see YOU, but we're not hearing or seeing anything remotely Madeleine related. 

How truly, terribly sad.

Madeleine deserves so much better folks!
11th October 2015

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