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Poulton Passionate Anti

Poulton - Wanted - a Passionate Anti

'Anti' is the term generally accepted it would seem for anyone who doubts the story of abduction as told by Kate and Gerry McCann - Anti McCann!    Not a term I can warm to.

The debacle that is the Poulton/ Hutton/Sun fiasco has all, trying to figure out what the nice man at the Sun and Poulton were looking for, what type of person would be best for their article.  And very much since its publication, many at a loss as to what the topic was intended to be about, or what Hutton or anyone else for that matter understood it would be about what she had signed up for.

Those in defence of Hutton saying she was conned by Poulton.  It wasn't about the McCanns as they thought it would be.

Huttons says her understanding was that it was a generic piece about 'trolls' (as nasty a term as anti - put together as it now will be -ouch! ) her belief that it was nothing to do with the McCanns.

In fact even after publication, Hutton said it wasn't about the McCanns?

I pointed out in a previous blog that the simple fact that the McCann name was mentioned no less than SIX times in the short piece, rather made it about the McCanns, but those bickering over this, in fairness would not know not see for themselves, until, well, until after publication, after the fact, that the McCann name would be spattered throughout the piece.  

At that point there is NO question what the article was about (yet some still refuse to accept this?)

Hutton however, do bear in mind received a draft copy, she knew absolutely before publication that it was NOT a generic piece re trolls, that it was about the McCanns.  She knew the tone of the piece.  Was this the time to have pulled out?

What I do find more astonishing however is how anyone, anyone at all could have thought, before publication, and having seen Poulton's 'WANTED TWIT MESSAGE' thought even for a split second, that the article was not going to be about the McCanns?

Be it an article about trolling or any other subject it was obvious it was going to be about them - who else?  The clue was in Poulton's WANTED POSTER - A passionate anti!

What other type of 'anti' (a passionate one aside )than a McCann Anti would Poulton have been seeking?

No one out there who follows the case, who knew of Poulton, can say, hand on heart that they read that, and thought to themselves - 'oh I wonder what kind of anti she's looking for?' 

A generic article on trolling would quite simply not have had Poulton, and the Nice man, seeking only those persons 'involved' on twitter, either believers/non believers of the McCann abduction story!

It really is that simple.  That obvious!

I rest my case!

Hutton is saying she is not a troll/anti troll.  Unfortunately the story she gave the nice man has allowed him to portray her rightly or wrongly as exactly that!

What else can a reader take from the piece when the passionate anti admitted to enjoying fighting online, describing her spats as vile wars?

"I was involved in these vile wars yet I couldn't wait to get back. They were dreadful to me but I couldn't stay away. I couldn't resist it."

In revenge, Hutton dished out some serious abuse.

She says:

"I am a bit of a show-off and I had an audience. It was a warzone. To the trolls, I gave as good as I got. I can be quite a bitch. I enjoyed the wars and the spats.

She continues to fight with her own accusing them of being trolls also!

Time to fly!
5th February 2015
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