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Poulton's Pranks

Poulton's Pranks

In my blog above, 'No Better Than Brunt' which I wrote at the beginning of 2015

I said pretty much all there is to say about the appalling actions of Sonia Poulton with regards door stepping the McCann family, the harm this threatening behaviour posed in particular for the young McCann twin children.

One would have thought that common sense would have prevailed and she would not have taken the step which we now know she has - in putting out there her attack on the McCann home, online in video form.

I have no more to say about the actual act, as I said, my feelings on her conduct can be found in NO BETTER THAN BRUNT.

However there is an aspect of Poulton's heinous prank which leaves one to ponder.

Brenda Leyland was a victim of the McCanns, Brunt, Jim Gamble, Summer's and Swann, the nasty online vigilantes, Clarence Mitchell, and backed financially by Murdoch, in their door stepping of this lady, the wrong accusations which they made against her.  Sky News with a rolling report shown, what was it, every half hour or so?  And Sky also producing, fronted by Martin Brunt, the most vicious and malicious 'Brunt Report' where again this lady Brenda Leyland was attacked by them.   Without question, the actions of these people collectively, with Lorraine Kelly, and Carole Malone adding their nasty tuppenceworth into the mix, was a contributory factor in this lady taking her own life. There is no question that they contributed to the tragedy.

Sonia Poulton, since the time she announced that she had door stepped the McCann home, has appeared on Sky News several times. Being paid for same.  Bizarrely, she comments on subjects (medical conditions included) which she clearly has no expertise.  That said, she like everyone else is entitled to their opinion on any matter.  And Sky are free to pay whomever they wish to comment on whatever they wish whether that person has any knowledge on the subject or not!

To most of us that is strange, but what is more strange, is that Sky the financial backer and producer of the attack on Brenda Leyland, supporter of McCanns, should employ Poulton, when they absolutely must know of her door stepping of the McCann family and her intention to publish that which she did today, the video clip of her doing exactly that!

Bear in mind, Brenda Leyland never at any time sent the McCanns any messages, not on Twitter, Facebook, by email or by postal mail.   Never did Brenda Leyland make any threats against the McCanns, their family, their children, and NEVER did Brenda Leyland even consider going to the home of the McCanns.

Yet Brenda Leyland became the target of Sky and all whom Sky paid to take part in the Brunt Special Report, and attack on Ms Leyland.

It is rather disturbing and raises the question - Why it is, that Murdoch's Sky, pay this lady Poulton, they know of what she did to the McCanns, the door stepping attack at their home, YET there is NO 'Brunt Special Report', no 24 hour rolling news item planned to highlight the attack by Poulton on the McCann home, their twin children.

Why was Brenda Leyland attacked by Murdoch et al and she was not guilty of that which they said she was.

Yet here we have Poulton, GUILTY - that is guilty of actions, which Brunt/Sky/Mitchell/Gamble/Kelly/Malone/Summers & Swann, the online vigilantes, wrongly accused Brenda Leyland of having carried out - and not a word from any of the aforementioned persons in condemning Poulton's actions (with perhaps the exception of online vigilantes, of that I would not know).

And perhaps more curious is that Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns have said not word.

McCann was out last year at this time, chest puffed out telling the world that people should be punished (basically if they disagree with him) he knew at this time what was about to happen to Brenda Leyland, that is for sure.  There is no way he did not know of the Brunt Special Report, the Rolling News Report on Brenda Leyland, the dirty dossier, in fact the police said the McCann family handed it to them. He knew what was planned for this lady, what was in store for her.

He made no apology thereafter for the harm caused to this lady. He attended, he and his wife, some awards ceremony or something, shortly thereafter (in his pink shirt (taking his fashion sense from Mr Pink Mitchell himself) pictures of them both (Kate and Gerry McCann) standing around at this event, are out there online) when asked about Brenda Leyland, he said he had nothing to say.  He could barely hide his smirk, his pleasure at what had happened to her.  That was of course just after this attack on Brenda Leyland had been aired, he was delighted with himself, of that he could not hide.  Brenda then took her own life we are told.   McCann made no apology for this either, made no comment about such a terrible loss of life.  But then, how could he/they, they all knew the parts they had played which contributed to her death.  They were not going to admit it.

So why, have Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns made no comment in all these months about Poulton turning up on the door step of the McCann home?

Had that been anyone else, me, you, any member of the public, had it been Brenda Leyland, it would have been front page news.  Kelly and Malone would have gone into overdrive together with the entire MSM.

Poulton does it, attacks the McCann home, and SILENCE!

Rat and stink!

Add to this the following, the statement which accompanied Poulton's video:  (my highlighting)

I chose this particular clip for the trailer because it is the most frequently repeated comment I have heard since I started researching this story.
People, no matter how sympathetic, struggle to understand why Kate McCann did not comply with the Portuguese Police questions.
Kate and Gerry McCann benefit from excellent media relations and enjoy extensive coverage, however journalists and TV presenters have failed to confront the many inconsistencies. And no one has directly asked them the question in this trailer.
In the interests of transparency, I believe this is a fair question to ask Kate McCann. The public have contributed millions of pounds to the search for her daughter - and continue to - and at a time of global austerity and when one child goes missing every five minutes.
Sonia Poulton.


Poulton may have asked a question, that many have commented on over the years, but this question is one that we all know the answer to, and whether it pleases us or not, Kate McCann was within her legal right to refuse to answer.  The question may not have been put directly to the McCanns previously, but it has been put to their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell.

So many questions Poulton could have asked (but under the proper circumstances, NOT in a door stepping situation) that have not been put directly to them, yet she chose the easy option.  A question which the McCanns have the easy answer to - she was advised by her lawyer not to!   

Did Poulton really believe she would get any answer at all, or a different answer to the line which has been followed in this respect thus far?

No one to my knowledge has openly asked them why GERRY McCANN changed his story SEVEN DAYS after his first police witness statement regarding which door he used to access the apartment on the night he reported his daughter as missing.   I'm sure ALL would like an answer to this.

As for Poulton choosing this particular clip for the reason she has given.  Could it be that it is the only clip?  If that was the best, a question which we all know the answer to...or did she somehow think that she would be applauded, hailed, held in high esteem, for door stepping the home of minor it this element that appealed to her, more than the specific question?

Sensationalism, this type of drama, attention seeking, helps no one, and certainly not the case for missing Madeleine.

The sensationalism makes it about Poulton not Madeleine!

Rat, stink - The Poulton Pong continues as far as I can determine!

Nothing can justify Poulton door stepping at the McCann home, a home where there are young children.

The McCann parents have courted publicity as we all know, used their twins when it suited their purpose, and that is so horribly wrong.   The McCanns have 'form' when it comes to treating their children appallingly, using them for publicity stunts, that does not allow for or justify in any way, that others should do likewise.  They should not be applauded for jumping on the bandwagon, or should that be the 'trailer'

Two wrongs don't make a right!

Poulton's actions, the harm caused to the McCann children, should be condemned, not condoned!

And it makes not a hoot of difference if Poulton was to say she made sure the McCann kids were not at home.  She made an assault on their home the one place these kids should feel safe.

And if it is the case that the McCanns and Poulton are somehow in on this together (which the silence/lack of actions by McCanns their legal team, their spokesperson might suggest ) then shame on them all, as every last one of them has then abused the rights of these children, to be protected.

Oh how everyone says they are fighting for the rights of Madeleine - Madeleine is ALL children - you cannot say that such appalling actions are justified as you are seeking to discover what became of missing Madeleine, when at the same time you injure other children.

What kind of people are they, that they think they have the right to use and abuse children as they wish?  Make them fearful?  And an attack on their home would do exactly that, whether present at that time or not!

No person, neither POULTON OR the PARENTS of the McCann kids, or any other kids for that matter, has the right to use and abuse the child's rights. 

And a child's home should be a safe haven!

The McCann kids should not be made suffer or to pay the price of the appalling conduct of their parents or Poulton!

Despicable people!

These aggressive assaults also, on the homes of innocent persons, innocent children, by so called reporters/journalists, such as Brunt and Poulton must stop.

Would Poulton feel it was okay if the boot was on the other foot, if it was her child/ren whose home, safe haven was attacked in this way?

I rather think not!
4th October 2015
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