Lying in the Sun

Proud of Pistorius

Proud of Pistorius?

Alex Crawford reported yesterday that the Pistorius family were very very proud of the performance given by Oscar Pistorius when cross examined by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

Why they would be proud when it was proven he had lied?

Today, and only a short time into the continuance of his being cross examined, he has lied, blamed others, everyone, for his actions regarding events outwith the killing of Miss Reeva Steenkamp, his own legal Counsel also, in particular regarding a gun he shot in a packed restaurant, which he said he did not pull the trigger.  For that he blames the GUN!  

Seems even inanimate objects cannot escape being blamed by Pistorius for his actions.

The gun somehow magically went off on it's own.

The Pistorius family surely like the rest of the world listening to this man, lie and lie, and lie in open Court and in front of Miss Reeva's Steenkamp's mum, must be horrified that he does so and with such ease.  They must surely be less than proud of his performance.

I said yesterday that his motormouth will get him into trouble -  he doesn't know when to stop, and simply answer the questions he is being asked, and briefly.

Barry Roux must be wishing he was not defending - and I won't hold back - let's call a spade a spade - a lying piece of shit!
10th April 2014
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