Lying in the Sun

Purporting a Theory

Purporting a Theory

Well Gerry McCann has been a busy boy this past week it seems.  And when he is being busy, and when Sky and Martin Brunt, or any of the UK press or broadcasters assist, then there is usually something big coming up that they want to draw attention from!

Gerry McCann gave his “permission” so to speak for members of the public to purport theories!  

He doesn’t have a problem with that (theories) only with inaccuracies he said (Leveson)

Good old Gers, one hell of a guy, what a generous gesture allowing theories!

Pity it doesn’t extend to truth and facts, because the truth and fact of this case is that Gerry McCann, Kate McCann, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Matthew Oldfield, Rachael Oldfield, Russell O’Brien, Jane Tanner and to a lesser extent, Dianne Webster (Fiona Payne’s mother) have all been less than honest when giving their police witness statements – they are riddled with inconsistencies, lies and inaccuracies!

If I may, at this point say, I believe that Gerry McCann must have had one 24/7 darn whopper of a headache, for the past seven years trying to get his head around the problem of the INACCURACIES, INCONSISTENCIES, LIES AND EVER CHANGING STORIES, in not only HIS OWN police witness statements but in comments given in interviews, both televised, and for press publication, and an even bigger problem getting his head around his wife’s diary entries and her book ‘Madeleine.’

The tales told by McCann his wife, his buddies,  if one is honest, are totally unbelievable, and for the most part just not possible!

And the stories Clarence Mitchell has invented and spun for Gerry and Kate MCann how in hell McCann copes with these…well we cannot even refer to Mitchell’s contributions as inaccuracies, just darn well lies – and costly ones at that - £70,000 of Madeleine’s Fund Money paid to him per annum to spin by way of protecting the McCanns (around half that amount for retainer fee)

The guy has spun his ass off this past SEVEN years!

 McCann said Mitchell is now an extremely close friend – I’ll bet he is!

But hell, who wants a friend that charges a fee of £70,000 PA  to  “help” you look for your missing child? 

Friends help for free out of love and true friendship. 

A friend who takes £70,000 when you have a missing child is no friend at all.

Mitchell might now be considered by McCann to be an extremely close friend to him and Kate McCann, and for reasons obvious to one and all, but he is no friend to Madeleine the missing child.   Her money – YES! 

I’d say if I was to purport a theory – that Mitchell and Madeleine’s Money are even closer friends than he and Gerry McCann!

Before I go further, this ‘purporting’ – I have to say, Gerry McCann has used the word inaccurately.  That’s it, that’s all I have to say on purport.

Gerry McCann, his wife and their buddies are known for inaccuracies, and it is those very much more serious ones which involve their accounts of the night they reported Madeleine as missing that are of the greatest concern!

The Portuguese Police, the Leicestershire Police and members of the public around the globe have huge concerns/problems with the inaccuracies in the McCann ‘party’ police witness statements and rightly so! 

No doubt EVERY police force around the globe is having a problem with the inconsistencies, lies, and inaccuracies in this case.  They must read the McCann police witness statements and think – 'HOW IN HELL HAVE THESE PEOPLE NEVER BEEN CHARGED WITH ANY INVOLVEMENT IN THE CHILD’S DISAPPEARANCE?-

The only person  that I know of who APPEARS not to have noticed the INACCURACIES in the police witness statements given by the McCanns, and their buddies is DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police who is heading the current review/investigation?

It's so difficult to see how Redwood hasn't noticed what others have in relation to the McCann Police Witness Statements:

  • Portuguese Police:

If these witness statements do not totally exclude the possibility of an abduction they make the theory LESS CREDIBLE.   As a result, the answer MUST lie elsewhere.  NOTABLY, WITH THE GROUP OF FRIENDS (parents included)

  • Carlos Anjos, Association of Police Investigators:

They said that every half hour they would go and look in on the children, and ALL of them, we found in EVERYBODY's statement some questions that suggest that actually they DIDN'T go and see the children.

  • The Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police: (speaking of Gerry and Kate McCann)

While one or both of them MAY be innocent, there is NO clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.


Perhaps Redwood too is now a close friend to Gerry and Kate McCann?

Or maybe he is just following orders?

Portuguese Police nailed it as did the Leicestershire Police - the answer to Madeleine's disappearance lies with the parents and their group of friends.

They have not been truthful, and they have to have had a reason for not being honest with police.

As retired British detective John Stalker said - this group are hiding something!

So what is it - Gerry, Kate, Fiona, David, Rachael, Matthew, Russell, Jane, Dianne - what possible reason did you ALL have for not being entirely honest with police concerning the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann?

And Gerry - WHY did you change your story?

Even Redwood and his band of 30 + detectives must want an answer to that one!
5th October 2014

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