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Andy Redwoods Pyjama Tales

Jane Tanner has never claimed at any time to have seen a 
little girl being carried off by the man she claims to have seen carrying a child on the night Madeleine McCann was reported as missing.

Tanner said she saw the bare feet of a child.  She thought it may be a little girl due to the pinky aspect of the pyjama bottoms which she said she could see despite it being dark.

Not at any time did she say she saw any more of the child being carried not the child's torso, arms, head. Just the legs from the knee down, she saw that the child was barefooted.

Kate McCann during her interview with Oprah Winfrey and speaking of what Jane Tanner saw:

"The child was barefoot and bare armed and he (the man carrying the child) had a quite heavy jacket on so I think it was one of those things that just seemed a little bit odd but obviously it's not until later on that you realise."

Never did Jane Tanner say the child she saw was bare armed!

Simply a case of Kate McCann embellishing this story!

The Smith family who say they too saw a man carrying a child, say they saw a little blonde female child being carried, off, a child of around 4 years of age.  The child was either wearing light coloured clothing or pyjamas.  The top of the pyjamas/clothing had long sleeves, therefore the child's arms were covered - not bare!

Kate and Gerry McCann say that Madeleine was not wearing long sleeved pyjamas her arms were bare!

One would have to assume then that the man the Smith's saw carrying the child who was wearing the clothing with long sleeves was not then Madeleine McCann!

That is of course if Kate and Gerry McCann have been truthful regarding which pyjamas Madeleine was wearing that night!

The pyjamas, like the cuddle cat - if only they could talk - there would be a few pyjama tales to tell!

In the meantime - Andy Redwood, if he is going along with Kate McCanns pyjama tale - then he would really have to dismiss the Smith sighting - as that child, was not bare armed! 

And if the Smith sighting is to be rubbed out like Tanner's sighting was - that rather changes Andy Redwood's timeline!

Redwood said  he had narrowed the time of Madeleine being taken to between Oldfield's check and Kate McCanns check.

Those long sleeved pyjamas throw the whole thing wide open again!

But let's face it - as it stood, Redwood was on a loser - stating that Madeleine was taken by an intruder between the times of Oldfield's and Kate McCanns checks might have fitted with Smith sighting, but for the fact Redwood was still left with Gerry McCann saying that on his check at 9:05 pm he found the bedroom door to be more widely open than he had left it.   And Oldfield too, claimed that on his check the bedroom door was wide open.

So that intruder would have to have struck before Gerry McCanns check at 9:05.  And after Gerry closed the bedroom door over again, surprise, surprise it was open again when Oldfield went in.

Really don't think the alleged intruder would have hung around for all of that time in the apartment, and this is an abductor the McCanns and Redwood said had planned. 

What a shit plan to hang around for an hour!

No intruder hung around inside that apartment from then until almost an hour later, to just before Kate McCann arrived, as Redwood suggested.

And apart from anything Andy - Oldfield never did any check!

Back to the drawing board for Redwood!

And as an aside - on Panorama, Tanner when speaking to Richard Bilton said that the man she saw was not dressed like a British person as he was wearing a heavy jacket, she said that British holidaymakers wear cropped trousers etc.

Funny that, because Andy Redwood when he dismissed Tanner's sighting as someone carrying Madeleine off, came up with a dark skinned, long haired British guy wearing a heavy jacket and long length trousers as being the person Tanner saw.  Oh and a kid with long sleeved pyjamas!
27th November 2013

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