Lying in the Sun

Quel Surprise

Quel Surprise

The furious backpedaling and the blame game begins. 

Like the McCanns, Lorraine Kelly, Carole Malone, Ms Hutton will accept no responsibility whatsoever for her actions.

Of course this morning she is bandying around the usual names as the ones to be blamed.  But even she somewhere in that mixed up mind, surely must know that there is no one to blame but herself.

Those on that forum where she is a member, surely cannot agree with her that the Sun article was the fault of anyone but Hutton.

And surely all can see that the Sun did not twist her arm up her back or twist her words.  They may have chosen which words from Hutton they would use - but they were Hutton's words. 

As predicted Hutton will not provide the 'script' which she said she signed up for.  Instead she makes fools of the forum folk, insults their intelligence with the following:


"So the demand is that I place all details of my conversations, emails, drafts, etc i.e. the entire extent of my evidence should a libel trial ever arise, on an open public forum? Indeed, get myself involved in a details discussion about what if any action I should take, what my proposals are and how I should go about it.  

That the publishing of such materials and the discussion of the evidence will immediately rule out any possibility of my getting an apology, a retraction or a withdrawal of said offending statements, matters not - it will give us all something to talk about."

Hutton playing the forum members like a fiddle! 

Of course she does not have to place ALL details, she doesn't have to place any details, if she doesn't wish to, and of course the members are not demanding that she do so, but it would be a courtesy to her buddies at the forum if she did the decent thing, and placed - the relevant ones - the final draft - which she claims to have in her possession, and which she claims also was not the article that reached the printing press!

Her fellow forum members are not demanding, they are requesting, and have every right to do so.

Her talk of a libel trial, and the publishing of the materials, immediately ruling out any possibility of an apology, a retraction - is to put it bluntly - a shed load of shit!

Hutton has no intention of suing the Sun, demanding an apology, because she knows what went down is exactly the story she gave them!

Seen it too many times with Hutton.   She will lie, as famously said of Mitchell - with as many teeth in her mouth.

So of course Hutton would never do such an upfront thing as share ANY detail whatsoever with her forum members.

Those forum members will need to get up a bit earlier in the morning to keep up with Hutton, streets ahead of them in the lying game, in being deceitful.   She's been playing them all for fools for a very long time.  Provided proof of her lies in black and white a while back, so have to say I am more than surprised at the length of time it has taken them to catch up with her - if they have!

No Hutton is not going to provide them with any relevant details.  Too much to hide.

Instead she will reprimand them for daring to doubt her, for daring to question her, and many will, as has already happened, say
'sorry Cristobell, you are a really a nice person, you can lie to us if you like, make asses of us if you like, sorry we dared ask you to provide evidence of your story, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Perhaps more astonishingly some of the members there have said that the article wasn't that bad!   Time that group grew balls!

Having whipped them all back into place, she then insulted them further...(which they seem to be allowing)

Those who post 
anonymously, getting it in the neck from Hutton this morning....ouch!

Surely Hutton believes that her fellow forum members have that freedom of choice to post however they wish?  

Of course she does!

Yet here we have her using this against them?

Just another part of her game.  That is her way, the games she plays, take the story off on a different direction.  
Me Hutton, I put my name out there, so I am superior than you members who choose not to.  So you lot better feel bad and shut up no matter if what I write is a nonsense, it's in MY OWN NAME.  

And that makes it better in what way?

So by Hutton's way of thinking.  Someone who puts out a very honest sensible article but does so anonymously, it gets trumped by the trash and lies she puts out simply because she put her name to it!   Hmm!

Doesn't work that way honey!  But nice try!

Bottom line is she knows what she did was real stupid.  She knows it was wrong.  Knows how it came across. Knows the damage it would do.  The damage it did.

But the trouble with Hutton is she is a loose canon.  She doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone but Hutton!

She claims to have
'taken a risk' for Madeleine!  A risk to show how there are nasty people out there.

No she did not!

She wanted 'Hutton's' story out there, the story of her life.  Or rather the story she invented for sympathy.  Huge question marks hang over there being any truth in her writings, her book to be precise.

Her blogs and her twit messages have been proven time and time again to be untruthful. 

Hutton is a failed writer (that too she blames on others...give me strength) she is trying to kick start a non existent career.  No more, no less.  And she will do so by using anyone, and any means she can.

As she herself said - She will use any means to get the message out there.

It is what is HER message that is the problem!

But that is what attentions seekers do.  They care not a jot who they harm along the way.  They allow no one to get in their way.  They will lie, cheat, accuse others of things they have not done.

And Hutton has a history of this.  Unfortunately, some choose to ignore this fact.

Hutton has proved that she will tramp on anyone who gets in her way of the career she feels should be hers,  by turning on her fellow forum members, and by not accepting any responsibility for her actions.  

She will continue to do this.  Continue to tell lies.  Put out stories that it is everyone else's fault.  Ridiculous tales of how she is receiving an outpouring of sympathy from the public!

If there is anyone out there who is still swallowing the shed load that is Hutton, I'll eat my hat!

There are nasty people out there on/offline.  That's life.

Didn't need a ridiculous silly story in the Sun to tell anyone that, and most certainly not to link it to little Madeleine.  Shameful!

Hutton, she will continue to furiously backpedal, to lie, cheat, whip the forum folk into shape, her shape.   And some of them will continue to allow her to do so.

Their thinking is that no matter the cost, no matter the damage, Hutton is one of their own so they must not turn their back on her.

Is she?
1st February 2015
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