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Sandra Felgueiras:


Why haven’t you took Madeleine with you if you have ALREADY admitted that during breakfast she told you -  why didn’t you come up the night before while she and Sean were crying why didn’t you decide that evening to take them with you?


Kate McCann:

The thing is Sandra it was a passing remark I mean it was you know Madeleine just said ‘where were you when Sean and I cried?’   And we thought… it was one of those where you think, was that kinda maybe when they were getting their bath or you know cos sometimes at that time of night they are a bit tired and they cry a little bit err cos ah thought well we were checking so regularly that ah thought if she’d woken up that obviously that means she’d fallen back to sleep again very  quickly erm you know and obviously at that point you’re thinking if someone’s woken up, you know they’ve just woken up, you never for a million years and I’m sure everyone can appreciate you would not for one minute think that somebody had tried to take her out of the bedroom you know.


Sandra Felgueiras:

So you didn’t wonder any time to take them with you...


Kate McCann:

But obviously then I said to her you know – ‘What do you mean Madeleine when was this?’  And she dropped it she started playing with something.  So it was just a passing remark and to be fair hindsight is a wonderful thing you know, you know, phew.  Ah mean if what happened hadn’t happened then that comment would never have passed through my head again.

It was only because what happened that suddenly you are thinking of everything. You’re thinking 'was that relevant?' and that’s why I mentioned it to police in case it was significant.



The point Sandra Felgueiras was making was, in light of Madeleine having told her parents that she and her baby brother had cried in their absence on the night of 2nd May, why would they choose to leave them alone again?  She simply was inquiring why these parents now KNOWING their children had been awake when alone in the apartment, upset and crying, would STILL go out and leave them on their own once more!

Kate McCann does not answer with a direct answer but veers off into an extraordinary meaningless rant about how no one, not for a minute would have thought someone would have tried to take Madeleine out of the bedroom!

But no one did on the night of 2nd May 2007!

It is quite astonishing that the mother of 3 very young and vulnerable children would not only leave her children alone at all, but on discovering they had been awake and upset, that she would do EXACTLY the same thing over again to them?

More astonishing that it went completely over Kate McCanns head, the point Sandra Felgueiras was making – That mum’s/parents who have been made aware by their child of the upset, distress and fear they had experienced would most certainly take measures to ensure this would not happen again, by either, taking their children out to dine with them, or quite simply staying at home to look after them.

Interesting too Kate McCann in her response does not mention Sean.  She only mentions how Madeleine if she had been awake must have fallen back to sleep very quickly.  Would Sean have fallen back to sleep quickly too?

And yes Kate if someone has 'just woken up' they have 'just woken up' and that is most likely what happened, if your story is true,that Madeleine said she and Sean woke.   Young children wake up and cry!

10/10 though for effort, for trying to slip an abductor into the mix on the night of 2nd May 2013, one who woke your kids up!

You're "good" but not that good!

I really should not laugh when the subject is such a serious one but I could not decide who's expressions were the more comical during this interview,  Kate or Gerry's!

Both held entertainment value.

Kate as she mimicked Madeleine's voice, her puzzled expressions when she explains how she tried to figure out at what time Madeleine and Sean had cried, bath time bed time, always a hint of her Elvis lip Curl escaping - aha ha - so funny!   If Mr and Mrs Healy viewed this they must now wish they had signed her up for drama class...her acting so bad!

Gerry, seconds in on Kate's rant her wild animation turns, and looks at her as though thinking, she is off her rocker, as though to ask -where did this woman come from?  What is she doing?  He becomes increasingly agitated by her.  Three times he attempts to stop her in her tracks, but Kate is on a roll...she's having none of it.  This is HER moment and she is gonna shine...or not as the case may be.  Gerry doesn't give up so easily - Three times he takes a sharp intake of breath is exasperated by her.  He's fit to burst!   Kate oblivious to his discomfort, his rising anger.

Elvis again guys just for Gerry:

Lord Almighty I feel my temperature rising
Higher and Higher it's burning through to my soul
Girl girl girl You gonna set me on fire

My brain is flaming
Don't know which way to go
Ooh ooh ooh
I feel my temperature rising
Help me I'm flaming 
Must be a hundred and nine
And nothing can cool me,
Please won't you help me
I feel like I'm slipping away
It's hard to breath
And my chest is a heaving
Ooh ooh ooh
I feel my temperature rising.... 

Difficult to score them, but there has to be a winner - Kate!

If it's any consolation Gerry - We felt your pain too!
25th May 2013

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