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"Really positive": Maddy's mum Kate goes to Downing Street to back new missing children hotline May 2012

Anything which can aid missing children, their families deserves support.  To not know where your child, a loved one is ‘missing’ I cannot begin to imagine how that must feel.

Not to detract from the new initiatives launched at the Downing Street reception, clearly of great importance, extremely worthwhile and worthy of the awareness campaign the attention it is receiving...welcomed by families of missing persons.

When we know that Kate McCann was in attendance in a key role, it rather taints the event.

We know that Kate and Gerry McCann, their holiday companions did not co-operate fully with the Portuguese Police Investigation, refusing to answer when questioned, not taking part in the reconstruction of events when requested by police to do so, one cannot help but think, not only how tragic for Madeleine this is, but how can such a person ‘front’ this campaign when she failed to do the simplest of things, that which did not require technology, to help her missing child.  Quite simply she had only to speak up for Madeleine!

She refused!

Perhaps Missing People and other Missing persons organisations are able to overlook the details of the case of missing Madeleine, as good or bad, Kate McCann using her name, it will bring them attention.

What would have been really positive?

Hearing that Kate McCann, Gerry McCann and their companions were now prepared to assist police in discovering what became of their missing daughter.  That they are now prepared to give full explanation as to why their police witness statements did not stand up to police scrutiny!  In so doing enabling the case in Portugal to be re-opened.

If their child is ‘out there’ as they believe she is, and they played no part in her disappearance, as they claim, then they owe it to this child to put their stubborn pride, their bolshie arrogant attitudes to one side if that is what it is preventing them from helping their missing daughter – and do what is right and proper!

Perhaps now 1 year on she has had time to reflect on her contribution to Missing Persons her efforts and would now consider helping her own child in every way possible - by assisting police?

Such a lot of activity in Portugal at the moment Scotland Yard being there new leads we are told - perhaps the perfect time?

If Kate McCann can put her glad rags on for a trip to Downing Street to help other missing children, surely she can do what is right to help her own missing child?

It leaves one wondering why she does not?  

If Madeleine is ever found alive, she too will wonder why her mummy 'did not?'

Sean and Amelie will wonder one day too, in the not too distant future - Why Not?
25th May 2013


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