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Redwood And Amaral

Redwood and Amaral 

DCI Andy Redwood it seems is in agreement with the retired Portuguese detective Dr Goncalo Amaral.

  • Dr Goncalo Amaral and the team who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann never at any time felt that the Jane Tanner sighting was credible.

They were of course correct!

Now we have DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police after having reviewed the Portuguese Police Files, agreeing with Dr Amaral's findings!  He too has dismissed Jane Tanner's sighting.

  • Dr Amaral was interested in investigating the sighting by the Smith family he felt this sighting to be very relevant, the Smith's, members of this family believing they had seen Gerry McCann carrying Madeleine on the night the child vanished (he was removed from the case before he could complete investigations)

DCI Andy Redwood, again is following Dr Amaral's lead - he too believes this sighting to be very significant!

On the Crime Watch programme he released the E.Fits put together by the McCann private detectives, which the McCanns kept up their sweater for the past FIVE years - seems McCanns didn't want them released to the public.

Funny that - A family see a man carrying a little girl fitting the description of Madeleine on the night she vanished and they didn't want to publicise the E.Fits, circulate his description?

  • The timeline too which the McCanns and their holiday buddies put together, Dr Amaral and his team could see from the beginning, did not make sense.   Hence the reason the Portuguese requested the holiday group to return to Portugal for a reconstruction of events of that evening.

They all refused to co-operate with the police.   (See Refusal Blogs above)

It would appear - DCI Redwood doesn't agree with the timeline put together by the McCanns and their buddies either.  

A hatrick it would seem - DCI Andy Redwood agreeing with Dr Goncalo Amaral on three of the most crucial elements of this case!

Wonder what else he agrees with..?
16th December 2013

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