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Redwood Crimewatch Farce

Redwoods Crimewatch Farce

When Crimewatch - the Maddie Case was aired back in mid October 2013 I didn't pay too much attention to it, mostly because to watch and listen to the McCanns is something one has to build up to, hearing their voices and watching the expressions as they tell yet another tall tale is, shall we say, not easy to stomach!

I saw little clips here or there, read snippets. Today though I decided, before Andy Redwood's next batch of rerrverlations hits our screens to take the bull by the horns!  I haven't yet recovered, but that said, it was all that I would have expected it to be - lies heaped upon lies - a never ending, ever changing tale of a couple who can do no wrong - but actually did!

We heard how they would be upset if they thought for a moment their children were crying on any night when they abandoned them in an unlocked holiday apartment, dark and unfamiliar to them in a country foreign to them, left in danger - Of how though, knowing their children HAD BEEN CRYING AND UPSET ALONE IN THE UNLOCKED AND UNFAMILIAR HOLIDAY APARTMENT IN THE A COUNTRY FOREIGN TO THEM, they still went out and left the kids to meet up with their holiday buddies.

They knew their children had been crying the night before when on their own, because guess what - their three year old daughter told them so!

But let us play along - Gerry McCann the proud father of the three beautiful children on hearing this decided he would take a mental note of what the child had told him, and he/they would be sure not to be late when doing their usual checks of the children.

That was rather thoughtful of him - 'a mental note' - gee these kids were lucky to have such a wonderfully thoughtful and caring father.  No danger of them coming to danger, when their daddy was taking mental notes.  A novel way to stave off abductors!

I must remember this 'mental note business' next time anyone asks us to do a bit of babysitting - can still pop out and have a few beers, as long we make sure we check on any kids in our care bang on being late.  I know, we'll wear watches, that will help!

I take it Kate and Gerry wore watches?  Why of course they did...

Kate McCann 'Madeleine' -

"Gerry left to do the first check at 9:05 pm by his watch."

There we are Gerry had his watch on.

What lucky children the McCanns were a watch wearing daddy who takes mental notes...

Kate McCann - 'Madeleine'

"We mentioned to the others what Madeleine had said that morning.  Obviously we didn't want any of our children waking and wondering where we were even for a few minutes, and if the chances of that happening seemed remote, it was enough of a concern to make us absolutely prompt with our checks on the kids.  That is why Gerry and I were subsequently able to be so accurate about timings."


What lovely parents - even if the chances of their children waking was remote - they would make sure their checks were prompt!   I can hardly write this for laughing!   

The chances were not 'remote' their little toddler children had woken and cried and not just on one occasion in their absence, and they knew it!

Hell they must polish each other's brass necks of a morning. 

Do they think anyone who reads or listens to this claptrap actually believes it?

Whether their neglect story is true, is another matter, but that is the story the McCanns decided to go with.

It's probably the one thing in this tragic case that they didn't have any control over.  They were able to manipulate pretty much all else but the one thing they could not - was the fact that they had left those kids alone while they went out for their nightly wine and dine sessions with their so called buddies - most of whom they really didn't know that well.

Unless they were going to tell the truth - they left themselves with some stark choices.   The neglect of their children being one of those things they had to accept in as much as the story they were forced to tell in this regard.  

There was no way either of them could say they spent the night at home in the apartment as then they would have to have been made accountable as to what happened to the child.

It was necessary that they were 'both out' even if this meant they had to take the criticism for so cruelly abandoning their children, that would have perhaps been to them, the lesser of the two evils they faced.

And that is exactly why I believe whatever happened to Madeleine was so serious, something which would affect the rest of their lives their careers, their other children remaining in their care, or they in their children's lives, that they made the choice they did!

If Madeleine McCann had been abducted, her parents and their companions would have had no need to concoct the stories they have, to have lied, hindered a police investigation by refusing to fully co-operate, and most of all they would not have lawyered up to the hilt if they had nothing to hide!

Never do I forget the words of retired British detective John Stalker, who believes the McCann party are hiding something!

To cover for whatever it is they are covering up, and they are covering up there is no question about that - they had to lie and cheat and make themselves out to be rather more negligent, horrible and nasty parents than I am sure they really were.  And having had to do so, some of the nastier natural traits they have came to the fore. A case of they will do whatever it takes to keep secret to protect themselves from the truth of what happened to Madeleine.

I fast forwarded a lot on the Crimewatch video but still the obvious things the usual lies, misleads, inaccuracies, flashed like a belisha beacon. 

Got me thinking McCanns and Redwood, his Metropolitan Police colleagues ALL must have known it was not a truthful account so many inaccuracies.

The list was endless and that was without studying the production.

The seating plan at the tapas table - all wrong.  We had Oldfield sitting with Kate McCann.  Tanner sitting beside Gerry McCann, which was quite funny as Tanner hates the guy, she said she felt uncomfortable in his company, not someone she would want as a friend!

Gerry is seen pushing a baby buggy with twins in -they said in televised interview they didn't have a buggy to use, the reason, or one of, for not taking kids out to dinner with them.

The door in the bedroom opened in the opposite direction from the room in Praia da Luz where they had left their kids.

All small things, but together, and having listened to the McCanns tell a different story, then one realised the extent of their deceit!

Kate's check had me doubled up - every shot of Madeleine's bed was different - the blankets folded down, the blankets up and crumpled, cuddle cat neatly placed, no cuddle cat, cuddle cat with comfort blanket neatly placed on bed with blankets folded down neatly...

Gerry going in the apartment by the patio door when we know he told police first time around he entered by front locked door.

Gerry not looking in his bedroom and Kate McCann in her book 'Madeleine' said that is was Gerry McCann did first on entering:

"He glanced into our bedroom to make sure Madeleine hadn't wandered in there as she was prone to do if ever she woke in the small hours. Seeing no little body curled up in our bed, he went over to look in on the children"

Question - Why would Gerry McCann look in on his and Kate's bedroom to look for Madeleine BEFORE looking in the children's bedroom.  Was Madeleine put to bed in her parent's room?

Why else would he look in their first?

And Madeleine she was in a different sleeping position each time - the child who Gerry McCann said on his check was lying exactly as he had left her!

Well not in the Crimewatch video she wasn't!

A million and one inaccuracies in this Crimewatch production which makes one wonder how it was allowed to go out as it was?

The interesting things though were the Payne's not being mentioned by name and David Payne's visit to Kate McCann not being mentioned.

Also, Oldfield returning to the table BEFORE Gerry McCann returned from his check.

Their witness statements, Oldfield said that he listened at McCann bedroom window at 9pm, returned to the table, told McCann this, then McCann went to do a check of his children.

Not according to the Crimewatch production.  
Oldfield left 9pm.  
Then McCann left - couple minutes later.
Then Oldfield returned around 9.15.
McCann returned around 9.20pm.  

So Oldfield was gone according to Crimewatch almost 20 minutes, and not the couple of minutes he has stated in his police witness statement?

He therefore could not have listened at the McCann shutter at 9pm and returned to tell Gerry McCann all was quiet, before McCann headed off to do his 9:05pm check!

In Crimewatch production, Oldfield and McCann are gone each of them around 15/20 minutes, each of them being gone most of that time at the same time?

Now whoever was responsible for putting this production together, I am not entirely sure - how much input the Met had, how much of it was on the McCann instruction.

Either way, both parties know that it was farcical, far from the truth, or rather far from their previous accounts, and far from the statements they gave the police in Portugal and the Leicestershire Police.

So what is Redwood up to?

Covering for all of their lies and inconsistencies, as it certainly is looking that way, by allowing that production to go out, or...

And what of all of the people the McCanns have been involved with since Madeleine's disappearance, if any of them have read those police files, listened and watched their interviews over the years, they too must know that this case, their story stinks.  The presenter of Crimewatch Kirsty Young, has she ever taken the time to read up on the case I wonder..?
28th November 2013

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