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Redwood's Great Feat

Redwood’s Great Feat


Roll Up, Roll Up –


Never before seen - Never before heard - Never before done –


And for one night only – Witness three strands of investigation brought together, a magnificent Feat by none other than Metropolitan Police’ own Andy Redwood!


"I hope that when the public see our investigative strands drawn together within the overall context of that appeal, it will bring in new information that moves our investigation forward." 

                                                Andy Redwood, Metropolitan Police



At the risk of appearing dim – What in the hell does that mean?  A lot of damn gobbledegook!

He either has new information which will lead to the re-opening of this case in Portugal or he has not.

I’m guessing after tying his three strands together he has zilch – as the case remains shelved! 


What will be of great interest to know is if Redwood and the Met are going with ‘abduction’ by a gang of paedophiles, or by a wonderful and loving couple who wanted Madeleine to raise as their own, away from the horrors of the dark and scary holiday apartment.


I spoke in another blog of Redwood’s trailers for Crimewatch being trashy – as indeed they are, “advertising” the case of this missing child as though promoting some ‘B’ rated movie.


Now we have Redwood once more along the same lines, speaking in ‘advertising’ mode ‘hoping’ the public will get excited over seeing his investigative strands drawn together’ – remember this has never been done before – 3 strands drawn together – oh for Pete’s sake, he hasn’t exactly been asked to do it whilst walking on a high wire, wear his big bobby boots – he was given £m’s tax payers money and a team of detectives, and as long as he likes to muck around…and muck around this guy has!


His three strands-

  • The information in the Portuguese Police Files
  • The information from the McCanns private investigation (Dave Edgar)
  • And the Met review material.


So really he had two strands and whatever else is his tuppenceworth he will have thrown into the mix.


If we are to listen to Andy, these three strands have been drawn together, and by doing so he now has a new timeline, and he has a revelation!

All good so far…except that he appears to have discarded the contents of the Portuguese Investigation entirely, and also that of the Private Investigator Dave Edgar!  By my calculation that leaves him with only his own take on matters.


I say this as Andy it would seem is looking for more than one perpetrator (though we will not know this for sure until the big launch) the Portuguese Police and Dave Edgar were not!


We knew there was every possibility the Portuguese investigation would be overlooked in this Met Review, but not so that of dear Dave Edgar, the only professional (so he claimed) private detective to have worked for Kate and Gerry McCann – the rest were just dodgy!


The follow are extracts from ‘Madeleine Was Here’ various comment by Dave Edgar (not necessarily in sequence) as to how his investigation was progressing and his thoughts as to who may have taken Madeleine and as to whether he believes she is still alive.

From McCannfiles


Voice of interviewer: Do you work with different theories about what happened? Can you say what you think happened?

D.Edgar :


Well, the abduction theory is the main one that we’re focusing on.

If a stranger kills a child or anyone for that matter, they almost, almost always dump the body within a very close proximity of the crime scene.

Now this particular area around PdL has been systematically searched.

The search was started on the night and continued for weeks and weeks and no body’s been found, so that gives me hope.

Voice of Interviewer:


What about if it was dumped in the sea? I mean that’s what most ….


That’s always possible of course. But, again, the sea quite often, you know, gives up the bodies. But no bodies have been found. So, I think that abduction is the most likely motive.

Most likely done by an individual on their own.

Most likely, an individual who has close links with PdL, which is why we focused all our efforts really, or most of our efforts, certainly on PdL!






The offence was committed in PdL, that’s a simple fact.

So, you don’t start an investigation in, er, Morocco or Spain or even Lisbon.


This event’s happened in PdL. It’s a very self-contained resort and that’s where I think the answer is.

DE (speaking of a perpetrator)

He may even have been watching the apartment for a week or more.

I don’t think it was someone random.

In my experience random just doesn’t happen.

Someone just doesn’t go in, … passerby, and pick up a child and take it.

These things are planned.


So that is where Dave Edgar's Private Investigation stood when his files were passed to the Metropolitan Police.

We all know where the Portuguese Police were at, at the time of the shelving of the case...

And we are about to hear where Andy Redwood, the Met are at...

Let us see if the three strands have been drawn together, as from where I am sitting...a couple of strands have been dropped somewhere along the line...

13th October 2013

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